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Asshole talking about the Classic

It's just more of the same - typical "mainstream" media BULLSHIT!!


you get the feeling the twat made up the last part of the story with the kid just so he could have a nice controversial closure to his lame ass article? you can go to any sports event and point out the negative commerciality, this dude obviously needs a new job...its obvious hes gotta make shit up and sensationalize to get a story. perhaps he'd do better reporting on dog shows, something more in line with his intellect.

sure the 9 year old or any 9 year said that. I think he just needs something to put in there to make the sport look or sound bad.
Its obvious this man is a total pussy! I think we can skip the ass-beating becuase I am sure that happens ever day of this dudes pathetic life. In this case I feel we should just move striaght to execution! Pussy's like this hinder our genetic pools as humans!! I am pretty sure this guy has never been laid and that story with the kid is just like his article; TOTAL BULLSHIT! What is some bodybuilder fucking his wife??? Or better he prolly was having a good time until he saw his wife there with some dude helping him show how the penis pump gets you harder than just blow jobs alone- Thanks Phil
what a fuckin joke this guy is. my ?, why would espn send some asswipe that doesn't even like BB to a BB show. you wouldn't see them sending a writer that dislikes baseball to the world series. will BBing ever get the respect it deserves?

*&^&^ a&*holes.

I actually liked the article...

I enjoyed the "devil's advocate" point of view.

Bodybuilding is mainstream in that it is a public event...although it's becoming more "underground" every day. Much has been written, and much more will be written by authors who have no real interest whatsoever in bodybuilding and/or bodybuilders. They just write a story.

Bodybuilding is also a game of extremes - and more so today than ever - mass monsters are prominent, popular and essential.

Not one athlete on the Olympia stage got there by lifting weights and ingesting protein powder and maintaining a strict diet alone.

If some seventh grader's hero is Jay Cutler the kid will find out lickety-split EVERYTHING about Cutler...and it won't take him until he is 21 to find out what his "hero" did to look like he does. That may worry some...it's their kids - don't ever tell me what to worry about and what not to worry about when it comes to MY kid!!

When the average "Joe" talks about bodybuilding and bodybuilders, they almost always use the word DRUGS. Are they misinformed? Somewhat. Do they look at the whole picture in a negative way? What do you think.

So...look at the mix...guys with big muscles equals drugs...plus the consensus that the gay community is interwoven in the bodybuilding scene as well.
Besides, many non-bodybuilders will tell you that bodybuilding is NOT a sport anyway!! It's a beauty contest - and a strange one at that! Men lined up on a stage covered in oil wearing a Speedo flexing their muscles. How queer can you get?

I wouldn't get too pissed by the opinions of others concerning bodybuilding - I don't even feel the need or the desire to convince anyone concerning the bodybuilding game - something I have loved for a long time.

Sometimes we have to duck when they sling the mud...other times we have to admit that we reap what we sow.

Well I wrote a half ass article to the author and to others at ESPN. With them being the sports authority they could have done a better job. I could see some half ass anti fitness magazine saying something such as this. The thing about the kid is what really pissed me off. Everyone brings alot upon themselves but this ass went above and beyond his report to make everything seem more "underworld" than what it is. This is my opinion and I can't see any positive feed back out of his article and I'm not a fan of negative energy. Any publisity is good publicity, but sometimes you need to draw a line.

To whom it may concern

I have just finished reading the article about the Arnold Classic written by Shaun Assael. I would say that this is the worst trash that I have ever seen any sports reporter put into print. The title alone is wrong “a business that wouldn’t die”, this makes it sound like a sick infestation that one can’t get rid of. Then he goes on to comment rudely about individuals and the venders of the show. If you were to walk around the show yourself you could easily see that this is one of the most laid back, nicest groups of individuals that you could ever meet. These people take time to come and show off innovative products that can improve the daily life of any given individual, along with giving back to the fans. With ESPN being the supposed sports authority I would have thought that you would have had enough sense to send an unbiased individual to cover a fitness expo. The thousands of people that visited this expo where the same people that once watched your sports show, read your magazine, and logged on to your website. We as a whole feel betrayed by the sports authority on there betrayal of our beloved expo. I think that the FOX sports network just got a lot more viewers. The most upsetting thing about the article is that Shaun had the gaul to say that a 9-year-old boy learned about steroids at this event. Making his father sound like some kind of behemoth for bringing him. This expo was about fitness and health and definitely not drugs. If Shaun as a reporter can’t see this than maybe he shouldn’t be worrying about deadlines and more about getting down to Rx Optical to get his eyes checked.


Former Fan
Great retort...

...and as concise as it was, it really just touches the surface.
armageddon, that was nice bro!!! people are so ignorant sometimes that it shits me, and u do expect better from espn, supposed to be the best sports guys around.
i didnt like the god dam article one bit

we should post this on every board were on and flood ESPN with emails im going to write mine tomorrow what an ass that writer is . its a crying shame that pencil necks that wish they were us have to do that to feel like there ok
priest I completely agree with you. I was sitting at the bar waiting for my girl to finish work, flipping through channels and ESPN popped up. I really started to get pissed. I think we should all send them an email. Feel free as I already have.
What's funny is

you've got other sports figures such as baseball, football, tennis, hockey, golf, it goes on and on, using the non-gear products that bodybuilders began using first years and years ago. Why he never said anything about that is beyond me. I even know of a few football players who actually use bodybuilding in their offseason to help in their training.
What's even worse is this douche bag said that "real" athletes wouldn't even show up to this thing. That they had to use card board cut outs. Well the cutouts where used in replace of the baseball players because there all in spring training. I've met countless football players at this thing. I had a lengthy discussion with Jeff Garcia one year. He obviously didn't know anything that he was spewing from his ass. How many of the guys that where there even work with pro athletes, tons of them do. I just can't believe that this douche thinks he can say whatever and be alright. O and I posted this on every board that I visit. Hopefully some good will come of it.
Shaun Asseal is an asshole! He has written other negative articles about BB before in ESPNmag.com. I realize Id probably have a better chance at a response by 'sweetening up' this letter, but Im pissed to the limit at this idoits ramblings! So here goes-to the writor AND the editor:
Dear Mr Assael-

Its interesting to see that you are at it again in trying to defamate the bodybuilding community again with your ignorant statements about bodybuilding. Obviously this is a sport you dont understand-why dont you leave the reporting of it to someone who does actually have a working knowledge of the sport? Why do you take every opportunity to slam it and the practices of its athletes? I had written you in the past about your irresponsible reporting of deaths attritubed to steroid useage, in a previous article. Now of course the hot topic is ephedra. Which has been proven, time and time again in scientific study to be a very safe product when used correctly by healthy individuals. Incidentally, toxicology reports have not even been released by the ME involved in Belchers death. How about reporting on how dangerous it is for an overweight guy with high blood pressure, liver abnormalities, poor diet habits to exercies to absolute exhaustion in the brutal heat of a training camp, when clearly he is not in the condition or health to do so? And that such persons should certainly not, as it is indicated, use any stimulants in such an ignorant and irresponsible manner? Less than 100 deaths can be attributed to ephedra. Asprin has well over 100 PER YEAR. Tylenol has 400+. Prozac has 500+. Lets put this into perspective-it is a safe product even besides the dim witted abuse of such guys as Belcher; although as was mentioned there is absolutely no proof of his use of ephedra as of yet. It just shows the overzealous attempt to condemn such products-even when there are so many other factors involved in the tradgedy.

As for your comment about the 9YO and steroids, nice try but no 9YO kid would get that information from the Expo. I challenge that you are a liar, but dont worry - it will get a big ohhh and ahhh from all the average readers. As is your intent Im sure. And you claim the industry is so good at hype? What a hypocrite you are! We bodybuilders and Fitness enthusiasts are speaking out in reply to hype like the articles you write, which have no basis on fact and teach misconceptions to the average person. Now we have a long hard fight to bring the actual truth to people, as its necessary to battle back from mainstream reporting of non-truths similar and like your writings. I personally know Mr. Gann, Mr. Rick Collins, and his lawfirm associates very well. They are a group interested in preserving the rights of Americans to use substances that are relatively harmless, say in comparrison to your average OTC products. If you want to ridicule this activist group (and Im sure your listened to their stance with an open mind - and ice water is served in hell)-you can also continue to give up your rights to freedom and submit to more and more regulation and unwanted government intervention as individual liberty in this country goes down the tubes. If thats your desire, fine. But sorry chum, Id like to keep my eroding freedoms intact and thank god for guys like Rick Collins and Marc Gann and their law firm.

The 2lbs of protein bars making you sick? Claims of genetic reengineering making your head swim? Cant decide if you need a PhD to conclude wheather 'juiced' creatine is good for you? Care to divulge your daily diet and supplementation plan? The atheletes involved in the Expo have a clear cut mission regarding their diet and training. Sir, must your admitted ignorance (using the quotes above) on supplementation and diet preclude a horrible picture be painted regarding the Bodybuilding supplementation industry and its members? Im sure you did not have to even attend the Arnold Expo event to make the report you did. You have a narrow, predjucided view of this sport, and your tone of the article was predetermined before you ever set foot into the convention center. Perhaps you would like to share ideas with an expert on the subject such as myself, or the lawfirm of Rick Collins and Marc Gann? I I challenge you, but actually I dont think your ignorance needs any more exposure. If you cannot report responsibly in an educated manner, please just keep your pen still and save the ink for an article on a sport that you do have some learned knowledge about. Your comical hype and ridicule of the Bodybuilding and Fitness world is a disgrace to responsible journalism.

Arm and mike good posts! Like I said before some BB is doing this guys wife and he is just jelous!! This dude slams BB for being a sport of nothing more than based on Steriods and some how he thinks the protein bars that he ate are similair to those or in fact they are steriods themselves! When in fact they have nothing to do with each other! He obviously couldn't care less about the scientific end of nutrition and that alone makes him sound like a total idiot! I mean if someone has to argue with science of today just becuase they won't take the time to understand it I think that person has no business reporting on the topic

As far as other pro athletes being there who cares its not a football, baseball, or hockey convention is a BB convention and I am sure there were plenty of those around! Lets not even discuss the rampant steriod use that goes on in the previous mentioned sports that he reports on everyday. Also lets not mention were all those other "professional" athletes get there information from on how to use these steriods and other anvanced supplements?? Were did all that info start from????? I AM SURE ITS NOT FROM Darle Strawberries CRACK DEALER !!! Also what about other althetes in other sports besides BB mostly young people who have a little more money than they know what to do with and alot of time on there hands.. Other people in other sports use drugs just has much yet everyone slams BB for being a bunch of drug addicts! There are plenty of those but what about the guys that are not dependant on these drugs and use them for there benifit!! What about all the reports FROM BASEBALL PLAYERS that 90% of baseball players use steriods???????????? I am sure football is hirer than that!! Ohhhhhh but BB don't lie to there fans so its not cool!! I see whats going on hypocrits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU

I dunno what his deal is but I would tend to think that Espn would not let such irresponsible jouralism go on in there website or were ever this article had originally been printed! Yet it has and like someone else said I think Fox sports has got another veiwer! Also I am going to cancel my subscription to there magazine with a letter and this article included!! I don't want to read some idiotic view point of some dude that has to make up shit so he feels better about himself. I honesttly think this guy is over-weight and self-consious about it and must have not got a good response from someone at the convention so he thinks that these people are freaks and that becuase he is fat everyone else should be too!
Again the mainstream press goes out of it's way to label an industry they don't understand, don't even pretend to cover in the most negative way possible.

They need to send a reporter who is that biased to Cooperstown in the Hall Of Fame week, you have hundereds of old washed up baseball players hawking their signature for money, with their used jocks etc exhibited for cash sale.

Take the Arnold and the Olympia expo, people offering the chance to try a new product for free, discuss it inteliigently and free access to the professionals of the sport for advice and motivation - But gee were the cesspool of humanity???

Mr. Assael needs to have his so called media credentials removed, and as for his book which is advertised on the same page, what is the betting it is a poorly inconcieved hatchet job on wrestling.

Boing "the English_Bulldog"
BTW thanks to Armageddon for reporting this crap and his letter.

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