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Steak Helmet

Sep 4, 2002
September 27, 2002
Coroner Says New Trend Among Athletes & Bodybuilders Can Kill
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Bodybuilder Dies After Injecting Insulin To Tone Muscles
It is shocking. Healthy young men and women injecting insulin to build up their bodies. It is the latest trend among many athletes but particularly among bodybuilders and as WAFB's Shauna Sanford reports one local family found out the painful way.

24-year-old Dustin Nemeth's family says they want his story to be a wake up call to all athletes and parents of athletes. You may not realize this but you don't have to have a prescription to buy insulin. In Louisiana, you can ask for it over the counter. Many athletes, who are not diabetic, are buying it.

Going for the gold Dustin Nemeth gave it all he had in a bodybuilding competition in New Orleans last year. New to bodybuilding, Dustin came in an impressive second place, but little did he know that would be his last competition. - And little did his family know to what lenths Dustin was going to create that prize winning body.

Dustin's father, Dale Nameth, says, "He bulked up some but I was looking at that as being all natural because he was working in a health food place and if you saw how he ate and what he ate, we thought he had everything under control."

But on Saturday, August 10th of this year, Dustin's family found out something that they still find hard to believe. Dustin's sister Stacey went to his apartment after he did not show up for work. She found him dead, laying on his back with blood coming out of his nose and mouth that had been dried.

An autopsy revealed Dustin had steroids and insulin in his system, but he did not have diabetes. The insulin had eaten up all of his blood sugar and his insulin level was zero. Dustin's father says he was injecting the insulin in his stomach and the steroid in his groin so there were no marks on his body.

According to Dustin's autopsy he died of natural causes. He went into a comma and suffered heart failure and all of that is attributed to the steroids and the insulin.

There are websites telling athletes insulin is crucial to achieve massive size and they even go so far as to tell them to wear diabetic bracelets so that if something happens they will be treated accordingly. Dr. Cataldie says this is widespread and Dustin Nemeth is proof that it can and does kill.

Just remember what your mother said...EDUCATION IS KEY IN LIFE
Those is the know say AAS & GH doesn't kill - but insulin and diuretics does! :( That's why I'm scared shitless to try insulin. Still trying to absorb EVERYTHING there is to about about its use! Diuretics have me worried enough.

what a load of shit

More bad publicity.Insulin is a dangerous compound if your a MORON. In fact its so easy to control I do not know what all the nonsense is about.You shoot it,you eat eat eat and you live And as far as injecting steroids in your groin,WTF is that all about?More stupidity. I would like to see MikeS comments on this one.......
What a dumb fuck. 24 years old and already doing slin. Does nobody want to reach there natural limit anymore???
I agree on the stupidity part...

Well, let me see your son put on 30lbs of quality mass in 6 months. It is all in his eating...EDUCATE YOURSELF.

It gives our sport a bad name when people do stupid stuff like that. Enjoy synthetics don't abuse them.

MAYBE HE HEARD THE TERM DEC DICK and thought about shooting it in his groin???
Easy guys.

There's no need to beat up on this fellow. This is a good example of why you shouldn't mess with slin (or anything else) until you know what you're doing. I think slins safety in competent hands has been proven. That's why we don't have guys dropping left and right. This poor fellow got in over his head. I feel bad for him and his family. That's the great thing about boards like these. They help to educate people. Too bad he didn't seek expert advise before he took the plunge.
I agree with everyone. The article said he was new to bodybuilding and he was already using slin. Gives me the impression that he was those types that have to get as big as they can no matter what means. Like Baldnazi said, WTF is with shooting the steroids in the groin?
I have a problem with the bad publicity. But I also have a problem with everyone condemming this guy. We don't have the full story to this and Phil and many others said that he was very knowledge able. So I bet there is alittle more than what people know. This may just be a freak accident.
Jimbo said:
What a dumb fuck. 24 years old and already doing slin. Does nobody want to reach there natural limit anymore???

No. Nobody hits their "natural limit". Ever. Ever. Ever.
being a diabetic it is very true that you MUST educate yourself before using anything let alone something that can and will kill you if you do not know WTF your doing.Some newbies did not even know what insulin to use!! Humalog is so fast acting and so strong that if you do not eat immediately after taking your in trouble. I have had low blood sugar reations on that stuff because I didnt eat enough and the right foods. Other slin works over a 24 hour period which can also give a non diabetic problems if he is not awlays eating something....my advice is if your taking slin know which one to take, when to take it and eat at least 6 meals a day or the next story might be about you!!!!!

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
Shooting into his groin (said his Dad)? I guarantee he wasnt doing that-probably Quad shots. But of course shooting in the groin sounds like what a hardcore junkie does-so print it! Sansational!
I feel sorry for this guys family. But thats no reason to print the usual anti-performance enhancing drug propaganda. For the media it is exactly that-a chance to push some anti-steroid hysteria! Natural causes are cited-then why are steroid and the slin being blamed? Thats not 'natural causes'. And as we know
steroids dont kill anyone. But if you are going to use slin (like anything else, but MORE so), educate yourself!!! Before I did my first gh/slin cycle I studied for about 9mo, inside and out. Thats your responsibility! If you dont and die, the fact that you are a dumbass killed you, not the medicine! But guess what will be blamed? Especially if you ask the guys father, who of course wants to shed none of the responsibility upon his dead son.

I was watching an episode of Law and Order (yuk!) with my wife yesterday. There was as to why a personal trainer had committed an assult as a younger man 8yrs ago and his reply was "I was young then and on steroids!" - GOD was I pissed!!! Of course I ranted and raved about this for the rest of the show/night. For every point we as a community score, the fucking media (in some form) blasts 5 points against us. Its really frustrating! :mad:
I also want to add

I have been to Europe 8 times, and been to the "legal" countries... Put it this way: THEY LAUGH AT AMERICANS and "theyre stupid idiot laws".. I told them what the deal is with juice etc.... they could not believe (pharmacists) what the gen. public thinks of aas.....lethal???!?! WTF? It makes me sad to know that the public is so fucking misinformed and dimwitted. Even myself, after my 1st poke of omnadren, (I was 19) I thought I was gonna explode and go crazy-----the truth is out there but it cannot be revealed unless you educate yourself on it; because the govt./society will have you think all SORTs of shit.
all this is going to do now is make insulin more expensive and prescription. i have done alot of slin and now know that it IS hard to kill your self with it.you really have to want to die if slin kills you because unless you shoot an unknown amount and dont eat afterwards how in gods name would you go hypo.i mean i have pushed the limits with slin by taking in decreasing amounts of carbs but always increasing the protein along side it.i wanted to see how low on the carbs i could go.and i went really low and didnt die.or for that matter have anything go wrong.you can feel when your blood sugar is getting low.i get nauseus and real tired so then i know i should eat something.its not like bam, your dead.your body sends many signals before shock sets in.i hate when crap like this gets into the media's hands and then they just have a field day with it.people are so dumb at times it makes me wonder how we got as far as we have.

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