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ideas, assistance and opinions for cycle


New member
Dec 19, 2002
hello again to everyone here!
could i ask you all to bless me with your experience and wisdom? much thanks in advance to any and all responses.
i joined yesterday after checking the threads out for a couple of weeks and am looking for the wisdom i see going on here for my next cycle.
well, i am 35 years old, 6'1", weigh 219lbs and BF is 20%...
history with AS:
did my first true bulking cycle this past february thru june, about 20 weeks. i stumbled onto steroid encyclopeadia and read for a couple of months, asked a lot of questions, tried to validate info via internet searches and was fortunate to find a legit source first time out...
this cycle included test. enathanate, deca, d-bol first several weeks to jump start gains and proviron. had the usual clomid and nolva on hand...
all in all, it was a good experience. biggest side was bloat! i developed temporary sleep apnea and was out of breath quite a bit from the moment the d-bol worked til a few weeks after cycle, i now know i am doing the max dose arimidex this time...
i went from 198 to 235lbs, strength, endurance, psychological resolve all get real strong. i had been lifting on and off 5 years or so and the things that went on in cycle were impressive for me and i have a confidence for plates now i never had before.
i am going to start next cycle when holidays are over, i plan on doing a kind of mixed cutting/lean mass cycle, i was thinking of doing the following;
1. test E, frontload 1.5 grams first week, 750mg every week thereafter for 10 weeks...
2. anadrol 50, 1 ED for 21 days if tolerable to start things up...
3. IP winny tabs, 50mg 2 tabs daily for first 5 weeks...
4. arimidex .5mg, starting a week before cycle and through-out cycle for 13 weeks or so...
5. proviron 50mg ED, duration of cycle
6. clomid, 1 tab ED duration of cycle
7. HGH,if i can find it, intially start 4ius daily, 5on/2off at beginning of cycle and increase up to 8-10ius ED throughout cycle and after cycle for at least 10 months...
my goals;
you know, if i could rip up half as good as some of you guys here i would be cool with that. people think i look maybe 28-30, but i know myself i am getting older and i do believe i am feeling the effects of just slightly reduced test levels and natural GH production. so, i want to optimize my health and good vibe as much as i can by respectfully using AS and things like HGH to make me last longer, better.
bro's, i am a registered nurse by profession. i have seen alot of shit in my experience, folks just letting themselves go and be ravaged by chronic diseases like diabetes, morbid obesity, heart disease, COPD and on and on. alot of this could have been prevented or at least much better managed. when i stumbled onto the body-building family last year, i was amazed by how much you guys know. every now and then, i see something hell of stupid said but sure enough a moderator steps in and straightens things up, feels like i am listening to progressive health professionals going a step beyond prevention of illness to true promotion of well-being.
i promise only to ramble in this first post, thanks for patience!
so, what do you guys think of this cycle, any advice, opinions or input would be helpful.
my expectations are realistic and i know it is what will happen in 5 years versus just one year and things like diet, training and rest are paramount to success.
much respect and thanks...
u should be able to bring ur bf down naturally first, ur way to high, lean bulk/cut cycles really only work well for a select few. ur dosages are way too high for a second cycle and u def. do not need gh yet, save the money and get more aas for longer and more cycles and ull reap much better gains
Your 1st

Cycle was done quite well, wish I had the knowledge before I ever tried AAS.... you enjoyed some serious gains, that's for sure... Here is what I would do; do the cycle you have suggested as it seems pretty sound, exceot fir the GH.....I think you should bulk for 12 weeks, then switch to a cutting cycle with some tren and TP....I would also eliminate the winny in your cycle all together...I do not like Stanozolol, it will wreak havoc on your joints....Now when you do your cutting cylce, this is the time you want the GH as I know it is costly and this would be prolly the most efficient time to use it for your goals... Then DIET, DIET, DIET, and you should be pretty happy with the outcome...what might help is if you post a pic, then Xcel or Fathead could give you some great diet tips...
hollerin back

magoo and diablo69, right on for responses...
man! the newbie in me wants to ask for advice and go on with my own plan anyhow, i see it all the time in posts at all boards, and i know you experienced guys and pros are just shaking your heads like 'another newbie, stuck on stupid...'
but you dudes are right and i am hearing you much...
so, you guys dont think GH might be beneficial given my age? i got this disgusting small tire around my waist, pure adipose tissue, i swim 40-60 laps daily of breast-stroke in an olympic size pool and try to be active but it does'nt budge. a whole lot of form and frame and muscle built up around it from this last cycle, but i feel like i am starting to look like an old man...
i know a weakness i have is to eat some screaming, full dinner style food at 1am in the morning following work, then jump into bed and sleep, probably all converting to tryglyceride fat...
diet, right, i know, you guys are right, this is a hard part but got to happen...
money isnt an issue regarding GH or AAS, but if something just isnt right just yet, no need to throw it away.
any other suggestions? i will post a picture soon, got to get digital camera and scan and whatnot,
right on bro's for guidance, any more help or guidance is much appreciated!

HEY!! I responded! Look, I think you SHOULD cycle in the GH when you are CUTTING.
sorry bro'!

right on ivan!
my bad, sorry for not paying you propers...
have you tried GH and if so, what kind of experience. at a different board, i see several people post that they felt numbness and sides anytime they went over 8ius/day. but this concept of GH blast has some guys going to 20ius...
holler back!
I too think gh would be a good idea, especially since money is no object. I wouldn't bother starting until you can get 5-6 kits so that you won't run out. If you just get one or two kits, you might have a hard time obtaining more when it's time. I, personally, wouldn't go over 6ius to avoid unwanted side effects. I take mine in the morning and also right before bed time so that I can burn fat while sleeping. You'll know it's working when you have dreams that you are swimming, and when you wake up it is kind of true. Most importantly, you really need to get the bf down. It will be really hard to tell if something's working with 20% bf. To be honest with you, this should be your #1 priority. No offense but 20% is pretty fat, and I should know since I've been there. 6ius of gh along with cardio and a decent diet should get you down to a managable 12-14% in no time. Good luck, dedication=results.

thanks cooter...
i think i am going to lower doses of test E as recommended. if i can find authentic GH i will go at 4-6ius daily. also, will review the diet threads and pour over more material and make a solid plan so i dont fail on it...
my bro' where i go makes and retails DNP in the UK, funny thing, he advised me as much as he could against TREN which i was originally going to put in cycle, he thinks it is too harsh, and coming from someone who knows how dangerous DNP can be if not taken correctly, i felt him to be genuine...
the newbie in me still wants to try TREN though, so there it is, any more advice appreciated, cool, thanks to everyone responding...
If I were you I would defenitely try tren. It is an awesome drug that rivels the effects of test and in my opinion is better due to the quality it developes. Another advantage of fina is that I am able to hold the gains unlike other AS that I seem to lose the gains when off cycle. Also, the effects are almost instantanious with each injection. Unlike your buddy, I saw no badside effects. I give it a most muscular thumbs up. Try it, you'll likey.

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