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Water retention and carbs?


New member
Nov 14, 2002
Lets say you were about 10% bf, taking a good amount of gear and enough anti-e's to keep down the assosiated bloat. Should water retention still be much of a problem if eating a high protien, high carb, low fat diet? By high carb I mean around 500 g a day. I often hear people comment they lose some water when adjusting thier diets to a low carb higher fat diet. Is the difference huge? Or should the anti-e's alone be enough to keep water down to a reasonable level, regardless of diet? Thanks
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I dont know what every one else is gonna say but initialy u are gonna fill up your glyocogen stores which for every 1g of glycogen u are gonna hold 3g of water. Hence the reason where u go low carb u drop a ton of initily water weight. Iam not a real big fan of excessive carbs during bulking personaly I dont like going over 300g a day. But then again my body loves fat for some reason so id say experiement and see what works for u. As for an anti while cycle it will keep water down yes but it is debaable its efffects on gains.
The fatest gnpower has ever been has been like 12% BF.
In middle school and high school all he ever ate was doughnuts, chips Ahoy cookies and the occasional Cheeseburger. He washed all of that down with Big K Citrus Drop. He was still skinny and lean...BASTARD!
try it

The anti-e isn't going to play along the same pathway as holding water due to carbs. Anti-e's are not going to reduce bloat due to the excess glucose spilling over. You eat too many carbs and its going somewhere!!
Really the only way is for you to try something new. People react differently. As far as holding water. Yes you hold glycogen with water at a 3:1 ratio. Lets just say you take in 500g of glycogen into your stores, you'll hold 1500g water. If you add that up your looking at 2000grams which is 71oz
2000g/28grams per oz= 71oz. Or 71oz/16oz= 4.46 lbs.
You'll typically hold that much more water. But its not firm numbers. They're are other factors that come into play, Which is how you body is with fats and carbs alike. You just really need to play around with the ratios. I can eat 500g a day for about 5 weeks before I push my self over 12-14%. But some people would look like the michelin man..
You seem you are not that carb sensative since your eating as much carbs as you are and still only at 10%. You could do one of two things. You could tweak the carbs down 100 grams the first week or so and raise the fat 50 grams (good fat). That will keep you at virtually the same caloric count. Try that for a couple weeks. That in its self could change your body composition. You may evenwant to drop 200-300 carbs total but raise the fat at half the grams if you do so. I would think dropping them 100-200 and raising fat 50-100grams you will see a difference after 3 weeks or so. But this even depends on another factor. And that is timing of carbs and type of carbs.

You may also want to be looking at the type glyc carbs you eating and when. You can keep the carbs at 500g if you want in order to keep the calories up, but be sure to only take in high glycs post training and 1-2 hours after. The rest should be low glyc. If your bombarding your body with 500g of high glyc carbs frequently through the day you are going to hold water, unless you are also using some T3 which will keep those glycogens burning off thus some of the water. If your taking t3 you really need to be more aware of how you tweak your diet. I will assume for the sake of descibing more into detail that you are not on T3 if you are it'll get tricky to tweak your diet and know whats working if you change your drug regimine by stopping the T3. What I mean is, your not going to be using t3 for long ranges anyhow, not long enough to see how a few weeks of tweaking ratios will effect you. I'll press forward assuming your not on t3. I am not sure when you train or what. But you can tweak it as you need it.. What ever you do, Its a very good time to try one or the other or eventually if one doesn't yeild much change then poosibly both!! But be sure to really track it well. This is a very good oppurtunity to see how your body reacts. It seems you are at a point where you are fairly in tune with your body. So tweak it one way or the other and track it. Because it sounds like an ideal time for you to take you level of understanding of your own body to a new level. Whatever you do keep calories up. Its sounds like you just want to change the visuals of you physique but dropping some water more than you just want to BULK or drop fat. So the two teaking methods above should be all you need to do. Chose 1 and just do it. Not sure it that answered your question though??
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thanks guys

That was exactly what I was looking for. My question was kind of hypothetical. I actually am following a diet exactly as you suggested. It was from Wyldeone and lowered carbs 150-200 grams, all low gi except post workout, and added good fats. This is also the first time I have added anti e-s to my cycle as well. So I wasn't sure if the water loss was more from lowered estrogen or the drop in carbs. I was also curious if I go back to high carbs for bulking if my water retention would be bad. It sounds like the carbs play a much larger role than the estrogen though. You guys have enlightened me, thanks. I am learning alot from this board.

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