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What I learned: <FatHead's Post>


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Jun 5, 2002
I learned a lesson that I keep learning....trust and respect are earned. I am a Christian....so I attempt to tell the truth and live right. I don't always hit the mark.....but I am trying and pray about it when I screw up. Being honest....I usually give people the benefit of the doubt and figure they are telling the truth as well. I liked the physique I saw when "fathead" posted his pics....I still think THAT guy has a great physiqe and of course the pics of Dave Hawk were outstanding as well! The sad thing is.......I was really happy for "fathead" and excited by the progress he was apparantly making. I have been staying off the board for a while myself....training hard and getting in wicked condition just to post some new pictures of myself. I am sorta sad about the whole thing at this point. People I have met have lied to me about themselves in person and it is always a let down for me. When someone claims to be this or that I always wonder how it can make them happy to convince others of a lie....I would feel empty if I did something like that. I guess I understand if the whole purpose of this was to warn the lifting community or help the average workout enthusiast about the dangers of trusting the wrong person on the net. It doesn't feel like that to me though. The posts contain a lot of put down comments that don't really help anyone. I could even understand if " fathead" was law enforcement and was making a big bust on a known dealer who was sellling narcotics in addition to testosterone. Some big time badass who was killing or hurting people. I sense no conspiracy here. I don't see the "story"......Mainly its just people who are into lifting....maybe I am just slow. I hope the rest of you men/women are who you say you are! I'll feel like I lost another Comrade in Iron otherwise. <Fathead> .......Could you possibly change the flavor of your message and use it to help the bodybuilding information boards instead of hurting ordinary people?? You have stated that you are successful, make lots of money and all...so why even do something like this? I think you made some good points in many of your posts and although you tend to be biting in your observations...you might have something of value to contribute. I was fooled.....I have been lied to before and it always feels bad. I hope it's worth it all.
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Yea bro - I try and find the brighter side of things also. I, like Will Rogers, never met a man I didn't like. Now that's not to say I agree with everyone :)

I also thought fathead's physique made me overlook all his trash talk. I'm confused as to why he felt the need to lie - surely this can't be much of a story he's put together.

Also can't for the life of me figure why he turned on me - just showed me his "real self" in that action.

xcel...he's an asshole plain and simple thats why he turned on you. I'll admit when i first got online I was on aol and I met several good friends over the years online. BUT i was "friends" with someone that had a split personalty as well... come to find out he was saying tons of shit about me and everything else... so in a way i guess i do agree with fathead to a point, and thats BECAREFUL of who you trust, and not just online, but there are some sneaky mofo's out there in "real life" as well, and some that are just plain fucked in the head, the way FH is.

good to see ya post again JT, and i agree very much with your post. in fact, hehe it makes me want to admit a lil lie i been telling, not just to guys on here, but to myself as well... and while that is going to be very insignficant to everyone, i need to get it offa my chest and maybe it'll help rebuild the fire in my own eyes.

i let my body go to shit, i'm down from 238 to a weak 204 and yes even at 204 i have a lil chubby belly,hell, right now, i prolly look as if i have never even juiced before, my shoulders have lost a great amount of size and so have my arms and legs. =*(

i went a good several months without touching a weight, and even when i did, the past year, i just haven't been into the weight room as i used to be, i've been eating junk junk and more junk, just haven't been caring about what i been stuffing down my face, i made my home brew, only to junk it all as i just got fed up with injections/blood pressure/ other BS with juice and bored with the weight room, i even started to hate working out, which isn't like me at all. been battleing depression for awhile and i think thats whats really fucking me up, been trying to work ft and build a biz while making shit money.... i'm a poor sob and trying to change that hehe.

my daughter's been trying to get me back into the weight room, she keeps saying how she misses lifting weights cuz she's my weight partner hehe, so i watched her lift a couple of days ago, so who knows, i am planning on starting to lift again Monday after my job interview(a better job, which would help me with the cost of my biz a lil more hehe), as my lil girl will prolly do some karate on me if i dont lift with her, as she said when we went to the store and was carrying a 2 liter of root beer(mmm rootbeer) she said she needs to lift weights cuz her muscles aren;t strong anymore, so i guess i need to get my ass in order and hit the weights again, just need that passion to burn again.

so, while my lie has been mainly to myself, as in saying "I'll start lifting again tomorrow." and "I don't look that bad" after reading JT's post, it hit home, and i just needed to get some stuff offa my chest.

lift hard and don't let the passion die fellas. =)

great posts guys were all human good to see ya guys again. MM
Hey JustWannaBe , nice post, you are a stand up guy and i wanted to wish you luck with you job interview and your startup business { can the guys on here help ?} Get back in the gym, I know you will feel better .I did when I returned after a long lay off. Just take things slow.I have been through some hard times in my life [money issues included] , just remember to do the right things day after day and things will eventually change for the good.It is kinda of like dieting down for a show ,at first you bust your ass and see little change , but eventually if you put enough days together doing the right things, some amazing things happen.Just focus on one productive day at a time , enjoy the journey my friend . It will not ever be easy ,but you will be suprised how much one can change things in a fairly short amount of time. Someday i will share my story with you cats and you will see that I have been through an aweful lot , but built a pretty damm good life by just doing the right things and being a good person.And you know what ,Just Wanna Be you can to .......I know you can ....I promise.....One day at a time...
Xcell, you are one of the reasons that I am here . You are a class guy with a good heart and very intelligent as well. Age is just a number bro.....don't hold back.....I have a very good friend that I met 3 years ago. He was 50 ,in the mist of a divorce , living out of his car , and on the verge of suicide .His comp weight was 188 at the time .I befriended him helped out with some money and encouragement and the guy just blossomed.He just won the NPC overall ultra masters MR. Cal at 222 and is preparing for next years masters nationals.He also found a great girl that worships the ground he walks on , has made many great new friends , and has his financial issues covered.He has become both a friend and a father figure to me [ mine is dead] .The guy would kill for me and I would do the same him as well.My point is , don't hold back with your goals and dreams because people tell you that you are too old or can't .My friends whole life didn't begin until he was 50 and now he is loving it .All he needed was a little love and encouragement.If your wife ,friends , or people on here don't take you seriously, phuk em! Do your thing Excel....Do your thing.....

jwbh.....that's funny about your little girl thinking "her arms aren't strong anymore"......sounds like you are being a good dad! I remember a lot of your posts.........keep your head up. I have never really wanted kids of my own...but that story sounds cute. She wants you to lift again. You'll get back to it. I get sick of the whole 'supplement' game as well.........so I keep it real simple and alter my eating. That seems to be the main thing for me.....regardless of what I am taking or how I am training. Start having fun again. Thanks for responding, buddy.

Excel: Yeah, I agree with Iamabadman...keep doing your best. I don't remember you ever bragging in your posts or claiming to be huge. That confuses me as well. I just don't know why someone would want to hurt people for no real reason. I can never remember you being an ass on here. Strange. Anyway, thanks for being nice to me.:D
You know why we are seemingly puzzled by this? Because most of us are basically good people (like the guys in this thread) and
we just dont understand the thought process of someone who does things simply to be hurtful and evil. That guy Fathead, whoever he is, is just plain nuts. A mind that is entertained by ways that we dont comprehend. This guy has money? You can pretend behind a keyboard, but who in real life would give any responsibility to a sick, deviant guy like that? And if he has so much time to devote to detailed, thought out methods of irratating and deceiving-where does he have the time to devote to making all this money? Xcel he flamed me too, in that revealing post last week, and I never did shit to the guy. Dude would probably steal his mothers last dollar. Dont try to figure it out. :confused:

Fathead sure got to a lot fo people here I see. Personally with waste like that its best left forgotten deleted & not paid attention to. Who cares hes a one hit wonder. So were Milli & Vanilla till they to wee found not legit! lol..

The world is gonna come to a hault all because of one mans views of our underground community in which he sees us all as a bunch of bafoons when in fact it is he that is the coward who has to hide behide the photos of others to make his story headlines etc.

What has he percieved about the underground community? What we use a/s & other hormones to help achieve our goals? What that we must use the black market to aquire the products we use to better our physiques? What that we are a community just like any other community who try to stick together & make the best of our similarities as humans that strive in bettering our physical appearances? What more could he have gotten through his research over the months he has spent here?

Personally fathead can eat a dick if you ask me! Just another idiot trying to get the public to notice him because he was beaten or raped as a child. They do have help for people of your stature fathead. Its called a psychiatric ward or simply put a looney bin! You will be the laughing stock of your own research as you already are the lauging pile of shit here at PM & Im sure other sites as well. Don't waste your typing kills here or you immaturity level as something to get attention. I mean are you that lonely? Are you that bored? Are you that pathetic that you find this amusing? Personally I find it as a man who is missing something besides his balls. Sorry to hear you feel the need to act as a child when your supposed to be a grown man. Now whos the baffoon?? Look at you..your a laughing stock here jackass! Hope you feel real good now!


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