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Buy Needles And Syringes With No Prescription
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  1. B

    How low can you take fats on TRT?

    When on TRT, minimum fat intake doesn’t apply since hormone production isn’t a priority with exogenous testosterone and cell wall rebuilding only needs a minimum amount of fat. So the question is how low can you go? For natty .3g per lb is the lower limit but how much for the enhanced? I’m...
  2. R

    Fasting for fat loss + tren + test + GH

    ok gents. I'm a lifelong bodybuilder (20 years) with a couple of years on gear. I'm 40 and want to have a stallone-esque body (from rocky 3/4). I read that he would do insane things like have an all protein diet super low calories and run 3 miles a day or some insane BS like that. I've been...
  3. S

    Diet and Weight Loss | The best diet plan and natural ways of weight loss

    I want to speak on the topic ‘health is wealth’. In the modern time, where pollution, global warming, and other environmental issues have covered us, the importance of health and fitness has increased to a great extent. We need to be more physically healthy and fit to win the current...
  4. S

    DNP - your experience/protocal and my "draft" cycle

    Dear DNP enthusiats, (My stat: 27 years old, around 85kg, fat% hard to tell accurately but likely in the 12%) I would like to get a bit of your experience and protocol (dosage, diet etc) and come with a draft cycle (cycle #2 I will come to that). Some people mentioned that you need to be carb...
  5. CharlesWood

    The difference between probiotics and Prebiotics

    Probiotics in the form of dietary supplements are increasingly and widely advertised. A lot of people start accepting them without thinking what exactly they are and how they can obtain them naturally. What we heard about prebioticite? Although the two names sound similar, there are large...
  6. B

    Natural Body Transformation - 32 Week Weight Loss Journey

    Hey, I would like to share with you my 32 Week Body Transformation. I began my cut with 92 kg, lost 0.5 kg / week for 32 weeks and ended it with 76 kg. I am not a fan of extreme diets (low fat, low carb, too low in kcal's, veganism, raw, in general crash diets... etc.), so I decided to go on...
  7. J

    Foods That Prevent Weight Loss

    When we seek to lose excess weight, are essential choices we make in terms of diet. Sometimes, however, the food that we consider low-calorie and beneficial diet can become bad. Here are some examples in this regard: 1. Salad Salad is a smart choice as long as it does not contain any harmful...
  8. L

    Sodium concerns

    I'm getting back into dieting and will be starting another cycle soon after some time off. I'm concerned about sodium intake, especially while on cycle. While I am no expert, I am currently working on my BS in Dietetics so I have a good background knowledge on nutrition and metabolism, etc. I'm...
  9. M

    Here's What Are Unnecessary Calories

    One of the main reasons why we get fat without realizing it is the lack of awareness of what the calories that you can easily avoid, or from which it is good to stay clear, namely the so-called "unnecessary calories". Calories indicate the energy introduced into our bodies a certain food, vital...
  10. C

    need some guidance with cutting diet!

    my first cycle was last summer 500mgs of test e blast with a trt dose cruise then over the winter i did a 500 test e/ 500 deca blast. I have decided to blast and cruise because I have serious long term goals of competing and I believe steroid use is a lifelong commitment. I did a year of...
  11. silverback66

    Losing fat questions

    So I have gotten into bodybuilding quite a lot in the past 3-4 years! I have always been a bigger guy.. Both in muscular development and body fat! I have played football (American football, for those not in the states) since I was a young kid and even being as active as I was, I stillcheld onto...
  12. P

    Contest prep. Currently 7weeks out

    I am a Mens' Physique competitor currently a little under 7 weeks out. I'm 5'10" and 219 lb's Weekly Test E - 125mg Tren E - 400mg Mast E - 300mg Bold Cyp (EQ) - 400mg Daily Var - 100mg GH - 3iu (1-1.5hr Preworkout) 6 days on 1 off Slin - 10iu (Preworkout, right before I leave my...
  13. L

    dave palumbo coaching off season pre contest

    Hey guys, Basically I'm looking for someone to coach me/share knowledge advice for offseason and pre contest I have been in contact with Dave Palumbo who from what I have heard and know he is very knowledgable in the sport For a very reasonable price he offers off season coaching which is 24...
  14. BikiniMN

    Second Show

    Currently 6 months out from my second comp in the bikini division. I didn't maintain much of a diet since my last show (April '12). So, I'm 16% BF now, 140 lbs, 5' 9" and 24 y/o. I was on pretty high doses of winny (40-50 mg/day) last time, def do lower doses this time. Also took clen and t3...
  15. Y

    Diet and Lifting help!

    Hey fam what's up i had a few questions about diet and training. I know everyone is bulking right now but im trying to lean out some more so i can start my first cycle. Here is my diet please feel free critique it. Also im 5'10 210 pounds and about 15-16 percent bodyfat. 5:30 am- 4 eggs...
  16. C

    Tren Ace/Test Prop Cycle advice

    Hi guys, first post on the site looking for a bit of advice! Firstly my stats: - 21 Years old - 6'1 - 210lbs - 10% BF This will be my second cycle(planning to start sometime in Jan 2013), first cycle was test E/dbol with good results in terms of gains but I finished the cycle at about 13-14%...
  17. J

    Syntheselen & Synthetine Stack DAY 2 Kick-Off!

    About 4 years ago, I hooked up with an awesome trainer who literally turned my life around! I trained with him 4-5 days a week and literally saw a body transformation that I have never experienced in my life! I was on a roll, really positive and happy with my progress. He introduced me to...
  18. J

    Back on track. Cardio, diet and workout advice.

    Hi everyone. Let me start out with a little history. I'm 23 years old. Been in the gym since I was about 16. However, lately schools been taking over my life, and have slacked off hard the last eight months or so. Now I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I've gotten so far out of...
  19. B

    Info needed for Sports Nutrition course-

    Hello all, my name is Brett and I'm currently completing a course on Sports Nutrition. One of my assignments is to evaluate a bodybuilder's/fitness model's (male and female) diet and supplement scheduling. I've received the male side I need now I'm reaching out to all the dedicated women out...
  20. S


    So I started a thread about using clen, Im new here and it got deleted for something I said. Anyway, Does anyone think clen is worth the $ to use for 6 weeks or so? Why and why not?

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