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Wyld, FATHEAD, IVAN et al

Big A

IFBB PRO/NPC JUDGE/Administrator
Staff member
Jun 4, 2002
I locked both of those threads of yours. I don't think that they contribute anything more to the board and it's taking away from it - threads are down - people don't come here to watch grown men fighting, just good info (yeah, I know I blasted Animal, but he's just a fuckhead).

I know you all three and am friends with you. You don't like each other, that's fine.
If you any of you three are leaving this board, I will bitch slap you next time I'll see you :D

Seriously, you all three are going to stay on here, because you are all liked by the majority, you are valuable members, my friends, and, I am saying so ;)

You should all read LATS's post on FATHEADs thread - it's almost at the end of the thread.

This should be the end of this matter.

I understand man, and sorry it was on your board --- I was kinda wonderin' when you were gonna jump in. :p

Ps -- I still got more stuff for ya...regarding my info if you are still interested.

PPs -- and yeah animal is a fuckhead;)
Ahhh shit

BigA` just laid the smack down on all your candyasses, lol j/k
I agree, I know you guys are ole timers but you ever hear that
LimpBizkit song Break stuff, Its all about the he said she said Bullshit. Cant we all just get along:eek:
Ohh wait that be boring ass all hell. How about we (you`all) just agree
that we disagree on some things and move on.

What is goin on at Ripped mass? Is it down again?
just needed clarification!

the reason i openly posted is to get these guys to openly post there gripes so i could respond and not do it via p.m.'s its realy simple if you have a problem with me e-mail me and I am more than willing to work evrything out one way or the other! I am personally letting this one die as well. These guys are morethan willing to say whatever they want as it really doesn't matter to me! I know who I am and what i have achieved in this sport and therefore I am at piece with myself. Ivan I am sorry you were mislead my friend all you had to do was ask me and I would have been for than happy to explain Brad and I's situation but instead it was all kept behind the scenes and no one ever came to me with any of these problems they had otherwise they could have been resolved. as for fathead and his comments well i find it kind of funny that he said Dave P. rejected my article when i have a copy of RXMuscle with the article i wrote so I guess that is another blatant lie! but the proof is out there for all to see! I am done with this subject and BIG A as a friend I owe that to you as we started this board together with Mike_s,Ironmike,LATS,patk,ect....... i never have forgotten where i came from nor will I ever for that matter. wyldeone.
Allright the guys ornery (Animal)--but i see alot of blasting him in this forum. No doubt about it the guy walks to the beat of his own drummer. He's opinionated and I dont always agree with what he says (and I suppose he doesnt agree with everything I say either) but I give him respect because the bottom line is if you have been reading him for a number of years he has been pretty damn ingenious in some of the things he has come up with (kits, mg to ml, and other chemistry concepts). I was freinds with Dan D and he also was a peculiar individual. Animal has a huge temper, is stubborn as a mule but christ look beyond that and see the things the man has brought to the forefront. Many people reading this might of been arrested by now trying to acquire certain things thru foreign or domestic mail order where it not for kitchen chemistry so that fact alone should allow you to give him respect. Saw someone else putting down Brooklyn Juice--that guy gives more good info than a years worth of Medline=great guy.
Hey Phil by the way its me DANTE--how the hell are you old freind? Ive read this board off and on for a while but never post due to some of the bickering I have seen (currently Wylde, Fathead, Ivan)--I hope that it clears up because theres some people with some great knowledge on this board. Hey I might even throw my 2cents in every once in a while.

I said I was sorry.:cool:

Hell, I just wanted to get an e-mail back from WYLDE explaining his views on what was brought to the table.
I think I'm back up

I'm glad Big A jumped in here as I have much respect for all 3 of those members!

doggrapp - Welcome bro, hope that you're able to provide some of that knowledge over here. I feel pretty close to several from Animal's Forum like instynct, skullfucked, brooklynjuice, magoo, armaggedon, and many others. Have tried to get several of them to get you post over here ;) With Animal, it's definately a love/hate relationship and you summarized his disposition/contributions well.

Still trying to iron out computer problems at home :mad:

Sumtimes people disagree

Thats gonna happen. Everyone has an opinion and it might not be agreeable to you. All I respectfully ask is that people not be banned for a difference of opinion. Once that happens this board will become a bunch of yes men. If you want a board that just goes along then say it up front so we know what it's about, but everything isnt goin to pe peaceful all the time if the board is up front. I think all adults should be able to post freely.

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