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How often are you sore after training?


Jun 5, 2002
Are your muscles sore after every workout? I mean, shit, I train like mad all year round, whether on or off gear, and I have to admit that I'm sore to some extent after EVERY training session. I always give it my max in the gym, hardcore style. Forced reps, controlled negatives, go heavy as often as I can take it (barring injury or severe pain). I just wonder if my hardcore approach is really just overtraining disguised in a hardcore training wrapper? I've read a shit load of stuff on so many boards about how if you don't go heavy and hard you don't grow. So for the past 6 years, yeah that's right 6 years, I've been going this route. Nowaday's the toll of all my hardcore lifting is catching up with me. I've had all kinds of joint pains and connective tissue issues, so at times I'm forced to go easier. Still I love lifting heavy and hard whenever possible.

Even with a shit load of gear (by my standard) I still am sore following nearly every workout. My current cycle as an example is:

875mg Test enanthate/week

350mg Test prop/week

600mg Equipoise/week (was Winny at 350mg/wk, just switched to Eq)

350mg Trenbolone acetate/week

Also, eating a ton of protein is key to any recovery following my workouts, so I try to keep protein at 1.5-2g per lb of body weight everyday.

Just wondering what you guys think.


PS : I posted this on UG last week, but got no responses so I thought I try it here.

GIve us your routine, and I wonder how much sleep and rest you get, plus what is your diet like,

2grams of protein per pound is good but if no carbs or fats are taken with it, then it is going to be more like 1 gram per pound because of the protein turning into glucose.

here's an abbreviated version that should suffice for discussion purposes.

Current stats:

5' 9" (no change there :D )
202lbs @ 9.5% BF


Monday: Chest (3), Triceps (2), Abs (2)
Wednesday: Quads/Glutes (3), Hams (1), Calves (1), Abs (2)
Friday: Back (3), Biceps (2), Abs (2)

Numbers in ( ) are the number of exercises I do for that body part, so for example 3 exercises for chest (incline barbell, flat dumbell, pec flys).

For each exercise, I stretch, warm-up and do 3 sets of 6-10 reps, increasing weight each set so that the last set I can barely do 4 reps, but with cheating, spotter, etc... I get 6 out where last 2-3 reps are killer. I sometimes follow the last heavy set with a light set just to pump blood into the muscle and flush out the lactic acid. Then I stretch again and go to next exercise. Whenever possible I go to failure on the last set unless I have an injury. If you do the math, you can see that I do a total of 30 sets per workout.

Cardio done 1-2x per week, usually consists of 20min on Treadmill walking or slow jog (5-6 mph). I use to do more cardio, but found that more anabolics shred me better than more cardio does:D More cardio just keeps me small.


As for diet, it is too much of a pain in the ass to post it all, especially since I try and eat similar but different things everyday. I can't just eat tuna, chicken and protein shakes 7 days a week... But as for macro-nutrient content, here is a typical daily profile:

350-400g protein (120g from shakes/MRPs)
350-400g carbs
50-60g fats (including 4-6g EFA's)

So total calories are probably between 3250-3750 per day. I know, I know, eat more.... I also drink 3-4 liters of water per day, on top of everything else (shakes, juice if I have it, etc.).

As for rest, well I need more of it just like everybody else. I sleep 6-8 hrs per night, a bit more on weekends. My job keeps me at a desk or in meeting most of the day so it requires minimal physical capabilities.

Alright, now you know it all.


When I go into a period of training more frequently (like now) I am less sore workout to workout, but when I space my workouts more, I tend to get more sore after each & every workout...

I have been training for 15 years, and I cannot remember the last time I wasn't sore. I am always sore for a couple days after working out. With my recent dive into AAS, I have noticed that I am not as sore, and I recover faster.
I never get sore after workouts, muscles might feel bit drained but thats it. Looking at your training rountine I would say you may be overtraining try cutting 2 sets from all bodyparts you do more than one exercise , should be able up the weight little bit to

Same here Stroyer

That was my thouhts. How is your modified DC training going??
I don't really get sore after a workout. Perhaps a little bit of soreness the next day or the one after.

My quad hurts more when I do a QV shot than my muscles do from training. :)
always sore

Good question Drgoodbody,I have always wondered the same thing "am I doing hardcore too much?"

Im always sore as well,but Im always progressing so I never really want to change what I do.Volume or HIT it hurts,but HIT feels better cause of the quicker time frame and longer rest.I feel like I can kill it real good and recover faster.Tryt Kiwi's advice,it seems you may to cut back a couple of things,you might be going to failure alittle too much.Just enough failure is better then too much.................
Ever since I learned the mind/muscle connection properly (9 years ago), I have been sore after every single workout. If I wouldn't be, I knew I didn't work hard enough in the gym.
Nah I just think thats those old creaky bones and tendons of yours :)

thanks guys!

KIWI - I will cut back 2 sets and see how much of a change I get in terms of recovery/soreness

BN - yup, I agree with you, I think I go to failure too often and its making me stagnate even with a ton of gear. I've always struggled to gain muscle, I think my genetics suck. I'm gonna cut back and try going to failure every other workout or something similar.

I just feel sore (overtrained) and tired too often to think that this is the best way to go. Plus my joints are starting to wear - some rather badly.

Any other advice? How about on Diet or Supplements to speed post workout recovery???? Come on Fella's!

I believe C and E help recovery. I just do like 3g of C and 800IU of E just incase, plus the usual Bs etc plus minerals.

I think I read here that one of the pros uses Liver tablets. Anyone remember.

Bottom Line, if your goal is to get big, get on the big boy diet program, you told us you take 3700 some odd calories a day, not slowly work that up to 5000 over the course of 2-3 weeks, might get some chub but you can get the mass. Your cycle looks good but if you are gonna cycle why not eat like it.

As soon as you read this post go eat some more, More complex carbs, and more fats, keep protein up to 500 and you are golden, Steaks, eggs, oats, whole wheat bread, PB, olivie oil on salads etc,

Dr. G.....

I am sore all the time as well. When I read about Big Kiwi never being sore it makes me think I am still doing too many sets. I am going to expiriment next time I am trying to get big.

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