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How many times a month could you just snap in a gym!


Jun 30, 2002
Ok you all know I am pretty mobile right now so I hit a lot of different gyms in a few different towns. I have to admit I have zero tolerance now days for comments made by stupid people mainly from the want to be's, outta shape, or my pet peeve of them all personal trainers. The he must be, or you lift like or why do you on and on and on. That is the reason I wear head phones and you don't bother me cause I ain't your training partner attitude in the gym, I gots no time to talk or spot you on 185lb bench press.

Today as usual the nerdy look at me I am lean but could be as big as you if I wanted personal trainer was lipping off to his fat old client. The client was actually giving me a compliment to the trainer and he immediately gave the comment "yea but he is on steroids" so why is that agiven not even knowing me himself he has no idea of my genetics or how long it took me to get where I am at.

This is why I lift at my home gym when I am not on the road because not that I am that great but 25 out of 30 days some jackoff is saying something that makes me want to take a 20lb dumb bell and plant it in their freaking skull.. :mad:
To the original question

More like how many times per day:mad:
Make sure you qualify that comment to skinny distance running personal trainers who have never lifted a weight. There are some big trainers around, myself included.
Swolecows said:
There are some big trainers around, myself included.
Yeah, but what do you know? You're on steroids! ahahahah.

Seriously though. Most of those guys piss me off to no end.

Last I was at the gym, there's some skinny-ass, preppy, little college kid behind the counter. He was sittin there engrossed in his reading and feverishly taking notes. I assumed he was doin homework, and trying to be nice while he was checking me in, I asked what it was that he had been workin on.

He says, with the most holier than thou inflection, "Oh. Well this is Principles of Muscle Enhancement... just something I have to keep up with, as a personal trainer."

I just kinda stood there, stared at him and blinked a few times. This guy is a massive 150lbs standing only 6' tall. His physique is amazing... slabs of soft, smooth, amorphous muscle, skin as pale as milk, neck like a pipe cleaner... and you should see him in the weight room. He can throw those 35s around like no other. God's gift... obviously.

He pretends to stretch so he can flex a bit. "It explores the scientific principles behind anabolism and hypertrophy... basically growing. As a personal trainer, I have to do alot of research... to help my clients understand a little bit more about why I have them do the things I do."

All the while he was sitting there flexing; his whopping 14" arms, the envy of bodybuilders everywhere. I just stood there... blinked a few more times... then walked away.
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how many times do hear '' i get big really fast so i have to be careful" or a fat ass telling me that they already found a diet that works for them. its never ending
the other day I was in the gym and there was that fat man sitting on a flat bench right next to me. I was doing my db presses and could sense he was watching me. My last set i did 130's for 7 reps. Now, I am 200lbs and this guy is an easy 300lb tub-o-lard! I get done w/ my set, rack my weights, pick up my bag and hear him say to me "I can do more weight than that young man!" I turn around:rolleyes: and say, oh really. he's like "yup, just yesterday I threw up the 150's here for 5 reps. Without even thinking I say.."that's funny, the db's only go up to 130 here fatty!" He looked at me w/ the dumb founded look on his face, it was priceless! I don't know who is worse, the preppy wife beater wearing college boy or that fat overweight peice of crap thinking he is strong w/ his gut hanging over his belt!

yeah i know i swear its the people that ruin the gym experience. These days iam training at school and i swear iam the only one who goes there to realy work. Every other 140 pound wonder is to busy flexing or trying to pick up the latest freshmen that walked in the door. The gym is not a place to socialize its a place to work
Myself and Johnny Bravo were chatting upstairs by the cardio equipment today and must have let a couple "F" words fly. Personally I didnt notice. But this fat older bitch came up and commented in the nastiest way about how there are ladies up there and so forth...I mean she was rude and pissed. Id have told her sorry about the language (which I did) but also that she was an angry ulgy pig and it wasnt necessary to be so nasty. But we had a complete hottie talking to us too, so I took the polite route :D !

Fathead-if that trainer said that crap about steroids to a client, Im shocked you didnt go off on him. It would certainly be justified.
Yea fathead - that's one of the reasons I workout at home also.

I'm really not that big (at least I keep telling myself that) but do "look" fairly muscular. Between staying relatively lean and maintaining good muscle separation, I still get a lot of stares and hear the whispers of "steroids" behind my back.

I'd ask the trainer how many grams of protein he intakes and how many times he eats a day. Then look at his client and ask him, how much has he been telling you about the importance of nutrition. If he's like most (doesn't have a clue), you'd make him look like a total ASS.

Yeah I know what you mean.......I am still banned from my old gym for going off on some nerds about a steriod comment.

But the ones I hate most of all are the bicycle nerds.....the new gym I go to has the bicycle classes....anyway the gym is full of these nerds.....I hate seeing nerds in a gym....just taking up space and getting in the way. But these are the worst....they're like F'ing gnats....just a bunch of GD pest.

It just so happens that I have gone off a few times but normally I just end up looking like an ass so now I just use my better judgement an blow it off.

I am not singling out PT's swolecow but to be honest the big trainers your talking about are very few and far between. I am basically talking about gym people and even some of the " I am almost going to compete meatheads"

I really had to stop today was in a mood that I might have kicked his teeth in had I said anything. I work out periodically at a few local gyms when a bud asks me to but most of my time is spent at my home gym which is not an option for me now.

I had to tell a guy he could not work in with me today also because because I was doing very heavy leg presses and of course he stormed off in a huff. Here I have 12 plates on each side and he wants to work in but wants to strip down to 6 or 7 I told he'd have to wait else I'd had to strip off all those plates and watch this tard do his crap and load them again.

Go to the other leg press fucknut I don't have time for you.

Her belly sticks out further than her tits and she is a full C cup. she wears a tight spinning t-shirt which shows the GRAND CANYON she calls a belly button. I just recently heard from a few members that she is a chain smoker and loves the night life. She was trying to tell me how she is a BROWN BELT in KENPO...well, I told her nice ballet lessons she took...she uttered that those are ass whopping skills she had...I could only laugh. She is trying to talk about nutrition with me and asking me about creatine and some BCAA. I just told her if dhe is asking me those types of questions, she should not be training people. DUMB TRAINER...and she is a woman.

Oh yeah and she said no one wants to be trained by a KEN or BARBIE...I told her it is all about personality. I promise you more people would pick the fit person over the fat jolly person. It gives people a sens eof hope and a goal to reach...I never hear people sign-up for a memebership and want to get to 30% bodyfat.
Would you send your truck to a mechanic who has to ride his bicycle to work cuz his truck is sittin dead in his driveway?
This thread

Is cracking me up, Tadger that was a good post, and Steak I will have to come up to see this lady, cannot wait to listen to her drop bullshit on us!
Steak Helmet said:
She was trying to tell me how she is a BROWN BELT in KENPO...well, I told her nice ballet lessons she took...she uttered that those are ass whopping skills she had...I could only laugh.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, nice one steak

i was watching the local TKD guys in my gym spare for a bit, those guys are a joke, walk around in their pretty white gi's , puffed up and talking like they are world champs. to top that off, last nite some dude from the gym a train Muay Thai at says we can no longer train with our shirts off because of health code violations. i figure he's just jealous i'm bigger and i can whoop his ass. i dont have any stories about my weight lifting gym, i dont pay attention to anyone or anything just my lifts. its a damn family fitness center so when i do hear someone talk to me its always " when i was your age i was as big as you" ....... right pops, take a walk before i break your hip
man all your stories are so familiar ........lol

guess this stuff happens in all gyms

I have to lift at my college gym because i am so stressed for time and do not have time to drive to my normal gym.

Yesterday this kid comes up to me. no clue who he is and is like...."what do you take"......i asked him what he meant and he said "what steroids do you take"...I wanted to just slap him in the face because there were people around and it was very awkard....lets just say i doubt he will asking me for advice anymore.....lol

and then a couple days ago......2 random kids came up to me while i was lifting and asked if they could buy steroids off me....i told them no but that i have some killer crack if they were interested

for people seeking a higher education i don't know how these people are so dumb

I also love when random people come up to you and are like.....what do u suggest to make my arms bigger.....they ask such dumb and vague questions it makes u sound like your the idiot for having to try and answer it.
I hate that question...


I just say it is 15 years of training and working my ass off. I tell them FOOD FOOD FOOD...is the key to size.

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