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Wylde so Wild


New member
Aug 4, 2002
had to drop by here sometime ofcourse and what better time..DP kept me updated but damn good to hear wylde my man..just got your email bro and will get right back to ya bruddah..best news ive had in weeks..sorry for the extra post just wanted to show more excitement..haaa..glad your back and well..now eat son eat..cant have ya at that BW..howdy big ole A, mikey S, and shit all..damn good wylde damn good..you'll see what i mean when i mail ya back..
Hey STK whats up? Yup its good to have our contest prep expert and friend Wylde back, along with also recent return Sup1!
Things are good on promuscle! :D
sure is dp my man..haaa..mikey mikey..true so true brother..got all my experts back in action now..gonna be on the hunt late this year in the south..first bb test ever..tryin to start posing and man i feel as an idiot..bwaaa...and sup 1 man that one blew me away when i saw that at AF...no one even told me man..now if i can start to unbloat myself i may be able to pose again ..haa..man i need a video on that..even watched pumping iron for ideas..haaa..old school..dp thanks again my blood for keeping me up to date on the wylde man and mikey shit bro ya know i need ya and thank ya as much as possible my friend..1kill
Killa-doing a show?!? Kick ass, Wylde is the man to dial you in for that, and this is the board to learn on-you know that! Gotta keep us posted-whats the month of the show?
oh definatly bro..mike i tell ya man this BB stuff compared to just eatin heavy for size and strength is a hell of alot of work..figuring to show in late summer or fall..will deinalty be in the southern states..gotten a few good replies from sponsers of events but its not like pl-ing where i just show up the day before..haaa..first timer but i plan to land at 270 hopefully..water filled and over 290 carrying..may honestly be looking 260..any ideas on a good start?..cant just jump on stage at a sanctioned ifbb..haaa

Brother I'll tell you Its great to be back with all my boys again! I was really surprised with the warm reception heck it almost makes me feel like i was missed!LOL good old Mike_s and xcel did a great job taking care of things while BIG A and I handled Biz and DP stayed in touch with me as did RY as only true friends do in this game. I can honestly tell you that this is the only board that i plan on working on along with HUge over at Mesomorph and Chad's board. no more working 50 hours a week,training,dieting 25 clients at a time and modding on 8 boards! even the wyldeone runs out of steam occasionally!LOL when i was younger i always told myself I'll get all the sleep i need when I'm dead but with as tired as I've been trying to stay on top of it all it makes me wonder if I'm already there!LOL I need to get DP and Xcel's diet and supplementation sqaured away for them as well as blooded and I'll be done for tonight. KIlla,BIG A,MIKE_S,Phil H.,Xcel,DP,MR. and MRS. Strunk,Bigmike,RY,Sup1 and the rest of the gang its great to be home thanks for everything. best wishes your friend always wyldeone.
Glad to have you back bro!

and wylde i can see it now. Both of em together at the rodeao in there leather chaps....lol

Killa Ill hit you back soon as i get back. Im off to Fl till the 22nd so will chat when im back. Wylde...its always a pleasure as you already know.


GOod to have you back bro, Ive sent you a couple emails but im sure you email is full, ill hit you up soon and see whats going on. Later MOJO RISING
man it is good to have you back bro and you were missed by mo than you think especially the ones you mentioned in the mail..man its good to see you gonna concentrate your time and limit it..just save a bit f time mid-summer for the killz..man gonna need all the help i can..haa..cant imagine the comp time you were spending bro..gotta cut the fat out even on here i guess..bwaa..btw huge be sure to get back with me when ya get back..can only imagine what your gonna get into in the FLA..haaa..chaps?..haaa..man i cant even see myself in jeans alone these days..have some stories for me huge..need em..haa..wylde man its been a banner past 2 months with you and sup1 and even for my bro wolfman especially and j fino..finally good news to spread talk about..mikey man i dont have a clue bro..need to learn all the rules about the BB game..im lifting blind exept for the fact i know what im aiming to carry as far as weight and bf level..haaa..this is too good..gona cry..bwaaa
Hey STK - good to see you on the board bro! Wylde, you must be a Warren Zevon fan - "I'll sleep when I'm dead".
Have to bring this old thread back up, in rememberance of our friend;
STK - RIP and god be with you and MsSTK
Re: damn

dpsquat said:
i almost cried with this one Mike!!

DP-I been choking em back for the past 3 days. Its still hard to believe. :(
Can't say enough about STK. Never known anyone to have anything negative to say about him.
bump for my boy!

He will always be in my heart and I thank you Mike_s for bringing this post back up I just wish i would have saved all the e-mails back and forth between Neil and Myself as he always made me smile. I know he's looking down on us as i write this and one day we'll see eachother again i know that. Take care of biz up their Nial and hold the door open for me! your bro wylde!
R.I.P Neil

Bump!, gone but never forgotten!!
This is by far the most intense thread I have ever read....
I didn't know him, but I'm tearing up...

My heart goes out to all of you that knew him....it's always sad when you lose someone dear and good...

RIP and God bless...

marianna k
STK was the most kind hearted people on the planet and would do anything for anyone w/out asking for anything in return. His death has really fucked w/ a lot of our heads and made us reevaluate how we do things.

All the love in the world goes to him.


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