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ATTN: mike_S and other vets.my first time with drol


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Jun 11, 2002
whats goin on guys?
Mike_S, grape mentioned to me that your the guy to ask about orals. I plan to run the Anapolans this fall and was woundering how high to take it. I know bro's that go up to 3tabs (150mg) a day. but if my body has never seen this before, is that really neccesary? I was also woundering how long I can stay on it. I hopeing to run it for 6wks. But am not sure about how to cycle it. does it need to stepped up or can I just hit it and step it down? I plan to have my test levels at any where from 2-2 1/2 grams a week. plus I'll be running tren at 150mg eod. after the drol I planned to start with deca at 600mg wk. and finish out the cycle with it. things are still up in the air and very open to change. but I just thought I would throw this out there and see what you bro's had to say. thanks alot bro's.
good luck and be safe...


Just as good if not better then Hemos.I grew very well on 3 a day but I have taken drol before so it might not be necessary for you.4 a day did nothing more then 3, so for me its too high.2/3 day should be perfect,and 6 weeks is not a big deal.If you want to do 3 a day you will grow like a madman and I do not think you will have any serious effects(i've been on everything at high doses and Im still alive,hehe)My belief is to start at full dose right away and go straight through,no taper.Why waste time? Maybe MikeS will disagree,but this is what has worked for me.......

Two a day, four weeks, worked bloody well for me! IronMike
For your first go, 2 may work just fine. The last time I used them, I did 3/day for 4 weeks, followed by 100/50 mgs dbol for another 4-6 weeks. Never tapered the drol, but following up with the dbol did great for me. My next cycle starting next week as far as orals go will be just like that, 150mgs/adrol/day for 4 weeks, followed by 100mgs dbol for another 4, the 50mgs/day for another 2 or so. Also keep in mind that I am under constant medial supervision while I'm on, and all my tests, other than slightly elevated bp have always been perfect, so thats something to keep in mind.
A50s are strange in their verying effect on people. Works great on some, not so great on others. Or works great on someone once-then the next time not so good. Thats why Id say do 3ED
for 4-6wks (basically until the gains level off). First time, if you are going to get a great reaction, will be the best. Id start with 2ED the first 5 days or so, then up to 3ED. It would be OK to do 3ED from the start tooas BN suggested. Those Turk Anapolins are #1,
better than Hemos, Hankuk, etc..
Let us know how the gains go!
I'm just curious...

those that have done oral cycles, with NO injects... what percentage of your gains did you keep post-cycle. It's seems like it's not too hard to keep gains off an oral cycle, but then I hear these stories of these fools that lose everything when they come off, even with proper clomid treatment. Opinions?
Heres what I do. I use injectables too-still if you didnt, the theory is sound.
Use 100-150mg A50 4-5wks.
Switch to dbol 100mg 4-5wks.
Switch to winny 100-150mg 4wks.
As each oral begins to lose its effectiveness, you switch.
The A50 first for the front-load blast.
The dbol to continue bulking.
The winny to continue muscle and strength retention while losing
much bloat from the stronger aromatizing orals. So you are left with pure muscle. And of course design the injectable schedule with the same thoughts in mind. Example-switch from enanthate/sust - to prop/tren.
I think the reason people say you lose so much after an oral cycle is because of the dramatic drop in water weight, which leads to strength decreases, which leads to no motivation to hit the gym and lift so you end up losing everything you gained. I think if you took Mike's advice, you would keep a good amount.
thanks alot guys. I like the idea of the A-50 to dbol to winny. but my next question is, what kind of liver protectant are you running to keep things in chech? and do you run clomid with this type of cycle or do you just keep everything at hand in case of a problem? thaks alot for all your guys input, it's been a huge help to me.
good luck and be safe...

ALA is a great liver protectant. Use at least a gram a day, divided into 3-4 doses. There are also the Cranberry Extract and Milk Thistle theories, but a solid dose of ALA should do the trick.

Apparently there are two main kinds of ALA: r-ALA, and s-ALA. R-ALA has all the good properties of ALA, while S-ALA has actually been shown to be counter productive in some instances. Price wise, it works out the same if you get R-ALA separate, or just double the dose of regular ALA, which contains both.
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thanks alot bro. I'll see if I can't find it on some lists. I don;t know alot about it, but I've heard alot about it. is it controled? what I mean is, am I going to have any problem trying to obtain it? thanks again for all your help bro's.
good luck and be safe..

Milk thistle

When I take 15 dbol tabs a day,I get a pain in my upper abdomen after a few days.My only conclusion is that my liver is the cause,cause my stomach does not get upset at all.I started taking milk thistle 3 times a day 1000mg per dose.Within 2 days the pain is gone and from my blood tests there are no after effects,only slight elevations in liver values,but they quickly go back to normal within a month.I can only base my opinion on what I feel, what I take and my blod tests,and I believe that the milk thistle is a cheap and effective solution to protect your liver.Also a TON of water is a must and I am always downing cranberry juice everywhere I go,for urinary and kidney protection.So far so good...............
last cycle...

I used Anadrol and worked up to 200mg ED in 4 weeks. I gained 9lbs the first week to 10 days (probably 8 of which was water) using 100mg. For liver protection, I used:

Milk Thistle 500mg, 3 times ED
ALA, 500mg, 3 times ED
Phosphatidyl choline, 250mg, 3 times ED

Had no tickle in my middle (liver twinges) which I've gotten before off of Anadrol. I was also using Winny 50mg ED (Zambons) and Tren 75mg ED.

damn, that is cheap. do any of you guys know a good online store that ay carry the ALA for a good price. I have alot of milkthistle and cranberry extract. but the ALA sounds like a good idea. just to be safe.... thanks alot bros.
good luck and be safe..


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