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Buddy in prison


Jun 6, 2002
My training partner when I was in prison, UNBELIEVABLE genetics, who got out shortly after I did back in 2000, is back in for 50 years for Aggravated murder, aggravated rape, aggravated burglary. I cant believe this. You can see his picture at Ohio department of corrections, offender search. His name is Ronald Beard. SAD

You were in prison Phil? I didn' know that. if you don't mind me asking just out of curiosity sake, what did you got to prison for? Sorry to hear about your friend. Those are some serious charges.

Been there too

But got a little lucky after 2 weeks and only had to do 4 months!

Sorry to hear that! I dont think Id be talking to that dude anymore! It's fucked up and hard to understand why some people do these things. I knew a guy who murdered his wife and unborn child. His crime was later copied by that Peterson guy almost too similar.

6 months in jail 18 was hell enough for me. Nothing hardcore but hell indeed. Theres a BIG fucking difference from being in jail ( where I was) to Prison!

Listen to this: I got sentenced to 2 years for 2nd degree assault. I then got a Habeas Corpus and was amended to 9 months...

I was in the state penn for 2 weeks then transfered to the county clink. I actually did not mind the penn, there was life there. The jail-----It was the WORST time of my life....all the guards were power tripped, and were generally miserable people, so they LOVED coming to work to just FUCK with the inmates, I was their favorite target..7 SEVEN FUCKING times my mom tried to visit me and each time some complete BULLSHIT excuse was used... I was not allowed calls 'cept to my lawyer. I was classified as Max. Celli so I had a "Jack - Shack" to myself. 23 1/2 hrs of solitude. I got so damn lonely...I got maced onece IN MY CELL --- get this; for being too loud when I found out a good friend had shot his head off... All I wanted was a phonecall...This bitch stuck the nozzle in the tray slot and went to town. I had my head in the toilet. Pretty much the only time in my life where I was calculating on how to kill them all --- talk about homicidal urges!

These people get off on seeing others suffer, not to mention the DISGUSTING state the jail was in...it was SO nasty, even taking a shower was repulsive....After 3 months in solitary I got 1 month w/ the population...

Ps -- I could go on and on w/ stories about these places, people...but it brings back some very hard memories. Even if it was 4 months, it seemed like forever. The food was also horrible.

I was in there for a BS reason too.
I've never been to prison but been to juvinelle hall (los padrinos)
several times as a minor is SUCKED BIG TIME spent the majority time in my cell with celie now LOS ANGELES COUNTY JAIL i've been there twice & talk about a party segerated as hell so i was in heaven,me being mexican i got my hands on grub free 3-4 milks with every always had seconds,but in reality it really sucks
just have to make the best of it did my time & got out hopefully will never return but if i do i hope its federal so i can still hit the IRON....
Saw you training partner . . . kidnapping also.

Ran a search and came up with a photo of A376454.

Glad to see that has passed.

Train hard,
yeah know phil, it makes me sick to my stomach to think you had to waste 2 fuckin years of your life for something so patheticly stupid... just to think anyone else on these boards could be doing the same time for minding our own business. hope all is going well now.

also, how long have you been out for?

Take care.

Yeah, I was in maximum security (nonetheless) for 3 weeks until they finally awarded me bail. No previous record, etc, but they wouldn't give me bail for 3 weeks, and then it was for $100k! :mad: And they kept me in max security because you see, I am such a danger to society! :rolleyes:

Trial will be in Feb next year - 5 years after I was arrested.

Fuck I hate these scumbags! Who are they to judge me?? I have a better education than them, I am higher on the social scale, I have higher morals, I am more spiritual, I have more money, I am better looking and I have a better body. And they judge me??? Where's the goddamn shotgun? :mad:

BTW - now that the dust has settled, I am only looking at a $8k fine max penalty. But I am fighting the scumbags so I can win and sue them afterwards.
That sucks either here or there. The statute of limitations here is 3 years. I know several guys that didn't get arrested until 2 years 11 months and 3 weeks. That really sucks to, cause by the time you sit there and wait for them to come and get you your nerves are already shot. You've generally done more for yourself by then to rectify the problem than what they could do.
Damn, it makes me sad to hear this shit. Im glad you guys are ok now. Apparently, the jail's severity must be a location thing. I was in Albany, NY. I was treated like shit, fed shit,pushed around by a gaurd who had a hardon. I just took his shit and backed away from any trouble. I cried alot. I was in hell.
The longest time I was in jail was 5 days and I know how it is to just sit there wondering there are ever going to let you get bailed out! Got there on thurs no hearing on friday courts closed on weekends bail hearing on monday finally got out at 3pm monday! I was in he same cell the whole time and got three meels a day! Breakfast was a goddamn snackcake and milk that sucked!!! I wouldn't wish an extended stay on anyone

be a requirement hear. This board have a lots of convicts on it. Who else be in jail.
I'll just say that the House of Pain has spent some long days in the Big House of PAIN! I would say that the state pen is much better than county any day!!!!
Re: Jail

Duncan said:
be a requirement hear. This board have a lots of convicts on it. Who else be in jail.

Maybe we should rename the board convictsRus.com ;)

ok Duncan - put me on the list. Been close to 10 years since I got snagged with a pound of shrooms in college. I thought five years time was kind of a lot for that. I guess the parole board did too cause I was only there for 7 months.

My old prison training partner was a serious bber. About 5' 8" and 250+. He got out before me. Told me (and his girlfriend) that he was working all day long at his brother's construction company. Turns out he was stealing checks out of golfer's cars and emptying their bank accounts. Last I heard he was on the run. Probably back down for a long time this time.

My best friend opened a restaurant when I became eligible for work release. Him and his partner hired me, and I got to hang out instead of working. I even had a bedroom - well part of an unused storage room. I got to spend the last month of my incarceration actually getting laid.

Well, my friend's restaurant went belly-up. His partner killed himself with a deer rifle and my buddy found him dead. Now my friend is a hideous broke drug addict about to get kicked out of our other friends house. I'd like to help my buddy like he did when I was down, nothing really seems to be working though. - CH
convicsRus lol maybe we can start a prison gang with tatoos and everything too!

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