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In my final week advice?


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Kilo Klub Member
Dec 28, 2002
Here is what I have have done, and how I am planning to finish:
Started carb depletion on sunday, zero carbs through this morning, and I have increased my sodium alot. I am drinking about2.5 gallons H20/day.
After my final depletion workout at noon today I will begin loading carbs starting with 100g dex +10 grams creatine. 3 times today with an additional 200 grams from pasta this evening making 500grams tatal for the day.
Beginning Thursday moring I will drop sodium as low as possible.
2 gallons H20, and another 300-400 grams of slower carbs, mostly oats and some Whole wheatbread plus 30 grams creatine spread throughout the day.
Friday Soduim as low as possible, H20 dropped to 1.5 litres.
150 grams carbs from oats, 50grams across first 3 meals.
No water (sipping only)after 4pm. Switching to rice cakes in the afternoon 12 cakes w/jam=creatine for another 150-200grams of dry carbs.
Saturday mornigng before show; pancakes bacon maybe a couple eggs.
I am not planning on using any diuretics. I have some 20mg lasix tabs, but I am not planning on using them. Instead I wasgoing to try 10,000mg vitamin C 2 times Thurs and 2 time Fri, and 8 capsules of Cranberry & Buchu/day.
Please critique this plan if you have ample experience. One specific question: If i am not dropping enough water on friday, what would be the best time to take the lasix? I was thinking 20mg at 6pm.
5'10" - 205Lbs. about 4-5%BF, 36 years old second show.

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You're asking about a "whole lot of" different things and I'll try to give you my experience/feedback on some items.

I would STAY AWAY from ANY BREAD (processed carbs) plus the gluten tends to smoothen many out. Creatine just make me hold water under the skin - that's me, doesn't occur to everyone.

I didn't mess around with sodium load deplete - doing to many other things to monitor. Since I was on potasium-sparing diuretics, what I did on water may not be specific to you situation. On Friday I dropped to 16oz for all day. In fact, instead of water a made up 16oz of STRONG green tea, since it's a strong natural diuretic. I made-up another 16oz green tea for all day saturday and had a large bottle of pedialyte for after the evening show.

You didn't say what your supplementation is, which I believe has a large bearing on how you eat. You're eating more carbs on your first load day than I ate Thur, Fri and Sat morning for my carb load. Saturday morning I'd drop the bacon and eggs in favor of a nice lean flank steak. Use plenty of butter on those pancakes!

I think lasix is WAAAY TOOO unpredictable and there's much better single loop diuretic options - I'll let wylde tell you what.

Thanks Xcell,
Trying this w/out diuretics should be interesting. I was also considering drinking Green Tea in place of water on Friday. I guess this worked well for you? I could probably replace the bread with potatos or something. I am pretty confident about the loading phase and schedule. It is the water that has me concerned. I have used Aldac in the past and it worked very well but I didn't have any luck obtaining more and I am now 3 days out now.
Thaks again
I have gotten a lot of conflicting opinions concerning the use of lasix on Friday. 20mg in the AM and possibly 20 more in the afternoon. I have experimented sone in the past and usually after 18 hours I look pretty full again. This is without water restriction and no carb load.
any input welcome

Thanks guys
I believe the green tea, water depletion, and diuretics really helped me dry out. My problem - I believe (I've e-mailed some judges I know but nobody's responded:( ) - was I wasn't hard enough (through the mid-section). I LEARNED A TON this time around and want thank Wylde (and all the board members that contributed ;) ) again for all his help!

When I post my pictures, I'll expect some (constructive) criticism.

show tomorrow

Not sure how this will work out but this is what I have done.
1.5 gal of distilled yesterday.finished at 7pm. have been sipping green tea since and a cup of coffee this morning. At 9:30 I took 20mg lasix, don't know yet about taking more later. Today I am eating a little oatmeal w/1 scoop isopure , ate 1 plain chx breast, but I will probably drop protein to 200 grams maybe less. 20,000mg vit C, cranberry extract and buchu (10 caps throughout the day. Planning on eating rice cakes throughout the day, maybe 15-20@10grams carbs each.
This evening I will add a little Jam to the rice cakes.
I am feeling nearly full and looking big. Just need to this the skin a bit and I should be there.
wish me luck
Sounds like you're on track - you already won!

Keep us posted

Took 1st in the heavies, but lost the overall to the light-heavy guy. Talked to the head judge, he told me it came down to legs. Mine were just to smooth. This has always been my problem. Plenty of size but the cuts just aren't deep enough. Got another show coing in 19 days. Going to stick to cardio and and plymetrics for the legs.
Any tips on ripping the legs up are welcome
I will post pics when I get some. All pics from friends and family are too dark to bother. Waiting on some professional pics

Legs are my weak point (funny - 'cause back in the "beggining" they were my strong point) so I'm not one to give advice there. I just know that you dont want to work them for the last week prior to contest.


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