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being a champion

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New member
Oct 25, 2002
To be a Champion you must accept less favorable outcomes and be gracious about a victory. This sport is so full of excuses, it makes me sick!! Everytime someone doesn't place well in a show the excuses come up,(the lighting, the judges, politics) in most cases they were simply beat by better people.

First of all I want to send congrats to Amanda, she looked great this past weekend at the Jr's. I also think that DP looked great, I was at the show and was in the show. I was blessed to make the top ten cut in the middles and was beaten by better guys, did I want to place higher? YES! This was the best Jr. nats ever in terms of numbers and in depth and we must all learn that everyone there has worked hard to get there.

Remember there is no big plan with the judges to keep anyone out of the placings. The lighting is the same for everyone and I highly doubt that politics plays any role in Joe Blows placing.

If you win accept it like an Champion and if you don't ,,,,, accept it like a Champion!!!!!

Excellent posts no truer words have ever been spoken.
I like DP but maybe he should wonder why he placed higher last yr and the years before he started working with particular people.

4th to 11th? Doesn't make sense to me, friends will always tell you you should have been called out higher true friends will tell you the truth, strangers ( the judges) will make you see reality.

DP that is no slam on you, your just my example. You have a great physique sorry you did not place higher.
I was not aware DP received 11TH...HOLY NOT GOOD!!

I too agree that DP has a great overall look. HE is strong in just about every area. Makes you wonder what he did different this year than last years?? DP any changes you are going to make for next year??

If you watch BATTLE FOR THE OLYMPIA 2002, LEE PRIEST has a great point...people always say I was low carb that is why I look like shit during photo shoots. When really they have looked like shit from the start due to poor conditioning. He stated that a couple days is not what kills people at the OLYMPIA, it is the whole 12 week plan that killed them...LEE eats what ever he wants the day of the show. He will even eat cake the day of the show and workout that day too. HE takes that day like any other when it comes to training.

I do like the points that JARO talks about, and the things FATHEAD brings up.
there are no politics in Bodybuilding? thats the first time i have heard that lol
I am in no way saying that there are no politics in bodybuilding. I am saying that using it as an excuse is wrong. I doubt that the judges care if Joe Blow in the Mr. Mayberrry Championship gets first or third. At the pro level where big money is at stake, yes there are probably some decisions that could be questioned.

I am simply saying that going into the contest we are all very aware that the judging is subjective, one person is going to look better than another person in different judges eyes. We know this going into the contest and if you don't like the idea that it is subjective than don't compete. There is no full proof method for choosing the "best physique"...........
Jaro -

Thanks so much! I had a great time. Lots of stress in on weekend but handled pretty well. I had so much support there it was great. Really nice to have good friends to support me. I learned a lot about my body and next time it should be even better. :)

i disagree. having a "name" can win shows for you. i have seen it happen many times and not just BB but in other sports as well. kind of like jordan getting all the calls or roger clemens getting the benefit of the doubt on the outside corner.

I gave you some respsect in a PM but you have a lot to learn. I myself will attest to the politics but it's not the only way you win or loose. I told you in that same PM you needed a better class of mentors or advisors to get better but I think it may be too late I think you think your already better than you are.

Good luck kid I see a lot of frustrations for you in your future competitions.
fathead-i do not know where you come up with this BS all the time? if you think politics have nothing to do with BB or other sports then you are mentally slow or something. i have tried to be nice to you but you constantly say stupid shit and i am sick of it. i never said it was the only reason someone wins or loses. but it has a very big influence on the outcome especially in sports that are judged-BB, ice skating, pageants etc. man, i swear you just like to bitch and argue on these boards. i am always very confident in myself and want i feel i can do in my future but i do not think i am better than anyone else or better than what i actually am. i am very grounded and know i have a lot of work ahead me to reach my goals. my head is not big by any means-after all you are the one with the "fat" head.
Well this thread is getting kinda heated so let me interject my 2cc's if I may.....

Being a champion in bodybuilding is more than just winning contests. Sure winning contests is nice becuase it allows to you show off and have recognition for all of your hard work and sacrifice, but for bodybuilders, at least in my opinion, a true champion is not defines by how many trophies you win or how many contest you enter, it is about becoming the best you can be physically. Pushing past those phaysical and mental barriers that you ordinarily thought you couldn't. And when achieve the physique you want through all your hard work and sacrifice, then you are a real champion, becuase in bodybuilding it really isn't about you vs. other people. it is you vs. yourself.

Just something to think about.

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