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SAM-e as a alternative to NSAIDS?

Brent D.

New member
Jul 16, 2003
Knowing the possible upper GI side effects of NSAID use, I recently started to use SAM-e (S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine) to treat minor post work-out joint problems.

My question is, what kind of results have others had using SAM-e for this purpose, what dosage was optimal, and what if any side effects were felt?

Thanks for your responses!

Brent D.
Why don't you spell out NSAID for this dumb ol' country boy?!?!

What are these products used for? Sounds like it may be of interest to me (bad shoulders).

Try an enzyme complex called wobenzyme, or stight bromolean, sorry I spell like a retard but you can figure it out.
Oh - now I see, DUH!

I guess I've just learned to live with pain (as long as it's not unbearable - keep me awake at night). I'm looking for more of a strenthening/preventative measure like MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, etc. I had some negative feedback when taking high dosages of Glucosamine HCL and switched to MSM - but do not feel it's quite as effective.


In studies NSAID's have show to decrease the action or even cancell it to some extent the benifits of pgf2 (that is made in your body) to traumatized muscle. Like after your workout. For this reason alone I try to really limit my intake of those products.
Yup, I agree with Bromelain - it is a good general anti-inflammatory, I used it after surgery an it certainly help (as my surgeon said it would). I've also heard that Sam-e but have no personal experience with it. A pub med search might turn something up.

I've used this stuff for awhile for my joints and it seems to help quite a bit www.glcdirect.com
Found SAM-e at a decent price (on sale) at **broken link removed**

May get a couple of bottle and give it a try! How much a day are you taking?



Thanks for the link! That's 29% cheaper than Costco's price... WOW!

I take 2 - 4 200mg. tabs per day, on an empty stomach, depending on how "creaky" my bones feel.

Other than the anti-inflammatory effect, the only other side effect that I notice is I feel more relaxed in a high energy way. Not bad!

Thanks again,

Brent D.
Brent - That abstract gave a pretty sound endorsement to the use of Sam-e for osteoarthritis/as an anti-inflammatory. I might have to give it a shot now!

X - nice job bargain hunting bro!

SAM-e and B vitamins

To all interested in the use of SAM-e,

I found some more information on the effects on SAM-e and all were good except one. SAM-e breaks down into the potentially harmful homocysteine, which can be a bad thing for the cardiovascular system. High levels of homocysteine have been shown to greatly increase risk of heart disease.

Here is the good news. By taking B-complex vitamins especially B-6, B-12 and folic acid, which are all methyl-donors, homocysteine is converted back to methionine which is a key component in the natural production of S-Adenosyl Methionine, (SAM-e). Or so I read.

That might be one of the reasons why folic acid recently made the news as a vitamin that acts as an anti-depressant in people with elevated homocysteine levels. Something to think about!

Bottom line, if you take SAM-e, watch out for B vitamin toxicity but take your B vitamins!

Brent D.
Sam-e is great!

I have been taking Sam-e at 400 mg per day and Glucosomine, Chondroitenm, and MSM for a little over 1 year now. i had such terrible elbow and forearm pain that i had to stop working out completely for 4 months. I got a couple of cortisone shots, and stayed on Vioxx for a while. Nothing really helped out until I was on the above Natural remedy for about 3-4 months. Now my elbows feel great and I don't even take the Vioxx anymore

The Sam-e/G-C-M combo is cheap, but it is definately effective
SAM-e and glucosamine

Thanks SJR7674,

for the input. Good idea taking glucosamine also. I am glad to hear the combination helped.

I will try adding glucosamine to the mix!

Brent D.

SAMe was AWESOME after I had recurring shoulder surgery pain....I would recommend it 2 anyone & everyone, I personally had a chiropractor friend tell Me "John the difference between this & other shit is it is almost permanent" well that was 10months ago I took it for 2 months 1 pill a day & the pain in My should that I had torn previously had not started to come back even slightly until just recently.....try it for 60days U have nothing to lose

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