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Story, rec.drugs vs Aas, please read


Jun 6, 2002
Rec. drugs are very bad. I know this because i take a lot of extasy and speed.

I live in Belgium, in my country there is the best extasy in the world. The (good) stuff you guys take comes from Holland or Belgium. The price is 5 dollar for 1 pil. I heard that in the states the price is 25 dollar for 1 pill, is this true??

In my hometown (almost) every late teenager who goes out take this stuff.

So, I took a lot, and i mean a lot. There were times that i took the pills every day, for mounths.

On night i took 2 grams of speed, with 8 extasy pills. I almost died then. So i was addicted to the stuff.

After 8 mounths of taking drugs, my body was destroyed. My heart beated very fast and irregular (in rest, without the drugs to)
My skin looked yellow (liver).
My bals hurt
And i had to pie every hour. (bladder or kidneydissiese).
The cops searched my parents house several times to search for drugs ( i was a dealer, so i could pay my high drugbill)
The police never catched me, because i knew the clubbouncers very well

I began to realise what the extasy and speed really do with my body, so i quit. Because i took cocaine also for a few weeks.

So i began working out, so i would forget my drugsfriends and the drugs itself. It worked, i never touched the stuff again.

I have real friends now at my gym, i never go out, because i train 6 days a week. And i need my rest.

My hart beats normal, my skin is normal, bladder/kidney, my nuts hurt a little bit, somethimes.

My passion is bodybuilding, and when i see those stupid, skinny, rec.,drugaddicts, i laugh: you losers, and i could beat them all up, lol

I admit that i use gear now. But don't use to much. (500mg susta, 25mg dianabol ed) for 8 weeks, then 8 weeks rest.
And i don't want to raise the dosage up, because it's enough for me

Oh yeah, another thing: when i used rec.drugs i was alway sick and i felt weak and sick. Now i feel absoluty healthy i almost never catch a cold know.

So: Steriods are way more healthier then rec.drugs, i don't feel sick after my sustanoninjection, i feel better actually.

So: Don't do rec.drugs, theye are bad
Holy shit, you took alot of stuff! The worst thing ive ever done is get drunk 1x in my life. The good part is that you where able to stop before it killed you. I have a famliy member who is hooked on everything, if he is still here in the next 6x it will be a miracle.
I totally know where you are coming from I was addicted to those some things for many years and it took getting admitted to hospital and nearly dieing myself for me to realise I was not invincible. I totally agree the only way to stop it is get out the scene and be around people who are going to take you somewhere not kill you. well done Geoffke it takes a strong mind to get stop taking drugs and keep off them.

Thats great news Geoffke keep hitting it. Glad to hear your life is now in line are you are doing well then. MM
Maybe read the post on www.anabolex.com "all this shit talking about rec.drugs". Read it all
There are actually shitheads who claim harddrugs are safe and that i'm the one who don't know what i'm talking about. Jeezzz
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Rec. Drugs

I have a friend that was hitting the gym hard and using some gear. He was on his way to putting on some size, then for some reason he decided that he wanted to try Rec. Drugs. He was gone for about 2 weeks, when he came back I hardly recognized him. He looked like crap, he lost about 15 lbs, sunken cheeks, no muscletone at all. He told me that he had been on a 1 week binge of speed, X and coke. Since then he has gotten back in the gym and cleaned up a bit, I sure hope he is able to get it together. I have never been a Rec. drug user, and had no idea how fast they can crash you.

fuck rec. drugs they are useless. i am against it when people take them. everynow and then my girl will take one hit of x or something ( once a year or so) but i can't say shit because i take so much gear. i basically don't see to much of a point in them. But i do enjoy a nice joint now and again durring the bulking season to help with my appetite on those tough days. other then that stay away. Tons of good bodybuilders get hooked on rec drugs and its a shame. i know some top notch guys that take 100,000 worth of Nubain a year. it sad but the same guys are lean as hell year round from the stuff. But eventually most of them ended in rehab unfortunately.
This is deffinately something that can suck you in before you know it. Extremely harsh on the liver. Almost everyone goes through some kind of addiction at some point. Being addicted to night life was my problem and these things happenend to be a side affect of it. Good things that's over. Well good job to everyone that has seen that side and gotten away from it.
And yes X can go for as much as $25-$30 in the states. But anyone in the "now" can get them cheap $6-$7.
pharmacutical drugs can be just as bad.......

Ive had many surgeries in my life and after 2 years of painful shoulder surgeries I became addicted to pain pills...percocet,vicodin eventually was taking up to 80-100 pills a day....started writing own scripts and taking to every pharmacy in town finally got busted and went through horrible withdrawels lost 50 lbs....my BP was 70/40 I was a mess for months

words to the wise ....prescription pain pills will creep up on you and fuck you as bad as any other drugs
I have snacked on Xstacy myself but being bodybuilder at heart - I prefer not 2. In any case - it fucks up your hard earned gains and is real harsh on the liver - I could feel it the next day. A big congratulations from my side to those who gave up recreational drugs for a life in the gym. AAS (when used intelligently) are not half as bad for you plus the results speak for themselves.
An guy i know who is a Pro from Aus, and has won a major masters title and was doing well in the early 90's was hooked on rec drugs.

This guy would have won the olympia or gone extremely close had he lived a normal rec drug free lifestyle and concentrated solely on bodybuilding. He looked fukin awesome. Its a shame because he is a lovely guy and now he is going through a hard time.

Cormier is another example. As much as i like the guy, imagine cormier without the rec drugs and the late night partying.
Big Already said:
[B AAS (when used intelligently) are not half as bad for you plus the results speak for themselves. [/B]

I couldn't agree more! ;)
The old "willpower" argument

that's the one that get's me. I see young guys saying its just having enough willpower. Yes and no, after awhile, doing dope and making it through life starts to look like evidence of "willpower"

Next thing you know that shit sneaks up and fucks up a month, a year, a lifetime, a life - whatever. I can look at my life now, compare myself to others my age and say I'm doing good. Then again, where would I have been without all that shit? Would of missed some good times, would of missed some real bad ones too though.

I'm just happy to be sitting here not needing something just to get through the day. I was one of those guys blessed with tons of "willpower" too. - CH

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