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I thought you guys might want to hear this


Featured Member / Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
Aug 4, 2003
You guys know that I run strip clubs for a living and that I am a pretty good sized Italion gentleman.Most of you also know that I was an up in coming bodybuilder that got popped 8 years ago.The fact that I got set up and had my life ruined by some worthless puke that couldn't do his own time made me very sick.I quit training and moved on with my life .I set out to get my and some of my closest friends lives together financially and emotionally.I worked very hard at helping myself as well as the others that have remained loyal and close.I have built a good life for myself and those close to me.Because of the way I treat those close to me, people see the intense loyality and they are very threatened.I also have a bad rep for kicking the shit out of dipshits[ like our pal Ivan] , the mixed martial arts background [9-0 NHB record], and a couple of years of pro football make people feel compelled to talk about my washed up ass.It really is pathectic because I am really just a working stiff like anyone else.[not special at all ,just had alittle luck and some talent]I am very straight , don't drink ,smoke , or do drugs. I have never stole even a pack of gum in my life[ I hate thiefs and addicts]But tonight I get informed [ from one of my inside sources] that I am one of the top three alledged gangsters in the area and a special task force is targeting me as a member of organized crime.My source said they believe that I am involved with major steroid sales , money laundering , and wepons sales.I was shocked.Guys I have been off gear for 8 years honestly and not sold shit.I earn my money the honestly.I swear.The only law I have broken in 8 years ,is maybe issueing a few beatings, but that is all.They have been watching way too many episods of the Sopronos.....I wonder what rat could have made this shit up. What a waste of tax dollars.I can't believe they are trying to nail me with no evidence [ none exists] This investigation is supositly intense .I have noticed nothing.[ I must be slipping]My source even knew that I post on this board.[ I tell no one about my board visits,that my private time] So smile guys they are surely reading this....what a phuking joke! I am pissed now .....just for that, I am making a comeback[well I actually I started 5weeks ago with Skip LOL! ]....try to stop me! Think I am kidding? Say hi to the nice policemen boys ,they think we are bad people.......too bad they barking up the wrong tree.....
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I abadman phuck em let em waste the tax dollars and when they come up empty handed trying to screw you get them for harrassment. They only harrass and aggrevate anyway they forget that they are here to protect and serve us supposedly. Power hungry think they are better than everyone else attitude just plain ole jerks. Good luck man MM
Don't worry buddy...

...the truth will come out in the end and you can laugh at those fuckheads. People are jealous and jealousy makes people say stupid shit. Shit you would hate to hear shit people say bout me in my fucking neighborhood.LOL

Keep your head up brother.....

People will always try to bring you down when things are going well.Its the way the average asshole thinks.Thats why they go nowhere in life.You obviously got nothing to worry about,so let them try to fuck you.In the end they will have nothing to show for their efforts and you can give them a big old "fuck you".You have to remember while most cops/feds are at work their wives are in bed fucking the black mailman.Thats the way it works,fucking pricks...........
Bald,Ry, and Mass three guys that I have total respect for .Thanks for the words of support.What gets me, that if I chose to be to be a bad guy I have the means , knowledge , and the conections to be quite a force.But I have chose to be a good guy,and to be a good example and to be suportive of my peers .I am not even sure that is my true nature. But I know that it is the right thing to do.To be portrayed as a mafia crime boss makes me laugh. [my girlfriend even thinks I am conected,LOL!]Any true italion will tell you that the mafia is myth.LOL!
Bald, I took a peek over at UG, and was impressed.I only really post here.[coolest people]But there seemed to be be some very cool bros over there as well.I may post over there and introduce myself if that is cool with you.Now that I am in the minst of a comeback, I may need some of the advice and knowledge of a few of you old warriors at UG. I have been on the boards for only about 6-7 months.But I have heard the legend of the UG guys and the old board.I always thought computers were for geeks.LOL! I guess now I am one of them.Ha!Ha!I would love to know the history of the all the old cool boards on the net.I heard there was alot of wild shit going down.Too bad I missed it.[ just kidding]If anyone cares to fill me in on what I missed then cool , if not then I won't ask again.I have my moral codes as well. Just curious......

You can post on the UG anytime my friend.As I told you before Im half Italian and I grew up with sicilians and still have many friends that are Sicilian,Napolitano,and Calabrese too.Hell,I used to even drive a caddy eldorado while wearing Sergio Tacchini and Fila jogging suits,LOL those were the days.The UG is not as technical as here,more layed back,alot more cursing,alot of off topic and once in awhile alittle bodybuilding mixed in,lol.I love this place though,the knowledge the guys have here is amazing.You can learn alot in a short time.But our board is all the old UG crew,warts and all, you wont find that anywhere else.......
Bald, thanks for the reply I will drop in to say hi.That was some funny shit! Most of my male relatives and older associates still wear those damm fila jumpsuits.LOL! [I wear adidas]You drove a caddy huh? What a pimp ass mf you must have been.LOL! I drive drive a black navitgator[ I have a couple other rides as well] Some of my friends tell me that I am not cool enough to drive a caddy yet.Maybe some day, if I try real hard I will I achieve that gloy.Ha!Ha!
Seriously Bald your a cool phuker.Are you still NY ? I am out there 3 or 4 times a year.I will going to the night of champions in may.I would love to buy you a beer and steak and shoot shit a bit.
bro iam origonaly from about an hour from u. I can say one think that section of the state is seriously a messed up place. Its just kinda funny how the only people who they seem to arrest for drug sales/ production are minoritys. They are the most backward retarded corrupt fuckers u will ever come across. I just avoid them now and live my life and hope i get left alone.
Take care bro and just incase have a very good attorny on call because u never know the kinda shit they will try to stick on u
Thanks Cracker , I will heed your advice.But I am an angel .I promise.No worries, just irritated.Take care Bro.
You are gonna be fine

I know you can handle yourself, insecure "authorities" get threatened by a "Gangster-minded, legitimate businessman."

When I say gangster minded, you know the real definition, (like we talked about) and they also know that the loyalty and respect you carry is your armor ------ SO NO WORRIES MAN --- They can't get ya, don't even let them scare ya. They tried that shit on me, and they will on you (cuz we both did time, and they think they can hold that crap over our heads!) if they even get that close anyways. Fucking task force faggots, you should booby trap your house just for the hell of it lol!

Ps --- still cannot call you -- no long distance (hey I am finishing school now, the funds are limited to food) but I will drop you an email ok?
hey bro, let them do what they want.. let them waste tax payers money on a misguided investigation.. let them take officers off the streets where they are needed most.. let them come to the boards where you have made basically no mention of gear use.. let them do what they want.. when they find nothing. just smile and go on your merry way.. some businesses have a bad rep for crime involvement.. more than likely someone told somebody a "rumor" about you and some cop then got a hard on qand is trying to make a name for himself.. also, never discount the fact that some of your friends, when they may get in trouble, will turn on ya in a heartbeat just to get the heat off them.. shameful but true..we actually debated on opening a "gentlemans club" in my town.. we were ready to make it happen when we finally had to admit that we would be known as scum bags in this little town.. it is a very "bible thumping" community.. there is nothing wrong with people are devote christians but, this group had shut down other places in this town by picketing ect.. i would have been a silent partner.. i never go to strip clubs and spend all my time with my wife and kids..it was strictly a business decision and i was looking to make some money.. but, as you know, these clubs have a stigma about them.. justified or not.. i am sure i would have been dragged through the mud about it.. my wife did not deserve that.. so i got out.. but, ya need to take the good with the bad bro.. make your money and be a good person.. let them take shots.. in the end you are doing what you are supposed to.. making money, keeping people working and giving them jobs..any time you make a lot of money in this world you either have a rep for stealing it, being a criminal, or your "mommy and daddy" gave it to ya..no way did ya earn it with hard work lol.. ;) so let them investigate and then buy them a lap dance... oh wait, police do not frequent strip clubs...:rolleyes: as my dad used to say "this too will pass"..and as for the stereotype of mafia / italians runnibg thses "shady" clubs.. we were nothing but irish, pale skinned geeks.. as tough as butter...we would have made a aweful tv show..lol
how true this is

iabadman...same shit happened to me in south carolina...funny i am italian too...got popped for gear about 5 years ago, pretty much bought my way out of that, did 2 yrs probation clean, perfect drug tests,etc. then i go to manage a bar for a friend about 3 yrs ago, just after probation. about 6 months later, everyone thought i was the local drug dealer to all the college idiots. got investigated, got arrested for conspiracy to commit a felony. said that i was now selling coke. beat it in court when the state went on the testimony of two convicted college kids who i have never even seen. on the way out i laughed in the face of the arresting officer. To this day that fucking idiot still stops in the bar from time to time and says, just checking up on you. Thats pretty much fucked up...glad i am off to florida for good in the beginning of december...cant wait, that redneck as town is a trip...and they dont like italian people for some reason, everyone thinks i am a puerto rican...what the hell, i am 100% italian, most of these people here have never even seen a puerto rican...oh well just me venting and i know how ya feel...

by the way, good to have you back Ry...its your old buddy [email protected] you better remember me...thanks for helping me out those few times...
Ivan , what can I say, I feel like you are my long lost little brother or something.I got love for you kid. I still have that phone card for you .I need your address again.[if you need a few bucks,let me know,I am proud of how well that you are doing in school I know what it like to be tight]Keep in touch , I might also have a business oportunity for you.
Lats, I always look foreward to your imput .You are definately one of the brightest guys on the boards.Besides being such a wise phuker you truely a class act.And yes my business is not perfect by a long shot, but I run a clean club , I take care of people that work for me, and I do the best I can at being a good person in the comunity.[I respect that not eveyone approves]I do right by people ,that is why I have the loyality and respect that I have.I look foreward to asking many questions during the course of my little comeback.I hope you don't mind.
Mike ross....sorry to hear that you have went through similar bullshit.Goodluck with your move to Fa. ,I hope things work out for you there.Thanks for sharing....nice to know that I not the only one.
And Skip .....you are the best out there[sorry wyldeone , but you are right there chief....above hany and nichols]but you are such phuker.Better be careful butthead, or I will have my boy Ivan put you in the stockade.LOL!
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Yep NYC.You tell me when your going here and I will hook up with you for sure.I'll take you to a real Italian restaurant and go to a real pork store so you can bring home some coppocola and mortadella,the real stuff.It would definetly be fun brother.....
Bald ,it would be an honor to break bread with you brother.I look foreward to getting the opportunity.Take of yourself ,I will look foreward to meeting you down the line.

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