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Gonna need some Dark Side info


New member
Feb 21, 2003
Sup brutha's, most of ya probably dont know me as I dont post much around here. Xcel knows of me, Im a MOD over at Animal's board.

Anyway April 16th I got batted out. 9 skull fractures, sub dural hematoma, ruptured hearing drum. Im 5'8 hes 6'2 and pulls a bat, fucking pussy but thats another matter.

Recent MRI and CTs are showing that the skull is mended up and althought there is some blood still in the brain I can slowly return to to the gym. Im going on 4 months no training. I still cant lift as I get maddog headaches if I exert myself which could send me right back to the neuro-intensive care unit. However I can do cardio. So June will be cardio month. I will return back on my DC program sometime mid-July. After a 2 or 3 solid months of training I want my old size back and then some.

Best ever was 5'8 240ish 10-12%. Right now Im about 210 15-18% I havent been on the dark side of the force for over 4 years.

This board seems to be one of the better cycle guru so please chime in if ya got any ideas.

Im looking at probably a gram a week test (cyp) with AM Dbombs (100mg a day 1st 3 weeks) 4th week replace the dbols with a anabloic such as EQ or deca at around 400mg a week. Probably gonna be a longerr cycle 12-16 weeks and may even throw in some fina. I know my nutrition and my supps so no help there is needed. Just some cycle help.

How much ANA per day or EOD should I be using?

Thanks in advance.
Glad to see the bat knocked some sense into ya :D There is alot of info flowing through here. Being off for 4 years and you want to jump into a gram, have fun with that. You can see how water bloat and things come about and set the ana or fem to work with it. How do you respond to test? Did you used to get alot of the sides or what?
Last cycle was nearly 2 grams sus a week for 10 weeks, a bit bloated but then again I didnt use ANYTHING else, just some clomids comin off
I had a long layoff myself a while back. I started juicing right away when I went back to training. I regreted it. My tendons always hurt like a bitch and felt like they were going to tear. Sometimes I couldn't even workout because of the pain.

If I were you, I would get in good shape well before you add the juice. This will give your tendons, ligaments and muscles time to adjust to the strain. That way when you do start juicing, your body will be ready and your cycle will be much more effective.

I also think that the dosage you're looking at is too high for your size, plus the fact that you haven't done a cycle in 4 years. I think you would be better off doing a test/Eq cycle. Drugs that that can drastically raise blood pressure and blood volume, like anadrol could be a problem with your type of injury.
Hey Broklyn glad the MRI is coming out ok, sucks about the headaches.

IMO, for what it is worth:), I would ease into the AS REAL slow. You could get a week into the AM Bombs, be lifting big weights and the headaches come back. Might be better to go a month without AS and see how the old noggin is doing.

Just a thought.
BrooklynJuice said:

How much ANA per day or EOD should I be using?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry to hear about the bat incident bro...

You could start out using .25mg eod. Theres definitely a line between using too much/not enough anti-e, you just have to find it. If you find it to be not enough, then bump it up to .5 eod.

Take it easy bro and best of luck.

I dont plan on jumping right in with juice. Like I posted Im gonna spend most of June just doing cardio and then 2 or 3 months of solid training THEN hit it. Sometime mid September - Early October.

Today wasnt a bad day, only 4 vicodans.

BTW the kid was a 19 yr old punk trying to make a name for himself. He took 4 swings. One I blocked with forearm which split it open (odd didnt break or bruise just skin split). Second whick fucked me was right on the elbow/funny bone which dropped my arm defensless. Next swing was behind left ear. Which put me down but I was still aware and then the fuck took a another swing while I was done at my head but i was able to roll out of it and get into a car. That 4th swing is whats really gonna fuck him in court. The DA is goning felony 1 level 1 which is the same as manslaughter basically. That 4th swing (3rd party withnesses saw) was like attempted murder. If convicted he's gettin 12-17yrs. Young white boy in NY prisons, poor bastard.
And another thing anyone ever get straight morphine shots? I was in agony and when the docs saw my CT he was like OH SHIT (he didnt say but I saw him looking at the films, I work in Hospital). They Shot me up with morphine, no drip, straight IM. Iwent from agony to not once single sense of pain it was nuts. They transferred me to a neuro intensive care place in NYC where I got the royal treatment cause working in hospitals does have its perks. The specialist told my family I might need surgery and will be in obversation for 2 weeks. I was out by the 4th day. Strong survive. The Docs told me Im increible lucky and/or strong as shit cause my noggin mended up reeal quick. The blood in the brain is still resolving but Im sitting back sippin my green tea planning my comeback.
Brook, its bravohero, glad to see you back in the game my friend.

haha oh and you were right you SOB I went back to the ER more fractures and i was leaking spinal fluid into my throat!!! thanks for the help, you need anything let me know.
Damn Bravo I knew that shit sounded just like what I went through. How did you fracture the noggin again? I remember you posting about the headaches and I was pushing you to the ER for CTs. What happened?
Ah I bumped up that thread, got jump by some mexicanos? Glad You got that shit fixed properly. Some people posting tough it out have no fucking clue. Any type of head injury that is giving headaches a day or two later must be checked by a neurologist!

I was batted out, went to ER they took a CT shot me up with painkillers and discharged me that morning (happened12am). I went to a lineup that next day all fucked up, dizzy and shit and the next morning was vomiting spinal fluid and blood. They took another CT and a special imagining place were they saw 9 skull fractures. I coulda died if I toughed it out.
Damn if you are still getting headaches form trying to lift-the raised blood pressure from lifting may be causing that (Im no doctor butjust trying to make sense). So you also wouldnt want too much bloat with your cycle from armatizing drugs that would raise blood pressure any. So I agree not too much Arimidex, but
use it for sure. I agree .25 ED and if thats not enough .5 ED.

Glad you are healing-send your assailant's cellmate some sandpaper comdoms.
Well Headaches are an indication there still is some blood in the brain. I have to be careful with anything that cause a raise in intercranial pressure, even shitting. But I have weekly MRI's and its resolving on its own. However these things take time. Im told total recovery is usually 3-6 months from the day spinal fluid stopped leaking which was around April 20th. Again Im just planning ahead, like 3 months from now. Im by no mean looking to get on a cycle now.

When I do though Im think 1gram cyp for 10weeks. 1st 3weeks with dbols then switching over to fina or an anabolic like EQ, winny, 1test, etc. ANA at .25/day. And then clomid up, maybe bridge, who knows, I want to be an animal again, like my friend Instynct999.
Brook yeah thanks for the sympathy haha had another cat scan a few days ago 2 weeks after incident still some brain swelling which makes me TIRED as hell. but Im good to go.

YOur cycle sounds solid if You ask me I know how fanatical you are about research and stuff so I would trust your own opinion on this. Just keep it simple is what I do Im a meat and potatoes type of guy, Test, deca, eq, fina, dbol my favs.

Let me know how you do.
Im recoverying quite well, hope the same to you, bravo...

Thx fellas
Hey Brook

I enjoyed reading your informative posts on Smart drugs....glad to see you hear. Way to heal up fast, WOW.

I like letrozole over anastrozole for an anti-aromatase. Drop me an e-mail if you need to locate some.

Sup Xcel. Thx for the offer.

I just had another MRI, God I hate being in those fucking things, I barely fit. Turns out I still have a subdural hematoma but its about 25% the size it was April 18th.

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