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Magoo, Big A, MikeS plz Reply. My Bulk cycle???


New member
Jun 11, 2002
Magoo, Big A, MikeS plz Reply. My Bulk cycle???

Height 5' 10" Male. Weight: 200lbs Age: 46 Dedicated trainer A small-boned, hard gainer who gains fat easily. (Since childhood).

I have done 5 strong cycles and gained some good weight only to lose most of it when I dieted, I finally lost the fat. I used big A's diet. PLUS the stack below. (See stack)

I have been dieting off some STUBBORN fat for months and it is almost gone thanks to Superclen / Didrex/ Yohimbine,T3,T2 and that new Biotest T2 Precurser stuff and IP's Pondimiine. Plus coffee.....Feels like extasy whewwww rollin' rollin'...... anyway I cycled on /off this stack to prevent addiction and/or my system getting used to it.

Now I will take advantage of the Bulking up rebound effect Big A told me about in a paid session.

My late summer bulk cycle:

I took a 20ml Humatren and mixed with 20ml IP Prop/Susp
I will do 1 cc per day for 40 days = 37mg. tren/day plus 50mg Prop + 50ml suspension per day. I will do 9iu serostim/night + vanadyl sulfate and 2-3 grams ALA+ Metformen 2-3x/day. Femara during cycle as anti-esto. 1/2 to 1 tab/day of that.

Clomid after cycle for 1 & 1/2- 2weeks then 20mg furazabol/day & 400mg primo/week- for 4-6 more weeks to set my gains.

I will drop all the diet stuff except T2/T3, Kynoselene & Synthertine (L-Carnitine injectable) during bulking.

DIET: Muscle Milk and Protein factory blend (very high quality) I will eat 6 meals of clean real food a day about 200 grams carb and 400-500 grams Protein from drinks and low fat meat Flax oil and fish oil every meal. Biotest Surge after workouts.

Workouts will consist of Mostly squats, deadlifts, cleans and heavy chest 3 days a week. If I don't overtrain I will add some lighter biceps and triceps, shrugs etc. on two other days. Plenty of water and sleep. Two consecutive days off per week.

OK here is my 1st question:
I also have ICN enanthate should I add 500mg or so a week to keep my Test levels even?

I relize the tren dose could be higher but It makes me feel to bad at a higher dose. SO THAT IS OUT (no higher than 37mg/day).

I really thought out this cycle and would appreciate comments from you all. I don't post much here because I am frankly in awe of the experiance and talent. I specially request those I mentioned in the header to post a response. PLEASE?

Thanks in advance for all the help! ANGEL
well u didnt state for starters how long ur inital cycle was going to be, u should use a-dex or femara while coming off with the clomid. u could use a higher test doage as well

What's didrex? And is superclen the same as clen????
First off Id say for sure to add the ICNs to the bulk part of the cycle.
Id save the gh and do it during cutting phase only.
also, i forgot to mention earlier, 4 get the vanadyl sulfate. also the ala and metformin together r doing basically the same thing, this isnt a huge problem or even a problem. what mg r ur metformin?
Magoo and Didrex ? replyed to

Thanks for the reply,Magoo & Mike! Note I DID say it was a 40 day initial cycle.
850 mg Metforman from SBC

Magoo, how many ICN would you add per week? 3 (750mg) OR 2?

Mike, I have plenty of money and lots of GH I was going to run it beginning the first cycle to end of the 2nd Primo/Furazobol cycleI am doing to solidify my gains

Didrex (benzphetamine) is a diet pill available at any of the diet pill sites along with Phentermine, Tenuate, Xenical and others Cost is about 2 bucks a pill, expensive but you only need one on empty stomach in morning specially with the Pondamine & clen. I do not reccomend the phentermine or any of the others, they make me feel bad and pissed off. With Didrex is a euphoria.

Superclen I only take at night 1/4 to 1/2 tab.
One tab is like 20 regular clen and it has Ketotifin added because this antihistamine upgrades the Beta2 recepters. Big A will tell you. You can take it for a couple of months without much loss in effectivness like regular clen. It makes me sleepy as hell so I only take it at night.
depends upon ur previous cycles, i would throw 3 ICNs a week
also its good u take ur super clen at night, i was gonna recommend that eventually
about the superclen

you can stay on this for months? i knew you could stay on longer than regular clen...i didn't know you could go that long. i've benn using it now for about 16 days...i'm up to a tab a day. i'd have to say i like this stuff...i have vein showing everywhere and i'm harder. anyone else using this? it seem as though you have to keep uping the dose every few days to keep the same effect.
yes, o disrespect meant but i am surprised this question keeps appearing, the ketofin in the super clen continually upgrades ur receptors everyday, no need to cycle
I'd add the enanthate too.

All else is good but drop the vanadyl sulphate. It's results are like a weak metformin but it has nasty side effects (headaches). Metformin though it's great without sides.
Some of the superclen is without ketofin. Id prefer it that way because of the sides from keto. So it depends on what kind you have.
Hi Magoo!

Work reared it's ugly head and I have a 4 day convention to go to. I decided to keep cutting for the 6 days I will be there. When I get back I am going to start. I did not want to take a bunch of vials and shit to the convention on the plane and try to workout in the hotel gym. Eating 6 meals a day in a restaurent would cost as much as the damn cycle! Can't wait itll I get back I will let you know! ANGEL
so, u havent started the cycle yet? correct? and good call on not bringing the shit on the plane
Goddamn that's a lot of drugs to keep track of for 5'10" 200.

How well did that Humatren and IP sus/prop mix up? I've mixxed some of his deca in with some vet deca and the two oils wouldn't mix well.

Always use test in any cycle, especially if you're using growth. Do as much as you can afford.

Don't bother with the VS unless you're using 100mgs of it. Search usenet for the specifics. All you'll see from it is veins that stand out all over your body, but you'll lose it if you stop taking VS for 3 days. Not worth the effort of taking 10 1/2" pills when you have to worry about eating other food and orals.

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