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PJ Braun released from prison today

Well that's too bad he threatened your family and biz. Thats just a stupid thing to do on the internet. Crazy you have put together this much info on him and that in the end he was a nobody. I guess he messed with the wrong guy!!! I remember 25 years ago people used to threated people on the net like they were some underground boss and had people in every city. Regardless though he put on a good show for the young and naive(me)!
As DC says GH15 was a nobody. I was telling people at the time if you looked at his post history on getbig you would see when he started he spoke perfect english and was speaking like a newbie and then slowly developed the character over time, including writing in a way that pretended he didnt speak english. People bought into this act and the legend grew. He was just a random troll who created a character and fooled people. The "info" he gave wasnt groundbreaking or anything very good and was easily found online.
I am going to give you a gift right now since this has puzzled you for so long. I didn't really give a shit about this guy up to the point that he said something that threatened my family and business personally at one point many years back,,,big fucking mistake by him, and then I did something about it. And I am going to tell you right now, nobody else is correct with their speculations. I am correct because i did the legwork behind this....and this is 100% fact below....and its just a snippet of the info i have because i am not going to spend all day on this post.

1) Again said something toward myself and business wise that I would not overlook back in the day and so i went to work.

2) This again is fact! I have all his IP addresses, I have all his email addresses he used to use and a boatload of info.

3) I contacted everyone in my network who owned or ran message boards years back and asked them to look up the IP Addresses I had to match. I did extensive research on that and a bunch of other info to find out who this "top 4 mr olympia was" (lol pathetic)

4) Again matching IP addresses on multiple boards, he tried to hide and hide and hide but over time you find the email addresses he used to use to try to hide, you find his posts under different names, you find everything.

5) This is him. He was Mighty1 on so many boards to count. MATCHING iIP'S KILLERSTACK 15 ways around the block THERE IS NO QUESTION. IT IS HIM! He made some bigtime mistakes IP address wise on various boards. Not going to tell you how i got some of the IP addresses....its him. Match up the dates and subject matter even if you still doubt. 100% proven without a shadow of a doubt this is him.



I am not going to link all the posts.....there are so many posts by this guy that have been made and most of them have disappeared over the years as boards have come and gone.

Here is the truth and blatant facts.

He is from Ormond Beach florida. Always was from Ormond Beach Florida. Thought he was crafty but he wasnt and yet IP address after IP address eventually lead back to Ormond Beach Florida. He never was Nasser, not even close.... Nasser lived near me and when we had that huge blackout years back where everyones electricity was shut down because of the fires for almost a week, Nasser was just like me, no access to the internet. But its plain to see that GH15 was typing away with many many posts during that week. Screw it Ill just say it....whats it matter? Do you know how else i know he wasnt Nasser and he was from Ormond Beach Florida? Because two guys (one on this board who is now gone, and once considered himself an "Elf" (pathetic), used to send him drugs all the time, repeatedly for years. Where did they send those drugs? Ormond Beach florida. He was also very sharing in the info he gathered about this individual. The other guy who used to send him drugs I am pretty sure a lot of you guys knew of was Chris E (who worked for John Meadows at one point.....Chris E is now dead RIP but Chris E was sending GH fraud drugs to where? address in Ormond Beach Florida. Chris E like many others yourself included originally thought GH fraud was connected and knew his shit and then over time found out he was AN ABSOLUTE NOBODY! I talked to John about this once before he died and he started laughing and said "i have to tell you what Chris told me about this guy....there would be a lot of people hanging their heads in shame"...but John and I got on another subject. So this fraud took a great deal of guys like you for a ride! Pied Pipered people! Came in lying 100% thru his teeth on who he knew, who he was, who he trained, and the knowledge he had......and never had to prove himself to anyone on the GB board and you guys all ate it up. Pretty pathetic. Straight out lied pretty much about everything. He was on all the other boards pilfering info from members who knew their stuff and then going over to GB and changing the wording around and you guys bought into it hook line and sinker.....

Right when he came onto GB as a "bonafide expert" he was asking newbie questions about GH https://forums.steroid.com/igf-1-lr3-hgh-insulin-questions/141850-i-m-s-q.html#post1476515

But you guys bought into it all like I said hook line and sinker. I knew it was all bullshit way back then because he would say things about people I knew as friends matter of factly and I would ask those guys and they were "I have no clue who that dude is, and whatever he says is total BS"

Dont take my word for it here are all his email addresses.....start researching what there is left to research if you care

[email protected] ( he used this one alot, and panicked when he found out people were on to him and tried to hide his tracks ) ...so he would go on POF and other sites using this email address to try to throw people off his tracks but you cant hide what he did before that and he was on yahoo complaining about MIddle East movies and other stuff left and right with it and a whole bunch of other jibberish... again Ormond Beach Florida

[email protected]

[email protected] <---used this on basskiller

[email protected] <----again matching IP address with gh15 and mighty1 and his other alias. He had a truck and posted on a truck site with this one among other places.

twitter ID was brad_00032003

I am sure one of the mods can check this but I believe he was also Tarzen over here on pro muscle with matching IP and matching email of one of the above <---i was told that by a mod that is gone now so i dont know if that is correct or not

I could go all day with this....I researched so much info.....but at a certain point I was 'what is the use here'...it was clear 'nobody is going to know who this guy is because he is an absolute nobody that none of you ever heard of".... the guy was embarrassed to be himself. He was on facebook complaining about this hole in the wall gym he went to right next to Ormond Beach Florida (see photo)(matching email address).. yep one more alias bitching away at stuff but again he wanted his voice heard because the real him doesn't carry any weight. So again i made some inroads to that gym and asked around about any top 4 Olympia pros that worked out there etc etc etc..... NOTHING. Do you know why? Because he was never a top 4 Olympia pro and he was an absolute nobody. Overlooked even in his own gym,,,he didnt stand out. And i asked about any elite bbers there at that tiny gym and there was none. You could never come into a surgeons forum and say "Hey i am elite in my field and this is how I do intricate surgery to operate on brain glioblastoma's" ...and I dont have to show, prove myself and I want you all to believe in who I am". The forum would tell him to kick rocks. BUT NOOOOO not in bodybuilding....people are so insecure with themselves that a guy like this can come in anonymously and make people look like fools and a whole crowd follows him like rats to cheese. The very first time someone is proven to lie to you should also be the last time....but again bbers are a different breed and "the inability to attain pro size and look" makes them obsessed with the "unknown" even if it comes from an absolute 100% fraud.

Ive already spent enough time on this post....anyone could do the research I did and had others do....A nobody bamboozled a whole crowd of naive people. If you want the name (trust me you never heard of the guy) its one step more....but it will mean nothing to you.

This is all really beneath me.....almost embarrassed posting about it. But like I said the guy went over the line of decency on something related to my business and I wasnt having it.

Sorry you feel so bamboozled and puzzled that you could be taken to the cleaners and back mentally by an absolute nobody....but you weren't alone.
This is more or less unrelated but since his name was brought up, I knew Chris E. He was "Bigher" on getbig. I met him at a gym in NYC and we happened to live a few blocks from each other. He would always train there with his heavily tattooed girlfriend at the time.

I have to say he was a really nice person in real life. He even offered to give me a vial of serostim for free. He told me he knew GH15 personally but he wouldn't tell me who it was, as much as I tried getting him to tell me (clearly told the truth).

Eventually, gh15 decided he didn't like me anymore (which is always what happened with people he used to like) and I was threatened by one of gh15's "elves" and he knew my real first name. I don't know how he could have possibly found that out at the time unless Chris E told him. I brought it up to Chris and he said he didn't know anything about it. Maybe he gave them my name without knowing they would threaten me but who knows. The man passed away several years so I won't hold anything against him.

I was always one of the people who thought it was completely ridiculous that anyone thought gh15 was Nasser.

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