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Lost a good friend today.....


Featured Member / Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
Aug 4, 2003
I just got back from putting my 9 and half year old boxer to sleep and let me tell you it hurt like hell.She had cancer ,the same as my sister is fighting as we speak, and she fought it all the way .Last night was absolutely horrible ,she was throwing up all night and couldn't move.I stayed with her on the floor all night until it was time to go this morning.She went very peacefully and fast.[I am thankful for that] I have been through alot of hard shit my life ,but losing her really got me.My dogs are like my kids [i have none] and they have been that one true constant through all the shit in my life......Jessie you will always live in my heart girl.....I will love you always.. Thanks for always being there....Now, I have to get the strength to be there through the final months of my sisters life....She is devestated by the loss of my dog , because they shared the same type of cancer and she knew how much I loved her .I will be there for her until the bitter end ,just like I was for my dog.[but this will be much harder because she has a beautiful daughter and a wonderful husband]And I really don't know how I am going to make it through that,but I always do ,and I have seen more than my fair share of death and despair. Life is a struggle never give in......I love life, I just didn't wish it hurt so much......Today really is a sad day for me .....Jessie I will miss you ,,,,I will never forget you......Ever!
i feel for ya.. i had a mutt growing up that lived to be 19 years old.. in other words, i do not remember a day that she was not present..she was given to me when i was 6 years old and she as the absolute best dog.. very smart and always wanting my attention.. it was hardest thing to do to put her to sleep.. she suffered a stroke one night and that was all she could handle at her age.. i still miss her even though it was 10 years ago..never have another like her..:(
loss is hard and it never gets better, i think in our society as males we are programed to deal with it in a certain way, but it never seems to work. Take care and give it time beause for some reason time seems to help heal things of this nature.
Hey brother, sorry for your loss. My family has had to deal with a big loss this year. Hang in there for your sister and also be the best uncle you can for her daughter. Your sister will be a part of you that you can pass along to your neice.
Keep your head up bro. It's hard to lose any type of family member - blood or pet. We've lost several pets over the years and they all seem to live for at least 10 years - that's a long time to have something by your side all the time. All our pets really seemed to be attached to us as well.

It never gets easier, just be happy that you're healthy and fit and can help others.

take care man life can really suck

ive been there and I can tell you things will get better
it's amazing how attached we get to our pets. Stay strong for your sister though, it's how we handle life through adversity that makes us who we are.

sorry bro.. thats sux..

i had a dream my dog died last night so i woke up and called him over to me at like 3in the morning and petted him for like 15min...before i fell back to sleep at which time he didnt want the petting to stop so he jumped up and smashed my nuts....i love that guy...
That is why I love this place .......Very cool respectful people........It amazes me ,that all of you guys have your own shit going on, but you always have time to lend suport to one another.[ and now me]......Thank you so much fellas ! ......I needed those few kind words more than you will ever know......This a class place for very classy people.........I am both proud to post here and lucky to have found this place......Thanks again for bringing a smile to my sad face..... You guys did a kind thing today.......
I buried a golden retriever who lived for sixteen years almost two years ago. I still think of her every day. I wanted to share this website because this woman is an angel and when I visit my girl's grave, I cry nothing but happy tears for her.
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Its a tangible reminder of your awesome friend. Hang in there big guy, you're in my prayers.
last year the dog i had since i was 10 died.... i spent more than half my life with him.... through thick and thin, he was always my best friend and brother.... its strange how you can love a pet as much as a family member.... but in a way they are family.... it gets easier bro... just hang in there.... whenever your down things can only get better... it hurts but it heals
Bro.....I feel your pain man! I lost my dog a while ago, but will never forget her. I've also lost an older brother, grand parents, and a few very close freinds and watched my Mother pass when I was 18, she fought cancer for 10 years till she passed, cancer is a bitch bro........very hard to watch someone go like that. If you ever wanna chat feel free to pm me. I know sharing our stories doesn't make it easier for you, but we are here to tell you that it will get better. The shit that I've been dragged through in my life has made me the strong man I am and has gotten me to where I am at.......and that I am proud of and some day you'll say the same my freind.....just hang in there!!!!! Take care and may God watch over you and your family in these hard times!

Thanks again for the sympathy and sharing.I already miss my dog very much .....but I will get through it .....you guys have really helped.
Patk it sounds like you and I have endured many of the same losses.Thanks for sharing your strength with me .If you or any the guys need something or someone just shoot me a PM and I will see what I can do.
That is sad bro. The first thing I did when I lost my pup was greive for a while and went out and got a new puppy. Was the best thing I ever could have done! I never forgot my first girl and it made it a hell of alot easier when I got another pup!

DOES THAT SUCK --- Sorry for your loss bro, this is life though....:(

Doesnt life suck as you have to see so many loved ones die? And your dogs, you know you will outlive them. Man I dread the day my 'Goldie' dies (3yo Golden Ret) as Im a big dog lover too. A family friend brings a boxer over to visit here often-I love that dog. Man grieve and give your heart. Then get another-dogs are so cool.

Dude its amazing that you mention the cancer/death thing today. I pray for your sister. My Mom (the greatest person ever in my life) died of cancer 10/21/00-so this is our 3rd anniversary of that TODAY, I am hurting.

Bless you buddy, our hearts are with you.
I can only imagine what you feel. I haven't experienced that yet, and I am dreading the day I will.
I've had my cat for 8.5 years, since she was only 4 weeks old. She means more to me than anything in the world. If I had to chose, I would gladly give up everything I have for her. At night, she sleeps on my chest, she doesn't leave me out of her sight, whereever I am around the house. When I am sick in bed she sits next to me and just watches me, even if it's for days, until I get better. I fully communicate with her, tell her where to go, what to do, etc. She knows how to open doors, carry things and even how to open the car window when she wants to :)
When I think about her passing away, I get this immensly painful feeling. And this is only when I think about it. I cannot begin to fathom what it would be like when it will happen for real. Thankfully that won't be for another 10 years or so.
MikeS ,nice to see around .I have missed seeing your input around here. I always look foreward to your posts.Sorry , about your mom .I lost my dad 5 years ago and I still miss him. I am sure you feel the same about your mom.
Luckily ,I still have my females brother and a rott I took from one of the strippers that work for me .She had some loser boyfriend [thug ] that was fighting him against pitbulls.Boy, did I give that dickhead an ass whipping.That was 8 and half years ago ,he has been a thankful loyal companion ever since.Boy are my dogs bummed they definately know thier sister is gone and not coming back.God this sucks.The brother and sister had never spent one day a part since the were born.When i lose them i think I am done having pets ,
it is just too hard to lose them.I had a dog for 17 years [like LATS] and I still am not over that .I think i get more attached to animals than the people in my life.{sick huh]
Ivan ,I miss you bro ,I hope all is well. I would like to hear from you.I am sorry that i have some bs going on and have been unable to keep in touch.I hope i didn't piss you off. I really think you are a great person.I know I can and would be willing to help you out in the future ......
Everyone else thanks again for sharing.......i still feel like shit...But knowing that people like you all exist definately makes things better somehow....The Professional Muscle Crew Rocks......
Big A, nice to see that side of you.I am glad you have found such a good friend .I love cats as well, I just saved one last friday that some phuk ran over and left to die .i rushed it to the vet and she is going to make it.She is still in the hospital recovering.When that cat is better, i plan on giving it to a little girl whose best friend who was recently was killed in an auto accident .She has taken that very hard and lives by me .I already Okd it with the girls parents.So ,hopefully the girl will find a companian half as good as you have found.And maybe cat will find a happy life as well.It has been expensive to save the cat ......but well worth it ....I have been lucky to know the joys that good pets can bring......I hope this cat can do that for this little girl.....

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