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  1. dabeast75

    Increasing sperm volume and mobility

    42 years old and been on HRT now for almost 2 years, running roughly 125mgs per week divided by two shots. Things are going well but one of my biggest complaints at this point is sperm load/volume. Its very little, less than a teaspoon, and little to no mobility meaning its more of a thick...
  2. Bigboomer5150

    Long term anabolic use and pregnancy possibly??

    Ok guys I’ll keep this short, I’ve been taking anabolics off and on for probably 15 years total span. The woman I’m with now has never been pregnant by me, we do not practice safe sex. I’ve always felt it was the testosterone and androgens I’ve taken the hat hindered fertility. I have...
  3. M

    Fertility on TRT

    Hi guys, I have a question regarding TRT and having kids. I'm on TRT currently and I still do cycles here and there, but my concern is, will I still be able to have children even though I'm on TRT? Would I be able to Just hop off TRT and take some things like HCG, HMG, and other stuff to become...
  4. Unstopppable1

    Super High B12 levels for many years- HELP!

    For the past few years, on my blood tests, B12 came back over 1500 pg/ml. 900 is high on the scale. I don't take any B12 supplements and the Dr can't pinpoint why it's so high. Overall I feel great and everything else is in range. Based on my research online I could not find much info on...
  5. L

    DHEA/Pregnenolone with HRT

    Does anyone here take DHEA and/or Pregnenolone while on HRT? then is that otc or doc prescribed dhea/preg?
  6. L

    TRT friendly doctor in Boston

    Hi guys, My test result just came in ridiculously low Total T 225 ng/dl, free T 54pg/ml, still my midget pussy beta male fucking doc wont prescribe me TRT while I've all the major symptoms of hypogonadism and saying I'm just fine. He wants to put me on anti-depression and saying while my move...
  7. T

    Total testosterone of 290 at 21 years old. Options?

    Story: Back in 2013 I had a blood test done which showed total testosterone at a level of 410 and because I was 19 at the time I trusted the doctor when he said it was normal. In January 2015 I had another blood test which showed a level of 422. I was looking up testosterone levels on the...
  8. B

    Modest tren low test for light cruise or aggressive hrt/trt

    (Originally posted in HRT forum but looking for all the feedback I can get) Here's the crux of my question, then a little background... Anyone cruising or staying on yr round on a low test/moderate Tren protocol? in the ball park of 150-200 wk test/250-300 wk Tren? General feedback...
  9. T

    Should I Cycle Test HRT?

    I have been on 160mg/week test HRT for about 8 months, along with tamoxifen and HCG. While I take test for overall health, I've noticed some good muscle gains. I'm wondering if I should take a break for a few months and then start up again, or if I should just continue the current regimen. I...
  10. M

    What's a good hrt clinic?

    I want to start either some hgh or Sermorelin, possibly igf-1. My main concern is for tendon repair but all the other benefits of therapy are very important to me as well...especially better sleep, mood, recovery, anti aging etc. Which therapy would be most cost effective for my goals? Should I...
  11. soma

    Did i wait long enough to get blood drawn?

    I have had blood tests done in the past that showed i had very low testosterone. I was self treating myself(so i didnt feel like crap anymore) with 30mgs Test Prop. a day for the last 30 days. I just got a HRT doc and had blood drawn and am waiting on results, but was wondering if i waited long...
  12. B

    Anyone use triptorelin?

    Copy and paste from different forum here... Anyone use Triptorelin for HRT/TRT? Hey guys- Just wondering if there are are any other testimonials of taking a 100 mcg Trip shot to restore HPTA and Endocrince function in general? ive seen some good testimonials but they all seem to stop after a...
  13. S

    29 year old male finally pulling the trigger on HRT

    I've seen threads on here about HRT and thought I'd chime in with my own experience. I've benefited from the discussions on here so I hope I can help out someone else too. About a year ago, I had my testosterone levels checked by a urologist as I was having performance issues. I didn't get to...
  14. A

    HRT(Cream vs. Injections vs. Gel) Input Please

    Ok I recently was diagnosed with Low testosterone. My free Test was only a 210 which by my understanding is really bad and really low. I have had side effects such as Low quality of sleep, Depression, Lack of energy and weight gain. My doctor wants to get my number between 650 and 700. He...
  15. Cgeorge

    How to run cycles for some one on HRT

    Basically im on HRT or TRT and i would like to know the best way to run a cycle for gains. For Example increase test and run something with it? then for pct use some tam and clomid and go back to original HRT dose?
  16. Fitness 500

    Anyone have insurance pay for HRT ??

    I just got a great new job that has a lot of insurance choices. I hear that BCBS pays for HRT but United healthcare doesn't. I don't know if this would depend on what state you live in, but I would like to hear from anyone who's insurance pays for or a portion of HRT or just the Test.
  17. R

    Started TRT program, My testosterone has gone CRAZY! Help!

    I am a 53 year old male who just finished a 20 week program of HRT therapy. My given protocol was as follows: * 220 mg. testosterone cypionate IM once a week * 1 mg of anastrozole twice a week * 500 IU of HCG. twice a week The protocol was based on the following Lab test results: Testosterone...

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