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Bodybuilding over 40


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Nov 28, 2023
Lurked here for a long time over the years. Finally started posting after getting more into bodybuilding. I competed in powerlifting for 15yrs and while I had a great experience, learned a ton and built a great base it just isn’t fun anymore. The workouts were a grind, I ached a lot and had a few close calls with big tears.
Switched to bodybuilding without a specific goal. Then decided I wanted to get leaner. Then realize I was really enjoying the process and still needed a concrete target to work towards though I wasn’t ready to commit to competing. Thus 1/27 I scheduled a fitness photo/video shoot and a boudoir shoot after. I am 40, going through a divorce but happier and more at peace than ever. It might sound cheesy but I’m looking forward to the shoot, seeing the shape I can get into and figuring out what’s next. I feel young and excited about life and the sport.
I work with Cris Edmonds who was John Meadow’s protege/lead coach. He still runs I cannot speak more highly of Cris. Excellent coach. Super detailed, walks the walk himself, no bullshit will call you out, rapid response times and will explain whatever you ask regarding the plan.
Sitting at 208.7 after a trial carb up and a free Christmas meal with my family on 12/23. I smashed MyCookieDealer cookies and Buckeye Brownies after. Gluttonous. But back on plan again.

Diet right now…
Protein 300+ both off and training days
Carbs 0 off days/110 training days
Fats trace both days.
Calories 1600-2100 depending

LISS 40 minutes x2 a week
HIIT 20 minutes x2 a week

Test E 75mg/day
Tren Ace 50mg/day
Masteron 50mg/day
Winstrol oral 50mg/day
Genotropin 4.5iu/day
Clen 60mg/day
T3 25mcg/day

Legs today...
Incl calf- 60x8x8x8, 8x8, 8
Lying leg curl- 120x14 130x8 95x16 partials
Adductor- 340x15 285x19
Belt squat wedged- 455x13, 7 315x15
Hack squat 1.5- 225x14, 9
Single hip press- 365x17 415x14
Pics from last check in and then some from my Christmas dinner...
steak tartare with egg yolk w caviar
beef wellington
bone marrow truffle risotto.

I have posing lessons scheduled with a coach and John Jewett's tutorial to watch and get started. I know I am terrible.


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Best of luck with the shoot. You look great.

Subbed for the knowledge 👍
You look great, Brother - you're already pretty damn lean, so you're probably starting Rebound soon?
That's quite the compliment from you. I don't feel in shape enough. I feel fat and undefined. Such is the dysmorphia I guess.

Pushing 4 more weeks til 1/27. Hoping to have a solid rebound after that. I know it's all a process but I'm ready for more food, to grow and have more energy out of the gym again.
Dragging ass at work yesterday. I was up at 4am for check in and worked all day. Was going to train arms but that wouldn't have been til 930. Forgot a meal so I was short 1 at work. That sucked lol. Decided to audible and stay home and rest. Hit the vape pen and the couch and ended up sleeping a solid 9.5hrs. Felt amazing. Arms and HIIT later this morning.
Pics from last check in and then some from my Christmas dinner...
steak tartare with egg yolk w caviar
beef wellington
bone marrow truffle risotto.

I have posing lessons scheduled with a coach and John Jewett's tutorial to watch and get started. I know I am terrible.
What kind of restaurant even serves that stuff looks awesome. Nice tear drops as well
What kind of restaurant even serves that stuff looks awesome. Nice tear drops as well
It's a high end steakhouse near me that I got to know the chef a little bit.

Like I said, energy is dragging. I feel underwater all the time. Sucks especially at work. But I got in to train arms and HIIT. Cris wanted a second check in tomorrow so I'll be up getting that done. I'll post then.

Dante curl was a post from @DOGGCRAPP on IG recently. They felt good. Maybe more of a stretch next time.

Short rest, high reps and sets. Got a good pump. Packing food for work tomorrow and lounging w my pup.

Dante curl- 80x15 45sec
Incl curl- 30x16+5+3 drop
BM selector preacher- 30x15x4 45sec
Vulcan pressdown- 80x15, 15, 12p, 12p 45sec
Smith JM- 215x17 240x4x4+2 cluster
Low incl rolling db exten- 40x15 45x8 double drop

Looking damn good, especially your'e not youngster any more 👏
I'm sure most people saw my main forum post about the GH and IGF levels so no need to rehash that here. I will just say the response and treatment by Cris bothered me more than the lab values I feel like I was blown off and disrespected. Name called. This was after feeling there was a disconnect in the relationship. Maybe some guys are OK being a number or with a dry business/contractual type relationship but to me when it involves coaching of any sport rapport, trust, respect and buying from both parties is important and I think that was severely lacking despite the progress I've made.

Anyway, I got a lot of messages of support and I was really surprised and taken back. Thank you to everyone who wished me well, offered suggestions or just support. I guess I do have dysmorphia because I looked at these pictures and thought I was 8- 10 weeks out looking. To hear compliments from people on here I respect and they have great physiques was a pleasant surprise.

Not going to lie struck my diet carbless during the day yesterday and today but had a free meal each night. I am watery and bloated now but it is crazy to see I filled out. This process is new to me. Training today and having some sushi for the new year and then I have 27 days to kick ass.

I reached out to Dusty Hanshaw for coaching moving forward. I considered some other people especially after some private messages with suggestions but I'm under a little bit of a time crunch to get with someone I'm working for the end of January I said report is important and I have spoken with Dusty a few times over the years and followed him for a very long time and just feel personality wise it will be a good fit. Hard worker and experienced and I think can help me get back to basics especially rebounding and growing progressively eating and training

So that's my update. On my way to train back.
Piecaken... pecan pie/cheesecake/red velvet cake all layered into one with icing. My brother got it for me for Christmas and had it shipped from New York City. I have a tremendous suite tooth especially as I've gotten older. This was hands-down the best cake I've ever had. The individual flavors but also how they mashed together. Especially the pecan pie was next level. $100 shipped to your door not a psychopath last you five or six big slices.


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Chest/Shoulders/Tris today

Smith incl 320x17rp
HS iso bench 315x8 245x10
Flex pec deck 120x21
Db shoulder press 105x7 85x11
BM lateral 110x35rp
BM dip machine 250x23rp
Floor skulls 105x21rp

Lower volume DC-ish style as I await the man from Dusty. Felt very good. I have to be cognizant to keep the rep ranges higher but def looking forward to some log book chasing and progressive basics. I think I got too fancy w training lately.

Db press was super hard to kick into place. I have no idea how guys do it with 125+. Floor skulls felt very good.

Last day at my contract nurse position yesterday. Technically today was but I called out sick. Worst hospital and unit I have ever worked. But that is the nature of travel nursing and why travelers get paid so much... it is never desirable units you go to.

Start my permanent ICU float pool position Monday. That is what I have done most of my career. Told the university I cannot teach this semester as I wrap up student teaching for my Masters. Huge relief when that is done. It has been a goal for a long time and I am looking forward to really scaling back the amount of work then and focusing more on enjoying life. For now I am off until Monday and going to enjoy that. Off from training today. Cardio at 30min. I will probably practice some posing after watching Jewetts videos later. Otherwise maybe a nap and rest up for training the next 2 days.
Energy is dragging bad. All I want to do is lay. And once I lay down to "watch tv" all I want to do is nap. Vape pen has been a lifesaver. Takes my mind off cravings and fatigue and I can chill out. Cravings are there but not bad. Worst part is I know stage lean would require next level suffering for another 4-6 weeks instead of 2-3. But hence the stepping stone here. I am enjoying it (mostly lol) and looking forward to the rebound/reverse to start growing again. Coming from powerlifting that is the fun part for me not the conditioning push.

Definitely skipped posing practice lol. Apt w GrassFedFitness Friday. Starting a new ICU pool position this week. Shouldn't be terrible bc it is orientation.

Trained at Pwrbld King of Prussia which is an hour from me. Awesome gym and culture right outside Philly.

Straight arm pulldown 80/90/100x15
Prime neutral pulldown 150x18 165x10 175x8+2
Step forward row 110x15 120x8+2
Prime seated 2 handle row 130x21 145x12+2
Prime 2 handle cable curl 60x23 70x15 80x11
Rope cable pinwheel curl 20x19 30x15

Chest/Shoulders/Tris and I was gassed.
Hammer incl 455x12rp 335x13
Nitro neutral 155x19 170x13
Incl db flye 45x19
Nitro press 155x19 170x13 185x6
Cable lateral 45x24, 16
Close grip smith incl 225x16rp
Overhead rope extension 70x40 90x16

Smith close grip felt great but I went from pumping reps to hitting a wall and instantly dying lol. Looking forward to building that move. Also I never seem to get good contractions on overhead rope/cable stuff. Some people love them w the stretch and contraction and I just can't get it.
it's been a little bit. So after a check in with Dusty we decided to reverse the diet. Energy was extremely extremely low and I was falling asleep on my commute. Cravings were bad and I was in a bad headspace. It seems when Cris cut all carbs and 33% of my calories a day in one change it just was too much and I started going backwards.

Dusty initially increased some carbs on training days and off days but it wasn't enough so we pulled the plug and I took five days of free eating with cruise workouts. I pretty much stayed on diet but had a free meal with dessert each night.

That changed everything. My sleep is better, energy and focus is good. All cravings are gone. I feel full and strong. Checked in yesterday at 224.1. Want to make a big push now in the coming months. This is probably the leanest I have ever been at this weight. We are simplifying everything. More heavy weight, more food, more rest. I got way too fancy and complicated with training and diet before. Yes, it worked but I think at my level of development and personality I need simplicity and just hard work.

I will get some new pics and vids soon. Here's some food and comparison shots from dieting along w my last check in w Dusty which is my new start point. Might still do the fitness shoot but hold off on the other. Not sure.

Ridiculous Italian... veal parm, Arancini, smash burger from Jose Garces, red velvet from Cheesecake Factory, short rib cheese fries, 5 sushi rolls at my favorite place

The front double was the other day at 224.1. A little more watery now lol. The side by side was the start 8/26 @226 til 1/11 @208.9


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In, you look great man!

How is the coaching with Dusty so far? What kind of split is he putting you on?

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