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Synthetek Customer Service Update


Jun 21, 2003
I felt obligated to post this because we had been discussing Synthetek's cutomer service on a different thread, and some complaints had been made about them not responding to e-mails, not answering phones, and not getting packages to them in time.

I ordered some products from the last week, and made sure to pay the extra $13 for 3 day shipping so I could get a tracking number. I also paid by credit card. I read Synthetek's website that said that they would ship out products 2 business days after the credit card had cleared the funds.

I was getting a little skeptical about whether or not I would receive my products on time, after reading some of the complaints. So i e-mailed Synthetek USA this morning to find out the staus of my order (which I placed last Wednesday). I received a reply e-mail from Marc about 1 hour later. He informed me that the credit was cleared yesterday, and my package was shipped out today via 3 day UPS as requested. About 1 hour later I received a tracking number from UPS stating that my package from Synthetek would be here as promised on Friday.

So my advice to any of you who want to place an order, pay the extra $10 or so and get a UPS tracking number. Then you will know when to expect your package. As far as the customer service goes, how can you complain when the comapny e-mails you back with a response in 1 hour. I am very pleased with that.

I am really looking forward to trying these products that I ordered on Friday. Just thought that it was only fair that I follow up with something positive, there has been a lot of bashing of Synthetek going on, and I did not have a negative experience with them


thanks for following up on this. As I went out of town Mon. I still hadnt recieved a reply, no matter. My only reason for asking the status of my order was to make sure that there were no problems getting the money out of my account (I read on earlier posts that a guys order was held up b/c the funds werent clearing). Didnt mean to upset everyone. thanks again though. I'll order 2 or 3 at a time from now on. That part is my fault

|--[\\\]>--------- Always has been a fantastic company to work with...thumbs up from me!
My friend ordered a couple bottles of Syntherol. One had broken open (the package was crushed). They replaced it very quickly and without hassle. Thumbs up in my book.
Getting a little P...ed off!!!

Sorry, now I need to amend my Synthetek statement, and please, don't give me any B.S. about this not being the place to air our grievances. Synthetek is a sponsor of this site, and as such has a responsibility to it's customers, namely Professional Muscle Board Members.

Last week I updated my shipment because some others had complained about customer service and not receiving their shipments or returned phone calls or e-mails. Well, at first there seemed to be some confusion on the part of Synthetek and my bank (allegedly). So even though I ordered Syntherol and Synthelator by 3 day UPS, I still did not get my package for 10 days. Now I would say that is a little long, only because I paid the extra money for the UPS. But no worries, I got a tracking number and my package did come.

However, when I opened my package there was no Synthelator, just Syntherol. I called Synthetek USA but got no answer. i then e-mailed Marc who had previously gotten back to me in 1 day. I have since e-mailed them 3 times to find out what happened to my Synthelator (which I needed by now, hence the 3 day shipping I paid for). I still have not heard back from Marc or Synthetek 4 days later. It gets back to my original point that I made on Thompson's thread that BigA addressed:

CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! If you do not have it - the company will fail in the long run!

Now a quick plug (hey, credit where credit is due). In the 5 days since I received my Syntherol, I have put 1.25 inches on my arms. Now that is some good product. Get the customer service to match the products, and man you guys will be sitting pretty for a long time.

Synthetek, Marc, BigA, or anyone else who wants to help out, can you please tell me where the rest of my shipment is that I paid for. And please, no one call me a little bitch, I just want what I paid for and the same professional customer service that I provide to my customers in an everyday business setting. That Synthelator was for a photo-shoot that I had yesterday for winning a State-Title 3 weeks ago.


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