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i just wanted to let everyone know that I will do what i can to answer everyone's questions and this is home for myself,MIke_s and Grrrape_ape as we work on the "new renegade" and we will have a partnership with BIG A once the "new renegade" is up and going as both boards will benifit greatly from the wealth of knowledge on both. Stick aorund and enjoy as there is alot to learn on this board no bullshit just honest informative information. enjoy and best wishes wyldeone.
Wyld trains IFBB Pros for a living - he has a WEALTH of knowledge regarding anything that has to do with bodybuilding, especially competition preparation. You want to have pro conditioning for your next show, speak to Wyld!

Very soon we will have live chat rooms where you can talk to wyld as well as the IFBB pros on this board.

I will be contacting you about using your services for a contest that I'll be getting ready for. I hope my e-mail message (rather long) will not put you to sleep! :D

Wylde is the guy for contest prep issues! And with the high levels of guys on this board, this is the place to be! Here is whare I learn and share advanced info, not just teaching newbies (not that theres anything wrong with that!) like most boards.

Bump for wylde and the guys from the gade........Take care.

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Bump for wyldeone- I know from experience he is the best!! Helped me win my first bodybuilding show.

I just wanted to thank you all for your kind words and I'm glad i have made an impression on some of you and have been able to help a few of you to attain your goals! I really have to Give Prop's to BIG A as he has done an excellent job of putting together a great board with alot of knowledgable and informative moderators as well as members alike and this is the true hardcore type of board i like! iwill be VERY busy this nest week but will do my best to answer as many questions as i can and after Jr. Nationals I'll have a short break until my contest prep starts and all of my clients for u.s.a.'s start beting down my door!LOL thanks again to all of you and long live professionalmuscle!
i just want to say to all those who may be new to the boards or may be unfamiliar with wyldeone, he has a stellar rep and is a very good guy. if he is offering his assistance, take advantage of it. it could save you many years of frustration.
Yea, he is great. He is helping my wife..she is excited!

You made it! does FLEX know your over here!LOL I promise I won't tell him if you talk him into popping over here and saying hi! Once again gang for those of you that don't know this man he doesn't need an introduction but i will anyway!LOL Hyper has been around forever and a day and is one of the most well-respected mod's out there he has been a mod at the UG,renegade, and now anabolex! he is very knowledgable and very informative in his posts. Old Hyper and FLEX are kinda like old mother hen's as they watch out for all of us and our well-being so lets welcome him with open arms gang! And hyper glad to see your smiling face buddy i'm glad you made it here! best wishes your buddy wyldeone. p.s. how is mrs.'s Hypers diet coming along? tell her hi from mr. and mrs. wyldeone

Send you an e-mail right before you were away for few days, about 2 weeks ago, can you drop me a line either PM here or [email protected] thanks.
Well you have got my attention now. I have long known the name, wyldeone but had no idea of the credentials involved. I would be interesested to know more about the inner working of your domain.

Sombat my friend!

You already know the story on the wyldeone!LOL if you need anything at all please e-mail me as i would be more than happy to answer your questions and help where i can my friend! Glad to see you made it over here. best wishes your friend wyldeone.
Of course I know what you inner domains are....in simple terms an IFBB trainer is about women and well more women, right? LOL. Sombat

he he well yes i can't lie i do have a few females in the stable as well but i only train them thats it as mrs's wyldeone would cut something off if i did more than look without involving her!LOL you need to drop me an e-mail so we can chat my friend. Its been awhile and show season is in full swing! best wishes wyldeone.
Hey sombat could you shoot me your e-mail addy, need a favor so I can check out "that" site:D Wylde good luck with all...
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Wyldeone might I ask how you could get that high profile among the pros?

Did you start as a personal trainer and got a good rep or??

What kind of education do you have?

Im very interested in the personal training field.
who cares

Not to sound like a turd but it takes lots of time and nowhow... i was on teh phone with him today ( bouncing ideas for my final touches before the jr's) and he picked up another pro that came a crawling lol... guys this cat knows is stuff.. if he tells me to carb depleted with top soil well guess what im buying the premium grade top soil....even my wife who has been sceptical about all others i have used his on his jock so to speek... she says im a fool not to stay with him!!!! well wylde if your kind enough to keep me around after the jr's for next i would be greatfull.

Idont care if he got his info from a cracker jack box(joke wylde) everything he tells is the truth

I feel so fortunate to get to have someone of his caliber in my corner.. everyone at the gym wants to know who is helping me i.e. beverly... or parillo or whom ever i just say the pro guru they laugh and say yea right then i show the goods and say RODGER at beverly never got me like this i love there supplements but his diet didnt work for me!!!! thanks wylde its not even the 15th and iam forever greatfull!!!!!!!
your freind

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