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my gym day


New member
Jun 6, 2002
I was doing shoulder tonight and on my last set of side lats. when this older guy around 50 came over and just started tell me how he over heard me talking about me shoulder hurting. (DAMN GH) I was on rep 8 of 20 and I just looked at him and said "I am right in the middle of my set I readly dont have time to here this can you wait till I am dont" So I finnish up put my weight back and this guy starts screeming at me from across the gym calling me a asshole and so on. I just blew him off and got ready to leave when he was bitching to some bro about it. I asked him if I was the rude one why was he talking to me right in the middle of my set? then this dude says that I might be able tokick his ass but he would shoot me in the head. I thought about it and just walked away. he has a limp and is 50 so I would have looked like the roid head that lost his kool. Now I know why I dont lift with the night crowd. I will take the day time when nobody is there anyday.

dude, just last Monday I was at a gym that I travel to to get a different atmosphere and of course it was busy that night. I was doing side lats as well, well, I hadn't started yet. I was strapped in to a pair of em and getting all psyched up (the weight was not a weight some guys can use so I won't go there) anyway, this guy stands rightnext to me waiting to get the db just to my left. He waited, and waited and waited, I waited, and waited and waited then sd "fuck it I'm going", so I pick em up then the guy moves in to get them and just kinda takes his time. What did I do you ask? Started doing side laterals and of course I hit him in the arm with the dumbell and kept on going. hey, I was in my set and he came in my area, right? Of course he sd nothing and walked off with his dumbells, I saw him rubbing his arm a few minutes later. GYM COURTESY FELLAS, GYM COURTESY. RULE #1 NEVER GET IN THE WAY WHEN SOMEONE IS DOING THEIR SET. #2 NEVER WALK IN FRONT OF SOMEONE WHILE THEY ARE DOING THEIR SET. #3 NEVER TALK TO ANYONE WHILE DOING THEIR SET. Simple as that.
Yep and you can add

#4 don't stand so close to the mirror/DB rack that other guys can't get a set of DBs.
I have to kinda disagree

with #4 becuase if you stand to far from the rack you run a chance of some kid ruining your whole set by walking right in front of you and losing your concentration becuase he wants to look at himself in the mirror, and since the weight I was using to do the side lats was kinda heavy, I wasn't about to walk around or take 4 more steps back from where I was. The point was he hung around and then when it came time to get his dumbells, he still lingered so I started my set. He knew which db he wanted so he should have gotten them and then gotten out of the way. I do not mind if a guy stands right up next to the rack while doing his set. I'll either wait for him to get finished then get what I need or if the db are in front of where he is, I'll ask if I can work in right there where he is depending on the wieght of the db.

Different opinions bro. I am generally walking around people left and right because I know not to get in their way. Just the other day this girl had the incline bench right up next to the db rack to her right. I waited for her to get done before going in and getting what I needed. Like 99% of the members in the gym, I could have just walked up and bumped her during her set, got what I needed and bumped her while I walked off. That's how close she was to the rack.

Add to the list:

Always oblige when asked to spot.

Always offer a spot, if its convenient, or at least suggest it if its needed.

Always allow someone to work it, regardless of how much weight has to be moved around.

When asking to work in, always be considerate of the other person's agenda: Is it too much to load the leg press from 1000 to 100 and back to 1000 lb every time you would like to do a set?...

Don't put your shit (shirt, water bottle, etc.) in the way of a machine, bench etc., UNLESS you're indicating that you're working there (e.g., while your'e getting some water).

When you're done with a machine, bench, etc., pick up your shit.

If you see someone's shit sitting on a bench, etc., assume they are working there. Look around, wait for a minute or two and then move their shit and take over.

Rack your weights. If you're man / woman enought to lift 'em, don't be a pussy and leave them on the machine / sled / bar / etc.

Don't stare! I get guys staring at me all the time, to the point that I sometimes have to just go over to them and ask, "Did you have a question, b/c you've been staring impolitely with this dumbfounded look like you're perplexed about something?"

All for now... 8^)

The only time I get close to the rack is when the weight is (for me) too heavy to wander off with (anything over 10lbs Lol)

What makes me laugh/cry is kids shrugging 40lbs and stopping everybody from getting to the weights - Then when they finish they just stand there

Boing "the English_Bulldog"

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