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O/T AttN: bro's that have families


New member
Jun 11, 2002
whats going on bros? I've only been using gear for about a year now and I'm pretty discreat on my use with others. I don't advertise nor do I talk in public. and to the most part I always deny my use to others. But one thing I've never done and will never do, is hide shit from my girl. she knows everything. it's kinda nice to have. she does most of my cooking and If I ever get in trouble, I have some one to talk for me if I can't or what not. But we have our first child due in about a month. so my question is to all you guys with children is, do you hide your use from your family? and what do or will you say to your kids when they grow up and ask you if you use steroids??? I know this sounds like an easy question, but it's really not. I really don't want to have to explain to my daughter in a couple years why her dad is using an illegal drug and then tell her to say no to drugs. but on the other hand, if shes going to grow up around it, she should atleast understand what its about and used for. so what should I do guys? and/or what do or will some of you do when put in the same situation????? thank for any input or info on the situation!
take care bros.
good luck and be safe....

Here's my take on it. When my son was born, it totally changed my life. I began to see what was really important to me. I chose to stop using because of the fact that there is too much at stake for me to lose, such as my wife and son.

When I was on, my wife did know about it. She did not like it, but I never did it in front of her, and rarely talked about it. She knows that most of the media hype, is just that. I never went into a rage or any of that BS.

As far as you telling your daughter, I don't think that would be a good idea because If she ever tells her friends about your use, then her friends tell thier friends, and so on....could lead to trouble. Don't for get that these are indeed illegal, and cops have a hard on for busting steroid users.

I guess for me it was the mental picture of me being led away in handcuffs after I got busted, while my son was asking "mommy, why are the police taking daddy away?"

Going through that would not be worth a little temporary muscle.

Well, seeing that I had 15 cops raid my ass at home 1/00-its kinda hard to hide after that! :(
Actually, my wife is my PARTNER. Something so important as lifting and Juicing (hopefully lifting is important if you are juicing) - I can
not hide a big part of myself from my wife. I told her I cycle right as we became serious (almost right away). If she had a fit-then the red flags would come out! And if she did, Id try to talk to her to make sure she was informed. If that didnt help, it would be either her or the gear. Damn I really would have missed her! LOL!
But she is an lifelong athlete, her ex was an NFL player-so she understands. And after all that happened legally-she has never asked me to stop. If I stop it has to be my decision.
The kids (hers) are great too. Of course its not an issue with them, but when the cops were making their snide remarks, the girls (16,10,12YO) were snapping back-"I bet he takes better care of himself that you do"! They defended me! All they see is my nutritional practices, my build, the time I spend at the gym.
They see no negatives (actually the only ones are legal!).
So they didnt understand what the big deal was. Their step dad
lifts weights and that stuff helps him. Simple as that!
You know what they say-out of the mouths of babes!

From my wife no, from my kids yes. At some point as they get older i will have to explain I am sure, but for now no.
there is no way in hell i would tell my kids when they are young or when they reach adulthood. the only person i trust is my wife because she is on my side no matter what. what if i piss my kids off and they mention it to someone then i go to jail? no fukin way. kids are great an all that brandy bunch shit but im not going to jail for no one!!! if htey ever decide to use it and actually have the balls to talk to me about it then fine, they will get all the education they need on the stuff. how do u know so much about this stuff daddy? i read alot when i was ur age ...THATS IT!!!
I'm like MikeS on this one. My wife knows what I do. I compete about 2 times a year. I have 3 kids (16, 13, and 11YO)2 girls with a boy stuck in the middle. They see how hard I work in the gym and also with my diet. They are proud of their daddy. My boy just started working out and I'm training him, so I know he'll learn the right way to do things. Just my .02 cents.
I wish I was like you guys... but I must keep my use a secret from the whole family. My wife and me are having problems.. and I think later on down the road, she would use it against me. In the past, she found signs that I use.. but never actually saw me use, (inject, swallow a tab, receive) When she brought it up.. she couldnt see past the legal part of it.. so I told her that the subject of talking about it was closed until she became knowledgeable about it. She has never brought it up again. And I have been more careful.

My bro who is an a-hole sometimes lives with me, and he is a closeminded person too.. he cant see past the legality.. but has no problem stopping by the local watering hole , gulping down a bunch of alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a car. Most
I agree with MikeS on this one. Just sucks that the pigs actually take the time out of their schedules to bust people using gear then to go spend the time and money on real douche bags. Probably get less penalities and discreet treatment if you stole a car or burglurized something. They need to stick to the real criminals. MM
Great Thread

Well, to be honest, I did try to hide it from my wife in the beginning, and it was the biggest mistake that I ever made in my marriage, and its also a mistake that almost cost me my marriage. Besides that, I just really suck at lying and hiding things. She found out when I had left some empty cartons on our bed one day and all hell broke loose. It took a lot of explaining and education, but she grew to accept my "hobby", and now even sometimes helps me with awkward injections. And it gave us a closeness that we never had, because up until that opoint, I felt that I could never truly let her "all the way in" to my life and all of my secrets, and it feels really good to have a relationship where you can do that.

At the same time, we have 2 young sons, 10 and 5, and no, they have no idea whatsoever, and I never plan on telling them, at least not now. That being said, if they were to ever approach me about it when they are "of age", then I would rather that they be comfortable enough to come to me for advice rather than make some of the early mistakes I did, so yes, st that point, I yould tell them all about it and do whatever I could to ensure that if they did ever want to try it, that they 1, had a good reason to, and 2, went about things "smart". But as far as your significant other, no, in no way would I try to hide it from her/him, trust me, they always seem to have a way of finding shit out in the long run.....
I told my wife while we were dating. I didn't want to get into a relationship that began with deceit. At the time her two children were three years old and four years old. They have always seen our efforts in the gym(which is where I met my wife) and show intrest themselves in working out. I'm sure at some point they might pose a question about gear use to either me or my wife. My response will be based on their maturity level. I don't like the idea of being untruthful to my kids but that has to be balanced with whatever stage of developement they are in.
I don't tell anybody any more. My wife knew when we were dating that I was on, but at the same time I also had other drug probs (GHB etc) She is also a RN and has a very closed mind about juice.

Now in her mind if she thinks I am back on, she would consider it back to the old problem days. Every time I bring up the subject even in jest she refuses to discuss it.

Therefore I have made the choice to continue and just keep it to myself, if she finds out I will deal with that when the time comes.

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