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SwoledUp is here!


New member
Jun 23, 2002
~SwoledUP~ is here!
Many of you are saying, "it's about damn time!" U know who u are!

I specialize in getting people ripped. Shredded to all hell. I am still doing that to this day, and will continue to do so. I want to be known as "Mr. Transparency" when it comes to that. I have received 100's of e-mails from bros telling me they will get with me when it's time to cut up, and they ask me if I have any kind of bulking diet available. They really wanted a diet like this. I did not at that time as it was being experimented with on many different platforms. Well, during this time I had 3 people I know "testing" if you will, my formula/Eating Patterns designed to put on mass, without adding the tons of fat that is traditionally gained. I listened to the brothers requesting some kind of diet to bulk up on, and took heed to the suggestions that I come up with something which works wonders like my SwoleGenix cutting programs do. SwoledUp is the result.

Will you gain some fat? Yes. However, about 1/3 of what you would eat if u simply upped calories and tried to gain size. Who the hell wants size for the sake of size, if most of that size is fat? No one I knew. As well, it made it harder to diet when it came time to do so. Now I believe it's the best of both worlds. I have done it as well as those I train, and we all love it. If my cutting diet worked for everyone I helped via the Net, I know my bulking one will as there is FAR LESS GUESSWORK!!!!! Cutting calories and maintaining muscle is much more of a delicate balance. Even harder when u cannot see/talk to your subject everyday. U really have to know ratios and calorie expenditures, whereas with my SwoledUp program, u basically can do no wrong...EVER! However, there are specific ratios to get you bigger, but without looking like you have VIP card to all of the fast food joints on your main strip.

I decided to roll this out now, well, because it was ready to roll out, and I have more time to devote to my clients and such now that I am working from home. I figure this is a good time to help those hardgainers, or those who want to add some good mass and get more buff, or like I say, get on SWOLE! After completing the SwoledUp program to your satisfaction, dieting is easy because you have FAR LESS fat to strip off then u normally would bulking. Then, who has the best/easiest/fastest cutting diet available? Right...........SwoleGenix.

From SwoledUP to SwoleGenix, u basically have your year round schedule to a T. I am trying to find a way for this to reach other boards without simply placing a thread as that's cheesy somewhat, but I know other bros from other boards have asked me for such a diet. Therefore, if you know of anyone looking for such help from other boards, feel free to send them to my website or to my e-mail.

I'm actually on it right now and up to 230 from my contest weight of 217, and I'm still ripped. Not show shape cuz no one stays like that, but I'm ripped! All I gotta do is drop H20.

~SC~XL~Do It Big~

**broken link removed**
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no auto sigs here huh??

Can someone help a bro out and stick this for a bit?

**broken link removed**

what does "Exactly" mean?

I know lats is a mod I guess, so is this gonna be deleted or
some shit? Just curious because if it's bothersome for some reason, having someone share findings that people were asking for, then just ask me and I'll remove it.

No need to try and be all undercover and shit like you're
Miami Vice or some isssshhhhh....... :rolleyes:

I guess it's what I get for sharing.

noneck, Swole did nothing wrong to u, u took it too far, just for note swole does know his dieting inside out, just go to gotfina.com and ask about him and ull see, ive done his rough cutting diet, in other words the basic program without the intracies u have to pay for even though i know it would work better this way but im an athlete not a bb with different needs then looking shredded, ill just stad for cut but the diet works plain and simple.
whatever i am sorry Swole dog sorry u took it to heart:eek: :D ;) :p :confused: :eek: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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Glad to see you finally made it over bro - Welcome!

Swole is a mod over at GotFina and knows his shit! Just take a visit over there and check out his pics - a picture is worth a thousand words. He has a recent pic of him and Flex - and Flex looks "small" compared to Swole!

Look forward to Swole sharing his pre-contest prep - "hint-hint" :D


ah yes, the infamous "u need to get laid or something" adult comeback line. Nice one! I can see originality is NOT your fortay! As well, with that comment, I can totally tell ya don't know me nor my history....ahhhaha.......those who do know me, know what I mean.

I took nothing to heart.......I really - simply - quite plainly don't care, as I'm doin' big things and not trippin' off your kinda comeback posts..those are everywhere. Seems like I edit them every day on my board. I was asking out of respect of for the owners/operators of the board, if I had broken some rule. I was being open and asking as I wish some would do on my board.

Your initial response made no sense, and I was checking to see if there was something I needed to do to my post such as move it, edit it, etc, etc, since you could not relay any such message clearly. U are good at using the smilies however for what that's worth.

I was not concerned with you nor post as I have never heard of you, but was focusing on the ones I do know. No dis-respect was intended towards ya, and if there was you'd know it.

WASSUP my bro Xcel. Thanks for the back-up on this thread..hahah, I guess when u are outta bounds u need that. Yeah, Flex is cool as shit, and I must admit it's nice to get a compliment on my arm size from such a popular figure. I'll see ya @ GotFina.com. My website is also gonna be updated, and think it's time for a message board myself! That should be bomb.

Well, time to get laid! ;)

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Swole is one of the good guys. Welcome bro.


what's up PB! Now u I recognize!


Okay okay, now can we all focus on what we all love,
that being IRON and all variations of this fitness game?
I still have no idea what he meant, but I get a sense it
was negative and I have no idea what prompted that.

On my board.........can u say Bye Bye Bye???
N'Sync can........even though I hate em.....hahahaha.......
Ah well, I'm not @ mi casa here, so I guess it comes with
the territory. Maybe he can come to GotFina2K3 in Vegas and
we can laugh it off over a drink.

I didn't see the flame before it was deleted, but I don't see any reason to flame at all. The dude obviously knows his shit. Welcome aboard.
Hey Swole, of course you're welcome here!

BigA has a policy about not allowing posts for "products" (non-AAS) and noneck was just subtly asking if this was post was OK - not trying to flame you. Since you are discussing a "service," I'm not sure what BigA will say?!?!

If you've read many posts here, you'll notice there's very little flaming that goes on here. We had a crazy b*tch that ended up in a huge flame back in the beginning - before I knew how to "administer/modify" posts :) !!

Hope you decide to visit us and "contribute" some of that knowledge bro!

Oh I C.......

Thanks wolverine for the welcoming.....

XCel, I didn't know BigA had such a policy. As I stated, if I broke
a rule or something, I will delete my post but I am sure he will
do that before I get a chance to if he's anything like me @GotFina.com.

The only reason I posted that here was because a few bros wrote to me mentioning this board as one of a few they are members of, but those e-mails are gone. (I get boatloads and can't save em all!) They wanted this type of diet, and I knew of no other way to reach them besides posting here. I suppose I could have e-mailed BigA, or you, or someone and asked first, but with my schedule these days I just as soon have won Wimbledon!

I won't be posting my services takin' up space trust me. I have a home for that @GotFina where bros always wanna know what's up with the latest tweaking of diets, hints, tips, contest prep, photoshoot tightening tricks, etc etc. I can always go as easy as I came, no biggie at all!

Take care all!
Well , I for one, hope you decide to visit us. Sandblaster visits occaisionally and vitor (your remember him) frequents here, I've seen bigtito visit, dragonfire, (I hate to start naming bros 'cause I really don't want to leave anyone out!) and I even invited Animal over and he's posted in the early stages of this board!

You can go into the <User CP> and under <Edit Options> <Thread View Options> and select "Yes" for <Show image attachments and code in Posts?> This will allow you to link to an image - at least in your post (not sure about your signature)


Bump this back up...

There is none better than Swole. I know him, know his programs, and have used them. If he can take a fat-ass powerlifter like me, drop 5% BF and still make me stronger, imagine what he can do for you.

Xcel, I'd post more over here, but you always on top of everything! Plus, with guys like BigA, Wolverine, Magoo, and MikeS, you've got the best in the game...

SB :cool:

Yeah, SwoleCat is the real deal, he has helped me out a couple times...a friend and I will be purchasing his services soon.
I thought I would stop by and say hey to xcelbeyond and give Swole's program a bump. Give him a try the program works, week six for me. peace...


Glad ya made your way over bro - Welcome! I hope my e-mail was helpful.

Swole knows his shit - as his physique shows.


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