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LIFE's A BITCH!!! O/T post...


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Jun 4, 2002
Went to Child Support hearing today-$475 month for a kid I didnt know existed until he was 2. They (child support enforcement)wouldnt accept under $375-400 rock bottom.
When I dated his mom I asked right off to take her to the clinic and get her on the pill. She said she was on it already-and I asked several times. She was lying. She was trying to get pregnant. She even admits this. We only went out for 8wks. The boy is 10YO now. Shes a welfare mom with 3 kids. He has been to 10 schools and is in 5th grade. They have lived with countless men-whoever will take her in for some pussy... She was married for a short time and thats where the other 2 kids are from-he pays $400 total. And we had a fling, she manipulated me into getting her pregnant-and Im going to pay almost $500 for 1 kid when her ex-husband pays $400 for 2? No way... I hardly know him-she has bounced around so much I cant keep track and she never calls me to let me know where she is despite my begging her to let me know. Right now shes been with a guy about 1yr, who is pretty well off-but she insists on stay on welfare and food stamps... no justice in life. Im going to see about getting a lawyer and will have to devote significant time, effort, and stress to this for awhile.
Sorry to rant and thanks for hearing my vent!
:mad: :( :eek:
Well, I guess that tops my story.....

about my truck breakdown at Christmas....603$ to fix and had already spent all my money on presents and such.

I have a friend that went through [is going through.....] a similar predicament. He's a good looking guy....she claimed she was unable to get pregnant. Well, suprise.....she did. His family life was screwed up due to a divorce when he was young so he did the 'right thing' and married the woman. She drives him crazy every day and he's miserable. I feel for you Mike. Worse than his Mom being a lying welfare whore............the boy's been exposed to her and a bunch of losers for male role models. If you need a redneck with a 2x4 to pay her a visit.....I might know of one. hahaha

Just goes to show you never trust anything that Bleeds for 5 days and still lives.

Done worry MIke Im sure you can work it out, a guy as smart as yourself will be able to make it workable.

exactly why I always pull out.

You should take your kid back from her.

Good Luck - CH
child support....uuuggh!!!

I know exactly how you feel. Luckily my ex and I worked the child support payments out in a signed agreement where I only have to pay $350 a month for two kids. But I do have joint custody and have my kids on a regular basis. The MD state guidlines would be $475 a month, based on my salary .

It may be worth a try to get joint or even full custody, and have her pay you the child support. But you know that you may be paying out the ass in attorney fees by the time everything is said and done. Also maybe a paternity test to make sure the kid is yours too!:confused:

Hope you've been well bro....I know we haven't talked in a while.

Fuck dude that sucks, Why in the hell would the chick wait until the little dude was 2 to tell you about him? What a bitch? I don't have any kids, I never trust a womans word on anything about not having children. I have had a few buddies that have falling into this trap and I feel sorry for them, but at least your not with this chick! The only difference between me and them is I learned from there mistake, so I could easily be in this situation, there have been a few "unresponsible" nights.
If I were u I'd try to get custody, but it might be a little ackward if he is 10 years old. Do as you wish dude as I am sure you will make the right decision for you regardless of the outcome. I hope everything goes into your favour. It doesjn't disgust me to see people on welfare but it does disgust me to see people on warfare with kids. I can understand that everyone has some falls and that they might need it from time to time, but having kids just to get a bigger cheack makes to sick. Don't these people want better lives for there children.

And people wonder why I just about fucking hate everybody????I feel for you Mike,I hope all works out in your favor.Society is just one big fucked up mess...........

Regardless of how well you know that kid, your blood runs through his veins (I am assuming you have had a blood test). If it were me, I would be after custody. If what you say is true, she is an unfit mother and it is always the child who ultimately suffers. I deal with kids (teens) everyday who grew up in situations like these and the results/outcome are rarely good. It appears (from your description of situation) that you have made the effort to be involved in his life in some capacity. If she wont allow that, take it to the next level. Dont let it become a $$ issue, let it be about what is best for that child. Put yourself in his shoes, imagine how he feels. Thats your flesh and blood bro, rescue him!

said it best. I hate fucking people in general and bitches like that are just trash. Did they hit you for back support too? Happened to my friend in a similar situation. They wanted something like 12k UP FRONT for his previous years of non-support and then $400 a month. The worst part about it, he can't stand the kid because he's too much like his mom! Stay strong Mike.

Maybe if you get to know the boy you might think this whole situation is a godsend. The love I have for my little boy is a million times stronger then any other love I've ever felt in my entire life. I don't know the details, so I hope everything works out well for you. It does seem like he would be better off living with you. Turning a boy into a man will be the most important job you will ever have, by far.
Thanks my friends for your words-its a tough time for MikeS here.
Ive had bloodwork-he is mine. And I may try for custody; Luckly no back support is due. Im figuring on looking seeing lawyers next week. Things have a funny way of working out for the best-but it might drive you nuts beforehand!! :eek: :(

But your comments and suggestions are appreciated and welcome.
LOL....when i was younger, my dad took me aside and opened up a Penthouse and circled the centerfolds pussy. He then asked "Son, you know whats inside that circle?" Son said "It's a pussy." Father said "Thats right son, and everything outside that circle is a CUNT!" hahaha Not a true story for me by the way.

Anyhow, that some bullshit bro. Good buddy of mine found out after 15 years that he had a kid in another state with some golddigging slut and 15 years later she gets him in court for 15 years of back child support! Even worse, she's been arrested 2 times for crack posession and other stupid shit. She gets sent to jail so the child is living with her new husband who she devorced just after she got out of jail.

She leaves and goes to New york, yet still was getting years of child support for the kid she wasn't even caring for! Now thats some bullshit.

Long story short, my buddy finally has a good lawyer and tracked the whore down. She'll be paying HIM BACK some money soon!

Sometimes i wish i was born with a permanent condom on my dick! haha:p
Ain't that a bitch!


Bro, I feel for you! There's not much you can do at this point but to hang tight and see what a good attorney can do for you!

I would try and get custody! Sounds like you will be able to provide a better life for this child anyway!

Good luck

Thanks-I will be consulting with some lawyers this week to examine my options.

Trouble comes in bunches. My hard drive crashed last Thur.
Tazzy (old UG vet) is looking at it now to see if there is any hope.
hey I gues on the plus side you have a son. He needes a rolemodel in his life. Hell u never know he could the next mr olympia. My point is that he is your son and the point he is at in his life he needs a good male role model or u never know what will happen.
Re: Arrggghhh

C_Horse said:
exactly why I always pull out.

You should take your kid back from her.

Good Luck - CH

I always pull out to, you can't trust those bitches.......... :p

your PM box is full, heres my basic reply to your PM. Thanks.
amazing how the psycho loser women are so 'protected' socially by laws and govt. This may be one of the best countries but its still so fucked up its unreal in so many ways.
We need a grass roots mens movement badly, to work for us guys who are getting screwed.
Mike, you are clearly a good guy with a good head on his shoulders. Shit happens in life and when you lie with the dogs you get fleas, or however the saying goes. I am not criticizing you since I live a very similar experience.

In my case, the bitch told it it was my child. I immediately stepped up and raised her from day ONE as my own. It turned out a year later (after I loved this child as my own) that she was somebody elses biological child. BTW, the mother is an absolute idiot, drug-using, freeloading, psycho cunt and I know it and didn't want anything to do with her at the time (except screw).

My girl is almost 13 now. I remarried a few years back and my wife encouraged me to seek more visitation with my kids (my X and I had another, actually she got pregnant to try to keep me after the girl). I sought more visitation and got it. Two weeks ago the bitch abandoned the kids (they were, up until that point the "center of her life") and I got full custody. Its the best thing that could happen for these kids-stability and safety in my home. Their mother is a barely functioning self-centered alcoholic and she couldn't handle the east coast anymore and moved back west.

The kid is yours. Unfortunately, the screwed-up family laws favor the biological mother with regards to child support, etc. Your kid's mother will use your child support to supprt her bad habits and her other kids and your hard-earned child support will NOT go to the exclusive benefit of your child. But not much you can do in that regard so accept it.

Here's what you can do, if you decide to do it before it too late. You need to get visitation, develop a relationship with both of you and your wife with the kid and stick to it. Its what you should do, even facing the obstacles that the kid's mother will put up. It will drive your wife crazy and be the source of many arguments.

The only other alternative is to pay your child support and walk away (there are many who do this and I'm not passing judgment). But you don't seem like the kid of guy that can do that.

My wife and I are attorneys admitted in MD, VA, MA and NY and while I would be cripple in the child rearing area without her, she is definitely a father's-rights advocate. Good luck.

vitor said:
Just goes to show you never trust anything that Bleeds for 5 days and still lives.

Or makes milk without eating grass
Or can bury a bone without getting dirt under its fingernails.

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