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Jun 5, 2002
okay..let me set the stage..my in laws come over tonight and decide to stay and eat dinner with us. now, my wife and her parents are very close and she is diffinitely "daddy's little girl". i can never complain about my wife.. she is the best wife a guy could ask for but, she really does not want to dissapoint her parents in any way... so anyway, we are eating dinner and everything is going great. as i look up from across the table i see my wife and she is looking at me..she winks then, the ultimate look of horror comes over her face... this automatically makes me turn around , fully expecting to see satan himself walking down my hall..as i turn to look in the direction of her stare, i noticed my little 1 year old angel, walking towards me with mommy's vibrator in her hands..i automatically lapse into a dream sequence, then come too. i have never in my life moved so quick without tearing every muscle in my body. i jump up, and as god is my witness, my feet did not touch the floor. i pick her up quickly and run to the bedroom..apparently my wife was cleaning out the closet in my bedroom and placed her many objects on the iron board in the bedroom...and yes, we found out that our little angel can now turn door knobs. as i returned to the dinner table i hear my mother in law say "whats wrong with him..is he sick??". my wife stutters "i , i ,i dont know ill check" before she gets up i am in the room sitting down..thank god they were not in the line of vision..or so i thought.. my wife breathes a sigh of relief and we finish dinner.. as we are walking them to the car, i am talking to her father and he says "well, we better be going..we have a bout a hour drive ya know.." he then turns to leave and says "by the way, you might want to lock your unmentionables up. the kids have obviously found them" i stood there absolutely mute... and then just kinda laughed. ya know, that nervous laughter that comes with knowing that your father in law now knows that you violate his little girl "ten ways till tuesday". as they pulled away. my wife laughed, "thank god you got her before mom and dad saw her..i would never be able to face them again..especially my daddy." i did not have the heart to tell her....YET.. just another day at my house... :D

Cant even imagine bro. I hate to see the look of horror on her face when you tell her about her dad :) :( :eek:

Hey, look at the bright side......At least she didnt bring out your penis pump!
At least your little 1YO didnt comein with it in her mouth, or asking why it smelled kinda funny! :D

Just kidding bro LATS, you know! ;)

How the little one warm our hearts eh!
That is some funny shit and I can relate as my little guy handed something to his granpa about six months ago almost as bad.

He has a habit of walking around with VCR/DVD's/CD's and handing them to people, don't know why just something he does.

Making a long story short my in-laws were visiting and as they were walking out he handed his gramps a cam corder tape. His granpa said what do you have and as I saw it my asshole puckerd. I could only grin and think "God please don't let that be the tape". Well as I saw my father in laws smile become a frown I knew it was too late and he quickly said give that to your mother.

They left we all smiled except his gramps my wife said what was the matter I handed her the tape and she turned white. My wife thinks she is funny so on this tape were the words " Lance and Lori's Nasty XXX" descriptive terms such as ANAL, Blowjob, Lori Licking. I guess he knows we have sex now LOL!

nice huh!:D
FAT-Thats just as bad as LATS story!

Turning to the other side, I was typing on the net last week, and thought I highlighted something and wanted to paste and copy. But apparently I didnt do the paste, because when I went to copy-it was my a descriptive story about 'how some guy dick felt while it was fucking me (her)' - I realized I copied something that the last person to use the computer before me had written - my 19YO stepdaughter. Apparently she was sharing her 'fuck stories' with her AOL friends. I didnt tell her Mom but I was tempted.

So when the little innocent young ones you have grow up, they will turn the tables on you!

god damn those are some funny ass stories.. i dont have too many good ones yet, but i was with my x grilfriend, i was about 19 at the time.. i was eating her out hard core, just going to town, then my mom pops in the door and asks some question.. hhhaa

all she saw was my big ass all perked up in the air.. god it was the funniest thing..hhehe , still cant stop laughing about that..



hopefully no persons of dubious character are reading this and also have your phone number......

onley at lats house lol

This is GREAT stuff. If only I had something to add...
hehe, fortunately when that happened to me, only my wife & I were in the room. You do jump up awful quick when your 2 year old daughter has a dildo in her hand!
for god sake LATS, I have seen and heard everything I thought was possible over at that house! Never in my wildest dreams would I ever expect this!:eek: You just keep that damn thing locked up and away from me!:p

TH dont kid yourself..i have one with your name on it..:D

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