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Holy shit I fucked a Bodybuilder!


Jun 5, 2002
Well, actually she's my wife, but she's a BB nonetheless. MrsG looks totally amazing! She's been on the following for about 9 weeks:

1) Diet: She uses a Cyclic Ketogenic Diet
* 5 days low carb, 1 gram protein per lb of bodyweight, total calories calculated using 12 cal/lb of bodyweight.
* 2 day (usually weekend) carb up with 15 cal/lb of bodyweight as a target, and protein still at 1g/lb of bodyweight.

2) Fat burning Supplements: She runs Clenbuterol + Yohimbe for 2 weeks, then switches to Ephedra (ECA stack) & Norephedrine (NYC stack) combo for 2 weeks. Then she repeats this.

3) Muscle preserving Supplements: She uses DHEA 25mg, twice a day. She has also added in Primobolan Acetate 100mg/week as of about 2 weeks ago.

She was in good shape before, but I can tell you that now she's visually stunning. Harder body than I have ever seen since we've been together (more than 8 years). And this is after 2 kids mind you.

Anyways, her abs are showing strong and last night we were having sex with her on top and holy shit SHE'S GOT TONS OF VEINS POPPING OUT OF HERE ABS, SHOULDERS AND CHEST! Unbelievable, all of a sudden I was fucking a bodybuilder! It was so shocking that I couldn't focus on anything else and actually had to stop and tell her how amazing she looks! Then back to the action. I finished her from behind so I could get a good look at that ripped back of her's!!!!!! :D

Goddamn I feel lucky and a little jealous of her abs (mine are buried under a 1/2" of lard). Now we just gotta get a digital camera so I can post a couple pix (she'll only pose in bathing suit :( but you'll get the idea)


PS: I have to say a big thank you to Randy (aka homonunculus) for some tips on the diet and supplements. Amazing results!!!!
dude i hope she does not read this post. My wife would drop a 45lb plate on my head for sharing to much. :) Although, I have to get my wife on that routine :D
My thoughts exactly

Great post - lucky you!

Now, you'll have to tell us if you ever get any again once she reads your post LOL!

Ride 'em, Cowboy!
(using the voice of that famous soccer announcer) SCOOOOOORE! :D

would you post how you have her diet laid out w/ the meal plans? how much does she weigh? i have trouble putting together meal plans my girl will eat. thanks.
The 1 the only Pittbull™ [/B][/QUOTE] :mad:

The 1 and only spelled with 2 t's :D
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LOL! You guys have never read one of HER posts - talk about XXXplicit. Those of you are members of SuperiorMuscle, read this:

**broken link removed**

She tells all - shit her posts belong in penthouse, only diff is they're real :D And yes, they are only about sex with ME (flithy bastard that I am).

Her diet is pretty basic, and the only thing that varies from day-to-day is the type of protein (beef, chicken, tuna, turkey, etc).

Breakfast: 3 eggs, 1/4 cup non-fat cheese, 1/2 cup OJ (to wash down the first handful of supplements she's taking). Maybe some turkey bacon (low fat) also

Meal #2: Whey Protein Shake, 50g

Meal #3: Chicken or Tuna or Beef usually about 6-8 oz on top a salad with balsamic vinegar + olive oil dressing.

Meal #4: Some more meat, usually 4-6 oz's

Meal #5: 10-12 oz's of beef, chicken, turkey, etc... Also 1-2 cups of veggies (usually broccoli, or something similar) topped with olive oil.

Meal #6: Whey Protein Shake, 50g. Maybe same strawberries with fat free whipped cream or something similar.

This is pretty close, although it changes daily a little. The basic premise tho is still the same, low carb, high protein, moderate fat.

Lots of vitamins, but I won't bore you with those.



PS: Anybody have recommendations on a digital camera? :D

I hear ya bro, when my girl got reay for her last show, she was really hot looking and lean as heck.
Had veins popping out all over the place on her stomach and all.
Dr. G

Glad I could help out you and the Mrs!!! Damn, from that post of hers, she sounds like one HELL of a woman. You're a lucky man, my friend.

Would be cool to see some pics when you get the dig. camera figured out - with a before pic to see the progress. Regardless, Congrats. It sounds like, if it was possible, that your sex life is even better now!!! LOL.


P.S. Has she got a sister (unattached of course)?... :D
Hi all. I'm new to this board, but the good DrG read me his initial post and all your replies. Thanks for the compliments - sight unseen, no less.

As for the pix, we don't have a dig camera so I really won't be able to show before pix - unless we can scan in an old photo (UGH!!! - how embarassing!). At any rate, I do appreciate all that DrG has done for me with regard to my diet and supps and also my fitness program. He failed to mention that I'm in the gym 3 days a week and do 600 situps each week!

I do enjoy "talking" about sex on these boards. It's great to share this stuff with others - it's not like my friends in the real world have a CLUE about our sex life. I think most heads would explode - very violently!

As for you, Randy, (a special thanks for the diet information!!!), I do have a single sister. She's 45, never married, and petite (code for short, but just lost a bit of weight, so shapely). However, I don't recommend her. Love her, but she's a damn handful. Passes up perfectly good men for the following reason, ie.:

"he chews with his mouth open." See what I mean? Lots of baggage and opinions to boot. But, she's my sis, what can I say....


P.S. DrG says "I suspect she's [my sis] just as dirty as MrsG. She actually told the Mrs that the guy she had just broken up with was "not dirty enough"!!! Bwahahaha!!!!!

You're welcome Mrs. G. You've got 2 great things going for you (not to mention your sex life 8) ):

- A hubby that supports you in every way and seems to appreciated your progress nearly as much as you do.
- The desire to improve.

That 2nd one is the biggie. It's really not rocket science at all, although if you're like most of us here, its fun to play around with the details. Just get in there and diet and exercise your ass off (literally and figuratively) and be willing to put up with whatever misery comes along with it and you're there.

That kind of internal motivation was YOURS. You could be getting advice from a guru who knows more than Chad Nicholls, Charles Glass, DOGGCRAPP, Bill Roberts, Big A, Skip, et al. all rolled together, but if you're not willing to do what it takes (and you are), it "don't make a damn bit of difference."

Congrats, and screw it - scan those old pics. There's probably a lot more lurkers out there than you think who don't post and aren't competitive BB'ers but would be inspired as all hell by them. I know I'm inspired by such a transformation, b/c I know what it takes to do that.


P.S. BTW, advice duly noted r.e. your sister. I must admit thought that I don't like a woman who chews with her mouth open during sex, either... :eek:

As for the motivation, yes, I did/do have the internal motivation to improve, and yes it's up to me to actually do the work, misery and all. But really, having an educated, smart, rich, and good looking hubby (DrG is HOT!) who is younger than me is definitely the motivation keeper upper...

We'll see about posting those before pix...


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