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Here's Syntherol results - 21" arms!


FOUNDING Member / Featured Member/ Kilo Klub
Featured Member
Kilo Klub Member
Jun 6, 2002
I posted this in another thread,but it needs its own spot.This pic should end all discussion on lumps and crap and all the bullshit on SEO.Unless your a pro or serious competitor,you wont see 21inch guns like this on the average gym guy.I eat, sleep, lift the big weights and go the fuck home.SEO and juice are a part of it,but I can count on 1 hand the cycles of SEO I have run.Its not a year round thing.My arms have no lumps,they are full of veins and everywhere I go people take a step back.SEOs wont make you a freak if your not already on your way there,but they will help you break through plateaus.Once/twice a year is fine for me.BigA these arms are a direct result of following your protocol,thank you brother.....

**EDIT** 12/2009.. This thread is almost 6 years old and the original pic that was here was taken down because of some privacy issues that I had. Also it has been about 4 years since my last seo shot, so I think its time for some new blood and new pics from others who have done it. I will say that SEOs are a tool but they do not replace hard work. If your going to choose this path, Syntherol is the only way to go. Sorry for the inconvenience about the pic.
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Is Big A's protocol buried in the sticky at the top or somewhere else? I'm interested in reading it.

Also, you did do a pretty nice job. I mean, I can tell there's oil in there, but you didn't make any mistakes.
I will say that BN looks awesome.

Keep up the good work BN my man, guns are lookin good.
All swoled up no doubts about it.
They look even an thick to me.

Last time I looked BN was over 240 and I have seen pics of him at 260+...he's far from small.

Not saying it is or isn't for me as I have sometime before I need to cross that road. But form reading and learning about the product I don't feel it's right to say it defeats the purpose of hard work in the gym, that's alittle rough. Many have there thoughts, but here is my example. Everyone has seen a pic of BigKiwi correct. Now we can all agree that his body was built through dedication and hard work. Well from reading through other threads I think he's experimenting with syntherol. So are all of you about to say he's not working as hard now because he's using it. I think there's to much generalization of people. Chances are it's going to add to the placebo affect and the individual will work harder.
BN Keep it up brother. Bodybuidling is about building muscle and it's about illusion. When the big guys are on stage they are careful as to twist a wrist another 5 degrees or a few other little tricks to cover a lagging part. Why don't the just buld the muscle bigger or NOT step on the stage??
Because thats not what it's about.

Building is about getting BIG Getting lean and creating illusions of both aspects in any shape or form. Bodybuilding is about busting through natural plateaus.

As with anything excess is never good. BN has not used SEO in excess. I am betting if he dropped another couple percentage of fat and water he'd look pretty damned ripped.
I myself have used it with good results and no problems. And
will very likley use it again in the future.
i have used 1bttl of synth early on in lifting and i will say the results i have gotten were permanent, i ALSO had a mri on my shoulder and bicep areas and there is no POCKET OF OIL like most newbie fagots say, the guys who bash are very ignorant and have close to no tru knowledge of the substance.
I didnt touch SEO until my arms were 19inches.

The best part of all this is something I discussed with a friend in the gym the other day.I was not blessed with great genetics,my shoulders were actually narrower then my hips in my early teens.I was good at baseball,but not very athletic at other physical sports.I started training at about 170lbs.And like I said have gone to 270,not very lean,but JACKED.Take another survey on this board and find people who have put over 100 lbs on their frames,that list wont be extremely long either.Right now Im holding near 250,alot leaner then I have ever been,abs and all.Very wide shoulders and thick as shit.I am in the best shape of my life.

The only way to get shit done is hard work. Like I said juice,SEO,and even the shit from GNC ,these are all tools,but none of them will work without hard work.I said I used syntherol 1-2 times a year 8 weeks at a time,I did that 3 years so far
.My arms do not have a single lump.They are soft unflexed and completely natural looking(or freaky looking).I have the main veins running down both,and alot of criss cross veins on both of them.They are strong as shit,I should post a video of my training,you youngsters would probably faint.Gee,I thought all that oil would ruin my arms?LOL
I can agree

Did nuclear nutrition stuff once way back....only could use it as had legal issues preventing any gear usage......I followed no protocol...but I did put 1 cc in tri next day 1cc bi....different spots until was gone..( not right way according to most but was cautious) . All I can say is arms went from 18 to 20....and stayed at 19-19.5 since then. No gear ...just getting started again. No lumps....no strange shape...and I know that areas filled with live tissue....pain sucked but after one time it reshaped my arms....Would I use it again? if I ever competed maybe, but im a old guy now so a light cycle here and there and im fine.
I asked BALDNAZI to put this thread up because of the excellent results he got. He is a very hard worker when it comes to every aspect of this sport.
Here are the pros on this board that openly use Syntherol, just to point out the fact of how efficient it is.

BIGKIWI's shoulders:


  • justin shrugs.jpg
    justin shrugs.jpg
    55 KB · Views: 56,865
BIGKIWI's arms:


  • Justin Biceps.jpg
    Justin Biceps.jpg
    51.1 KB · Views: 56,681
Phil's arms:


  • full pic.jpg
    full pic.jpg
    37.1 KB · Views: 64,705
My friend's, Mr Italy's arms:


  • Arm.jpg
    4.2 KB · Views: 54,572
I'll go and take a pic of my calf now and I'll post it shortly.
Here is the calf. I haven't trained in a long time or geared and it hasn't seen any shots in over two years. Yet it still looks like this.


  • calf.bmp
    67.6 KB · Views: 54,124

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