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Its official..I need a custom suit


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Jun 6, 2002
I have taken a break from my "suit and tie" business for the past 8 months or so and have been doing some other business ventures.None of which require me in a suit.Well,a friends wedding is coming up so I went to try on one of my suits.GOOD LUCK,I almost ripped the jacket like the hulk,hehe.It wouldnt even go over my arms.So my girl and I go shopping.They tried 52's on me, 54's,56.Nothing fit right at all. My arms and shoulders are way to big for the jackets.I don't consider myself that big at 260+,but it was funny as the whole sales floor plus some customers were watching me trying to get fitted.One guy was a bodybuilder,he gets the tape to measure my arms,22inches.I thought he was big,but he was amazed.(thanks alot synthetek)It was like a big joke.We went to 3 places,and the consensus was I am now in the "custom" size.I have gotten my shirts made for years,I love the better quality and the fit,but now this is going to cut into my juice funds dammit.Im sure alot of you have similar problems,and Im happy to join the club of being some of the only human beings big enough to be viewed from outer space,lol.So how many of you are in the custom club?????

... that you've been able to get away w/ suits off the rack for so long!

I got a suit several years ago - had no choice as I had outgrown my old one, but I was dieting at the time. I told the guy to size it a bit bigger b/c my BW will fluctuate dramatcally. He may have a little, but not a whole hell of a lot. I gained 40lb after that show in 1 mo, about 30 heavier that when I was fitted. I can't even wear the coat w/o feeling like I'm in a straight-jackey - no movement at all. I just have to carry the coat to show I made an the effort, but I never wear it, except when its raining.

Yeah, it's a pain in the ass. When I go into clothing stores, I just go straight to the sales assistant and ask him if he has anything to fit me, I don't even bother trying anything on otherwise.

SOMETIMES, I am very lucky to find a 56 jacket that has been cut a bit better so I can fit in it, but I still have to have the waist taken in dramatically.
That sucks I get everything off the rack for a short and narrow fat kid.:D
congrats to you bro ,you know your big when that happens .
ill never have that prob but, its fun for my little ass to ware a shirt that says x-large lol
So, BN, youre too big for your clothes.
And the problem with that is...?
Sounds more like a goal has been achieved! :D
well, I can still fit into a 52 in. (but I am only 5'7"). I can always find something off the rack but they have to cut the hell out of the sleeves and shorten the jacket a few inches to look right.

I definately know what you are dealing with when it comes to shirts-tailored is the only way to go.

Baldnazi, at your size I am assuming you have a hard time finding shirts with neck size big enough to fit? I only have that problem when I am on a handful of anadrol a day-extra water is good for an inch or so around the neck for me. :D
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yeah i just had to recently get a suit for work also. im only a 48 chest, but my wait is a 32, so they had to do so major tailoring in the wait of the jacket. but thats what makes the suit look good is the tailoring. maybe someday i can get a custom suit. the suit i bought is a very nice suit around 550$, the guy said if i needed custom they start at 1200$.... all i could think about was 2 or 3 kits of growth for that price.hehehe

Take care and congrats!!!



Your right 260lbs is not that big but I'd most of your weight was in your head.
"humans big enough to be viewed from outter space" HAHAHA

Congratulations BN.
bn...that's big!

Everyone on this board has bigger arms than I do!!! Crap, crap, crap! hahaha
Re: bn...that's big!

Everyone on this board has bigger arms than I do!!! Crap, crap, crap! hahaha

Maybe, but not everyone could crush a golph ball between their ass cheeks at competition time. (that's a compliment by the way, your one ripped dude)

And to BN, good going my friend. 22" arms on a 5'9 frame is pretty scary. I won't even wear a suit at my own funeral though, so I guess getting one custom made isn't going to be a worry.
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good job BN. 22" freaking arms? I am built just like Got Juice. Same measurements, always have to get the pants done or mix and match. I guess most people with a 48 chest have waists to match.

Hopefully I'll get that way again some day! hahaha

Heres what yoou need to do. Go to JCPenney & get your suit there. Stafford or Stafford Executive Suit in athletic fit. Has wider shoulders, more room in biceps & more room in the chest with a taper to the waist. The best part about it is they come in what is called Suited Separates. Meaning you can choose whatever size pants you need also. I used to be a manager for the company for 5 years those suits are made for fellas like ourselves. Although I am the incredible shrinking man these days since the fucking pigs took all my gear from me thats the route you need to go. Custom made is next step but will cost you a arm n leg. You can get a Stafford or Stafford Executive suit for under $550.00

Stafford Executive suits are rated #1 by most millionares. They go through a higher inspection process than any other type of uniform except the Military. Great on Quality, Style, & Price. You can read about them in a #1 best seller book called. " The Millionare Next Door"

Good Luck but if anyone needs a athletic fit suit JC Penney is the only place you'll find em. Anywhere Else it has to be custom made. If the JC Penney in your area does not have em grab one of the big JCPenney Catologs they are in there also. Or JCPenney also has what they call a special Order Progrma where they have certain suits that must be ordered. Good Luck

My first name sould be tailored i have to get everything fitted

this is my first post what up all?
thanks guys

Custom is the way to go if you have the money regardless of your size,thats why I love getting shirts done. Always wanted to do a few suits but never found it necessary until now and I will check it out.

Mr.Huge thanks for the advice,I think I'll go to the mall and see what JC Penney has.That would be fantastic and I'll let you know if I go that route.

Doug,yea the neck sizes are a pain,but what sucks the most is buttoning that top button and tying that tie.My arms get in the fucking way,hehe.They actually hurt after awhile trying to get set up.

MikeS,your right,mission accomplished hehe.BigBoy 5'10" my brother!!! Jethro,if I was as ripped as you I would be happy with the 19's you have,you look great.Thanks to all the rest of you,and Fathead what can I say?once a dick,always a dick right?

BN you know GERMAN Right?

AWWWW was die Angelegenheit nicht genügend Raum während Ihrer fetten DARM Wartezeit ist, die Recht sie ist, würde eine vollständige Extraseite benötigen.
custom suits

BN, I know what you mean man. I can not even go to the store and buy a pair of pants off the shelf. They all have to be custom made. One leg has to be sized up several inches after Phil talked me into buying that damn penis pump. LOL Mr.clean101

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