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Cycle Update: Dieting


Jan 5, 2003
well i began on 2/11 so yesterday week 2 has started. on fifth day, i noticed water retention so i started on the arimidex .25mg ed, i thought i wouldnt bloat taking the proviron with my cycle but i did. i gained about 4 pounds even with the arimidex. i started out at about 144 on 2/11 and yesterday and today i am 148.0. i think i am leaner, im also taking dandelion 1g daily. for those of you that dont know, my cycle is as follows for 8 weeks:

100mg test prop ed
75mg fina ed
50mg winstrol depot eod
50mg proviron ed
.25mg arimidex ed
40mcg t3 ed

im doing like only 20 min cardio 4 times per week. i dont think this is enough though. but then i also dont know how fast the fat should come off since ive never dieted down with gear before. hopefully the stuff kicks in next week. i think i will start doing the bike 45 min upon wake at the gym 5 times per week. im really anxious to get ripped. how long do most of you diet down? im about 16% bf right now, looking to get to 5 or 6% bf.

ok week 3 begins today. i am up like 6 pounds! so now i weigh 150. i am using .25mg arimidex with 50mg proviron ed i dont understand why i should be holding this much water. is it common? anyway, i look pretty much the same, more pumped, a bit leaner. should i up my t3 to 60mcg ed?

i have fina dick even with all this test and proviron. it takes forever to blow a load and i dont even think or feel like having sex. i am more edgy i noticed, everything i irritating me probably because my fat loss is so slow. i am also pretty depressed. i am normally depressed but now more severely. but anyway this should be the week everything kicks in finally. my diet is about 100g carbs, 210g protein, 25g fat mon-fri, and on weekends i carb load 260g carbs, same protein and fat.

i am doing 2 low-intensity cardio sessions for 30 minutes each per week, sundays and wednesdays. i really hate cardio.

am i on track so far? or expecting too much?
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Well - you're gonna have to use the mirror or have someone that knows/has seen you provide feedback. I would take at least .5mg anastrozole (1/2 tab) for amount of test. You may need to go higher than this. Again, do you see yourself as bloated in the mirror. Do others that see you all the time say you look like you're bloated? I prefer to use letrozole as I believe it also keeps you drier.

Fina can give you anxiety (any AAS can really). You just need to make adjustments then move ahead - tow the line. I'm down to 185 lb and feel like I'm shriveling up! I'm really getting lean EVERYWHERE EXCEPT MY OBLIQUES AND LOWER BACK. I'm also more vascular than I've ever been. I can make out a split in my biceps and I'VE NEVER SEEN THAT!

I'm doing ~130g carbs and 30 of that is green veggies and flax - 440 GRAMS PROTEIN, and 100g fat. The only "cheat" I do is maybe add 1 dinner roll 2x week! Even though you're smaller than me, it seems that you should INCREASE your protein, unless you don't expect to add muscle :) . I'd also cut back on your carbs - again you're smaller than me.

LET ME STOP HERE - I don't have near enough info to give you guidance on diet! Example: If you're doing construction work or lots of manual labor, your calorie needs will be MUCH higher.

I'm doing ~20 minutes ab-work then cardio for 40 min (low intensity) every three days. My contest is less than 9 weeks out.

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i can do any diet in the world. im just trying to follow one of them! the diet part is the easiest for me, the cardio is the hardest. i dont look bloated. my gut just looks the same all the time, its like all my fat is in my gut. im getting a bit leaner. my face is leaner. i still think im holding water. at 144, i looked like this, so if i weigh more (water), then ive gotten leaner so i guess im cool then. im still adjusting my diet all the time. im going to stick with about 100-120 carbs, 200g protein (i think this is enough), and about 15g fat. this is like 1400 calories, i hope this isnt too low. i barely do cardio, and i dont do anything all day. so i always rest.
Your fat intake is relatively low. While mine is 100g, 41g is from milled flax and CLA caps. Just the meat I'm eating (round eye - leanest cut avail) has 26g fat. What are you eating for protein?

I agree,

I think your fat intake is too low, and if you are doing cardio, lifting and doing consturction you might have some problems such as not eating enough to shed the fat, I have seen it happen. LEt me add this up for you.

my diet is about 100g carbs, 210g protein, 25g fat mon-fri, and on weekends i carb load 260g carbs, same protein and fat.

100g carbs = 400cals
210g Pro = 840cals
25g fat = 225cals

Total Cals = 1465 or in this case not enough......

How tall are you??

I think the sex drive issue could be all in your mind or possabily by your lack of fat. I know when I go high fat Im fucking every thing that isnt nailed down.

When I diet hardcore want to have sick abs, and keep muscle,

I do the high fat, high protein, post workout carbs only approach.
I train about 4-5 days a week, 30 seconds rest bewteen sets, and 30-60 mins of cardio 4-5 days a week as well.

I guess if you go high intensity 20mins will do.
I would try this.

You say you are currently 150lbs. I am going to say that is not your lean body mass,at 16% you have a lean body mass of 126 pounds.Now being you are cutting meaning dropping fat, lets not get twisted.Cutting means dropping fat period, not picking up muscle. That being said, you will need 1.5 gram of protien to maintain lean mass.126*1.5=189 grams protein. I was taught by mr magoo and beleiuve 100% that you are either a sugar or fat burner, In your case we will assure that you burn fat most by giving it just that. So your 2 post work out meal should have 45 grams of protien, and 40 grams of carbs.That gives you 90 grams protein, so far and 80 grams carbs, carbs are done.Your 3 other meal should be 33 grams protien, 40 grams fat, let half of this 40 grams of fate each meal come from, flax oil, and the other half naturally occuring, in the meat .example, 1 1/2 tablespoon of flax,,
with a 6 oz steak.this is about that ration. following this.you will be eating 120grams fat, 189 grams protein, and 80 carbs,this gives you a total of 2156. Now hold your horses. Dont mind the cals to much why? you are doing cardio, 4 days a week, using t3
using flax which will increase your metabolic rate also, That coupled with the androgens you are using, should make fat drop like crazy. The fat present will also allow your body to burn off stored saturated fat more easily. On saturdays, carb up slightly. meaning use a decent amount of carbs until 2 pm and then back on the regimen.Hope I helped.

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