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Script for gear?


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Nov 14, 2002
Reading all of the recent posts about busts, controlled deliveries, etc. I have decided even ordering personal amounts is not worth the risks anymore. I am not a kid anymore and I feel I have too much to lose. I have a house, a good job, a wife, kids in the future, etc. I would hate to screw any of those things up. I started this game at 145 lbs and am now a lean 220 using minimal amounts of gear to none at all. I have done higher amounts in the past (2 grams/week) and reached a lean 245 which was my goal of 100 lbs. past my start. But as I said it is not worth the risks anymore. Please don't take my post wrong as I'm not trying to discourage others, nor am I trying to pass judgement. This is a personal decision and I respect all the members of this board and thier decisions. I have seen a few members post they have prescriptions, how are they getting these? I know I would not be a candidate for HRT because I'm only 25 and healthy. My friend supposedly got a script from a plastic surgeon, but I haven't got the details yet and am skeptical. Has anyone heard of this? Any info would be greatly appreciated. It has taken me months to come to terms with this but the reality is I'm never going to be a pro, and it is stupid for me to risk my future just to look good.
I had a legit script for HRT through my local doc. I simply went to him with complaints of low sex drive, weight loss, fatigue, and depression. He ran some blood tests to deterimine my free and total testosterone levels, and diagnosed me with andropause due to my low levels. He wanted to put me on a patch or gel, but I talked him out of it (argued that I have 2 small kids that I don't want to come into contact with it and have them go through puberty at ages 4 and 6). He ended up prescribing 200mg of cyp eow. That dosage sucks, btw, or at least the eow shots do.

Ended up switching to an HRT clinic that does everything over the phone, you just fax in your lab results. They prescribed 400mg per week of cyp and deca (they will work with you on this) based on my previous tests. You have to buy through them, and that particular place was expensive.

It certainly would be possible to supress your levels long enough to get a low reading on a blood test, so that's an option.
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Not that Im interested, but Im curious about prices.
Any of you guys feel like list them (prices)?
Anti-aging clinic:
10ml of 200mg/ml cyp was $200
10ml of 200mg/ml deca was $300
Script fee (1) was $75.
They gave me a script for teslac, and my insurance picked that up, minus co-pay.
Supposedly they'll cut you a deal for subsequent stuff, and they'd prescribe basically whatever amounts I wanted.

Local doc - insurance covered blood tests, office visit, etc. Didn't cover test script.
Local pharmacy charged $110 for upjohn test cyp (a good pharmacy price is $90, and you can find it as low as $60, possibly lower). They'd only go 200mg eow, and I'd come in to the office and the nurse would inject (free).
I have a script for all of my stuff now. No more worries.

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what clinics are you guys talking about anti aging clinics did a search of any in michigan none so far ... can anyone help here can i just go in and ask for blood work on test levels .. new to this never heard of this ish ... clinics or do you guys mean like anti aging cosmetic surgeons md office ...
there are hrt/anti-aging specific clinics...

I used one out of florida, the palm beach rejuvination clinic. Those were the prices I posted. You call them up, and they'll tell you what all you need to do - they'll want you to get blood tests that they can order first (at a lab local to you).
I use a hybrid approach. Have a script from my PCP for test but buy from an underground lab. Now this is my own legal reasoning and may not be worth shit but it makes me feel better: if my place got searched, they would find testosterone, but also a script from my doctor. I would argue that I purchased the testosterone from a cheaper source than my local pharmacy. It is the same drug.
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Ironcowboy I like your reasoning, made me laugh. It sucks any of us have to worry about crap like this. If I was self employed I probably wouldn't care about getting in any sort of trouble at all. But my employer does background checks on us every year, and if you have a drug or violence related coviction you're fired. Don't need that. PB could you explain more in depth how you got your script? Dragonfire I sent you a PM.
yeah dragonfire, but whats the name of your clinic. i know where paul is talking about...few boys down my way are doing the same thing with them...if you dont want to post it msg me privately...no need for me to pay outrageous prices or any of us for that matter...
GN I am with you bro!!!!!!

As you know I went through this a year or so ago. YOu are right it is not worth the bullshit if you dont plan on going anywhere with it. I am on my last leg of my cycle and plan on being done by x-mas. That will be it. hope things are going good for you! Havent talked to you in a while. Give me a call bro.
A friend of mine refered me to a doc that has an anti-aging clinic. All I really had to do was get some bloodwork done after I threw my test levels in the crapper. since my levels were very low, it was no problem. Now it's all official and I can quit worrying about the black market bs.

I don't take much gear anymore so it's no big deal if they don't give me alot. A few weeks ago I weighed 340lbs so it's not like I need to get huge or anything, LOL. I went went on a diet and dropped down to 310 and feel great. My blood pressure is fine and so is the rest of my bloodwork. I'm also stronger than ever so that's a plus since I still compete in powerlifting.


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