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O/T loss of a friend!


New member
Dec 18, 2002
Saturday afternoon My best friend was killed instantly in a head on auto accident. He left behind 4 kids and a wife 6 weeks pregnant. This is the first time in a week that I can even talk about this. Sorry for the rant guys I just need get things off my chest. Man you guys I feel like I owe my life to this man. He left behind a business that I am trying with all my power to keep afloat.. I dont think I can do it !!!! I am at the point of a a mental breakdown I dont know how to deal with it! I am trying to keep his wife and kids going his business all the legal bullshit with his partner in the business. What in the fuck do I do????? do I back off or do I go full boar? I dont want to step on any toes but like I said before I owe my LIFE to this man! WHY does god work in this way! the 16 year old who hit him was fucking around on hercell phone and walked away from the accident. To make things worse Eddie's wife ( my friend) and kids were in the car behind him ans saw the whole thing! What in the hell do you think it is going to do to them mentally!!!!!!!! thanks guys for listining. I know I dont post on here alot but I truly feel that you are all an extended family! Just remember to live every day of your lives to the fullest my buddy was 35 yearsold and did not deserve his fate! just remember how menial alot of shit in life is and dont hold grudges!
Later bros and thanks again!
Mike ( MAXM ):( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
Sorry for your loss bro!, but rest assure he's in a better place!!
damn bro, sorry about your friend. i was in an accident back in may, but everyone was fortunate enough to walk away from it unharmed except for some bumps and bruises.

as far as you wanting advice about his business, i would try to talk seriously to his wife, see if she still even wants to be apart of it, if she doesn't, and if you don't want to be apart of it, why not just offer his biz partner a deal to buy her out? just a thought.

Damn dude! Sorry to hear that!

You know that GNPOWER and I are here for ya!

Give me a ring if you want to hang out or need to talk, or I'll see you @ the gym.

Sorry for the loss!
Sorry for the loss bro and to comment on the bizz I think we would need a bunch more info like is it succesful, do you want to do it, is there enough money for you to be a partner that sort of thing! Also was all the interest the guy had in it transfered to the wife or the partner?
I cannot even imagine

How sad you all must be. What a ghastly tragedy. :( :( :(
thanks you guys. As for the business.... Yes I want to help for sure. Yes the business is successful but like anything there is some debt to be taken care of, and as for the partner thing I believe I can pull a few strings and get the money BUT as of now there is some things being held up. Eddie (my friend) only had his name on the account so all the money is just sitting there. Eddie and his wife were not legally married so no one knows what she is entitled to right now. And there is an ex-wife involved. Noone knows what part she has in it. It will take time to figure all this out . I guess my main concern is I dont want to company to go down if I can help it in anyway, I am kind of worried because this will be a all or nothing venture.... any business insight would help guys thanks!
MAXM, when I talked to you earlier today I guess i didn't realize you two were so close. I am so sorry for your loss. I remember meeting Eddie. The guy seemed so full of energy and life, it's hard to think this could happen. All I can say buddy is hang in there and do what you think is the right thing to do. You know the business much better than any of us so try to keep a clear head and look down the road and do whats best for all. And you know you can call whenever, I'm always up late.
I know exactly how you feel. My father was killed in a head-on collision by a teenager about 5 years ago. I unfortunately didn't have the support that you have here and I went into a deep depression for about a year and a half. I quit the gym and gained 100 lbs. What I should have done is what you did. I should have talked about it with friends and family. Instead I bottled it up and let it ruin my life. Everything will get better for you no doubt. Stick it out and keep talking about it because that is the only way to address those feelings. Sorry for your loss!

About the whole money issue. When my father passed he didn't have a will either. So the estate was split up between his wife, me and my sister equally. The personal debt that he had was deducted from his total estate prior to splitting up the funds. If Eddie had any personal debt then it will come out of his total estate before it is divided up. Also, I don't think his ex-wife will be entitled to any of his estate. Depending on how long his girlfriend was living with him might determine whether or not she gets any of the estate. The children will get there equal share of the estate as well. Don't quote me on this cause I am only speaking from a personal experience standpoint and not a legal standpoint. I sure hope he had Life insurance for his childrens sake. Again I send my deepest condolences!
Hi guy, sorry to hear about your loss.He truly sounds like a great guy.Some of us NEVER have a friend as nice as you had so in that sense you were and are very lucky.As far as the buisness goes,You need to be in for all the right reasons,money,happiness and desire.The novality of repaying a friends family out of loyality will wear thin when buisness deceisions need to be made... Do not keep feelings or emotions bottles up inside you ,weather it be personally or professionally.It will make things harder for you to make the right choice when the time comes...always talk it out.....good luck and i am truly sorry about your loss....keep your head up it does get better,a little bit each day...
maxm I am not a lawyer but I would think all interest would be held in trust for his children or just givin to his children! Which would be a good thing, but I am not sure I would go talk to a lawyer!! This situation sounds complicated and I would seek legal council asap
Thanks for all the replys guys! He had a great lawyer for the business and personnal ( same guy) So I know everything will be settled I was just asking for my own personnal satisfication. Just to kind of know what to expect! thanks again guys. I feel a ton better just talking to all of you!

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