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those who have done long cycles?

wide angle

New member
Jul 23, 2003
hi all,

thanks for all the replies on my previous posts,they have been very helpfull.
i am running a long cycle and just need a bit of encouragemant :)
i know alot of you run long cycles and some stay on year round.i research and keep updated on a few forums and the general consensus is 10-12 weeks.my cycle will probably be for 25 weeks.
week 1-10 sust 750mg
week 1-10 deca 400mg
week 1-3 d.bol 25mg ed
week 8-13 winny 50mg ed
week 11-22 testeviron 1000mg
week 17-19 d.bol or anadrol ed
week 20-25 winny 50mg ed
clomid post cycle - 4 weeks
nolva run throughout 10mg ed
hcg 1000iu ed for 5 days - week 10 and 16

now i have kept a check on my sides and so far nothing.alot seem to flame guys for such long cycles and some seem to support them,i am in week 11 at present and so far have gained 32lbs and about 3 % bf(i was bulking give me a break:))stats 26yrs,14%bf,230lbs,10years exp,10 cycles.
i know what to bulk for another 2 weeks then spend some time getting my bodyfat down to 10 % before ending cycle.not the best way i know but already going into summer season here so if i take a break then jump on again i will be into winter all nice and ripped:).
i will be relying on clen and diet to get fat down and just support it with the testeviron.the androl i know will blow me up but i will get the water off with anti e and the winny.i might not have structured the last part well but i have it all on hand.

well this long post was to ask those who have done the long ones, that no you didnt die,can still have kids and havent become permanat arseholes:).i know alot of you support the long ones,come on give a guy a bit of encouragemant here:)

thanks guys.
I prefer longer cycles, as I reatin more of my gains that way. I am a natural ectomorph, so even on cycle I have to eat like mad to gain weight. When I did the traditional 8 week cycles, I lost more than half of my gains when I came off due to lack of motivation and appetite. I always crashed pretty hard post cycle. Once arimidex rolled around it was a different story. Arimidex and clomid together post cycle really helped me. I stayed on for about a year then came off with no depression, moodiness, loss of appetite or anything. My biggest screw-up was 6 months post cycle, I started to ge tthe signs of gyno and didn't have anything on hand to combat it. This was before all the sites sold research chemicals, and we were still getting the majority of anti-e's from overseas, so, I got a lump under each nipple. What I learned is that long cycles take a long time to recover from (HPTA wise) at least for me, but I retained 95% of what I gained.
thanks wolverine,

i tend to agree with you,i have kept my dosages pretty high as i feel i would rather run a few weeks less than reduce dosages to maintain for 4 weeks every so often as i dont believe the system recovers at all.i am hoping i can keep my gains from test only run at the back end of my cycle,unfortunatly i only have access to nolva and clomid for post cycle as well as hcg but dont want to use hcg post cycle.

thanks for the response,

anyone else to put my mind at ease:),how long after i have stopped can i get on again?(2 mnths,3mnths,4mnths?? i know the time off equals time off rule but if i run a year there is no way i am taking a year off:))
and if i dont want to stop after the 22 weeks how would i structure running for the year:):):)i only have access to sust,winny,deca,anadrol,testeviron and eq and nolva,hcg,and clomid,no arimidex unfortunatly.

i must say i really enjoy this forum,the responses are intellegent and dont always side on what is conservative:)
I also do long cycles, but I also do pretty low doses. Ive always been a beliiever that the body needs more time to add real muscle (at least mine does). My upcoming cycle will be my first high dose. Im planning on doing a few shows this year and I want to know that I will be able to adequately recover from my training. Id like to hear how yours goes and If you are pleased with the drug selections you made or have anything that you would have done differently.
longer or shorter cycles depends on your prepatarion and body.

I used longer ( over 16 weeks ) cycles with test but I have finally never recovered completly my endo levels, I prefer to keep cycling all the year, and using gh+insu as a bridge cycle between my test shorter cycles.

Hope it helps !
thanks all,

okay thompson,i cant complain about my gains so far till week 11 32lbs in my books is quite good as well as i am running nolva at 10mg ed so my bloat is down not to say i am not holding water but not as much as i could be:)i would have changed the deca to eq next time round, although my gains in mass were good i am concerned because i have gained about 2-3% bf and the dreaded deca dick hit about week 9 but i have just finished my 5 day run on hcg and its done wonders for sex drive and nuts coming back:)my gains in bf are also due to a high caolrie diet(i eat all the requirements i need but seem to have at least one cheat meal a day:))
my concerns lie in the next 1/2 of my course as i could only afford the test and have to run solely on that,with maybe a bit of orals some where along the line.but will let you know how it goes.when i start cutting i am thinking of throughing t3 with the clen on a very clean diet,not to keen on keto because need to up calories a bit when coming off course and i knoew with keto introducing carbs is a slow process so will rely on a clean diet with no evening carbs and cal 500 below my maintenance.

to babaliba,i cant afford gh:(but i do have novorapid slin(equal to humalog) and did use it for three weeks around week 5 at 10iu post workout but it made me fat although i followed all the correct principles.

anyone how can suggest how i can turn this into a year long safish cycle once the 22 odd weeks are over,i have a few contracts coming in and will be able to afford more(except gh as it is very expensive here)please bear in mind i only have access to nolva,clomid,winny,testeviron,sust,anadrol,d.bol and deca.

these replies are not only encouraging but well appreciated.

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