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Insulin insensitivity


Jun 5, 2002
Hey guys and gals!!
my question is 2 fold, my clients that I train tend to be over 35 years of age, to 60 years of age. I train them in home. Now what I am looking for is some detailed analysis on your part as to my theory, and also Is it sound. Now take into consideration that I have read the base literature on metamorphin, and its effect on periferal insulin receptor. My clients loose fat decently, but abdominal fat and obsesity are there main problems. I notice that they have high stress levels, and they are semingly insulin resistance due to the level of bady fat that they have when I get them. Now they range from 34% bodyfat, to 20% bodyfat. With the females I find that they loose muscle more often than the men. My clients follow several different eating patters, all of which are low carb, high fiber, and plenty of good fats.What I typically see is a reduction of overall body weight, but the abdominal region, maintains its stubbornness. This is what I am proposing to do in reguards to the direction that I want to take them. Understand that I never train them with weights more than 30 to 40 minutes, and they get 1 hour of cardio 3 times a week on non workout days.They eat the most carbs post workout on lifting days, otherwise it is veggies, and some form of meat protein.Now in an attemtp to better sen sitize them to insulin, and lower blood glucose level, along with addressing stress related suspected cortisol, I am thinking of doing the folowing
1. metamorphin, 250mgs after each of the 3 major meal, dosage dependent on persons size and meal carb quantity
2. ala 100 to 300 mgs per meal to keep blood glucose level stable
3.dhea, 25 mgs, before bed, and 25 mgs after workout to deal with cortisol
4 phosphatylserine 400 mgs a day to deal with major cortisol-the reason as we know high lkevels of cortisol makes an individual breakdown protein intop glucose, and raises, blood glucose levels
and raises blood pressure.
Now ladies and gentsl I am asking for the classic pr muscle detailed analysis and comment, no one word rants or obvious statements. Thanks in advance
well abdominal fat is usuely the last to go for most people while dieting. But yet again this seems to be a genetic issue, since every one stores fat in differnt places on thier bodys. Insulin resistence is very common in overweight people, one possible reason for this is the " set point theory" that basicaly states that your has a set point where it wants to be. For some this can be 20% in others it seems almost boundless. Insulin from this stand point is basicaly a regulation mechanism to not to allow the individuel go get any fatter. I also believe we all become more insulin insentive as we get older, hence the large amount of type 2 diabetes cases ( this could be due to obsity though). But iam not 100% sure on this one.
exercise does defintly decrease insulin insensity.
I dont know enough about these supps to comment
Two questions

1. Are you a doctor? Are you giving your clients Metformin? I have never heard of metamorphin.
2. Why 3 non workout days and why so much cardio? This is the problem I think.
yes , like phil said , over doing the cardio, the anaerobic exercise would be better resulting in longer durations of increased metabolism .
and metformin is prescription medicine in the usa isnt it ? ala should be fine for now,also keep in mind ,ala or metformin , both do nothing unless ur actually insulin resistent , and PS is a good idea for cortisol , also ipriflavone at 1000 mg or so doses helps calcium loss from the cell , something to consider , and anything to increase free test levels should increase insulin sensitivity if i remember right .
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abdominal adipose accumulation


The problem with abdominal adipose accumulation and loss for the age group you referred to (35-60 yrs old) is quite often due to the fact that fat cells are prolific in replication when the body is in a fat storage mode. This fat storage mode can be caused by the metabolic condition also known as insulin insensitivity. The problem with loosing this abdominal fat for people who have had time to accumulate a medium or large “tummy bulge” is the actual number of fat cells. Fat cells like to hold onto fat. Lots of fat cells holding onto even a little fat, still adds up to a bulge.

I’m with Phil on the idea of avoiding a pharmaceutical solution to a non-life threatening weight loss issue that could have fatal consequences for a small number of unlucky people. See link:


Increasing resistance training volume and intensity will promote better glucose metabolism without the possible side effects of using the antihyperglycemic drug Metformin.

Questions to ask:

1.Do you test fasting blood glucose levels in your clients?
2. If so, are the levels elevated over what is considered normal? (70 mg/dl to 110 mg/dl)
3.Are your clients on a glycemic-regulated diet to promote a natural lipotropic effect?
4.Are parental obesity factors an issue? (Genetics)
5.What intensity levels do your clients maintain doing cardiovascular work?
6.Did you get an A.M. resting H.R. at the onset of their training program and do you monitor their A.M. resting H.R. to help determine over training?
7. Have you suggested L-Carnitine and Co-Q10 as a safe lipotropic combination?
8. Do your client’s get enough protein in their diets?

I see that you have your clients take phosphatylserine. This seems to be a good choice for restoring acetylcholine synthesis. This can be helpful, especially in the ability for your clients to have a focused mind-muscle link. Great for resistance training!

I hope this will be of some help!

Brent D.
thanks for reply

to brent and the others The , body temp is tested morning and night, fasting glucose levels tested 14 mornings straight and above normal, the cardio is 1 hour slow walking on treadmill, between, 2.8 to 3.2 pace, no incline. In answer to phil dont have to be a doctor, I am working with one who recommended metamorphin to them after, there above normal readings, And they way I choose to mispell things are my business, you know what I meant.The reason I came to the board is because It has been my experience that some docs dont know jack so I figured I would ask the members also. To the other people thanks, and lastly, I do have them staying to a low glycemic eating regimen, and also have have them taking in 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass broken down over 3 meals and 2 high protein snacks.
insulin resistance


One thing you stated in your original post is that your clients “have high stress levels” when you “get them”. Is this stress work related or the typical type-1 personality stress?

Emotional stress has been shown to cause the release of stress hormones, (cortisol) and can significantly add to the metabolic problem of insulin resistance along with all of the other negative effects of elevated stress hormone levels.

Do your clients feel significant post work-out stress relief? If not, some meditation techniques can be a way to temporarily relieve acute type-1 personality stress.

Do your clients have a dislike for resistance training? I am with the others on this one, more weight training!

As a trainer, getting a client on track to reaching their goals SAFELY should be the primary mission. If this means insisting on more weight training, then so be it! You are the boss when it comes to exercise prescription. Don’t let your clients use a pill instead of the real work required to see real and permanent results.

Brent D.
Id think the women are losing muscle at a higher rate because of lower test levels, that simple. In that the lower levels prevent nitrogen/protein assimilation in the mitochondria aided by test levels. Complicated by the fact that diet and cardio is catabolic and will cause negative nitrogen balance.
Im sure you meant Metformin, and that will increase sensitivity.
But that may not be the reason for the stubborn abdominal fat, which is more a male characteristic-with females its hips/thighs.
These areas are higher in brown fat, which contains more alpha receptors than beta2 receptor. Yohimbe is effective as an alpha agonist in these areas. Beta2 receptors, found in 'normal' fat deposit areas, are responsive to drugs such as ephedra, clen (although these drugs act through slightly different mechanisms).

Am I on the right track here :eek:
id also go into aromatize levels, see which ones over produce and manage that
Hey gentleman thanks

Thats why I come here and will always come here . I appreciate the objective veiws, and you guys always give me more options than my tiny brain alone can come up with or research on my own
its nice to call this place home, thanks to you all.

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