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Do you really know about steroid esters and its half life?

Alliance Raws-Zoe

Jul 16, 2018
For steroid users that turn to the black market for their steroid supply,do you often use online bodybuilding message boards to try to learn how to use steroids? You might don’t realize the method to determine how to use any drug could be down right dangerous. One of the most common mistakes is improper dosage and injection timing due to the lack of understanding of steroid esters and their half-lives.

What are steroid esters?
Steroid esters are made up of the steroid molecule with a carbon chain attached to it. This carbon chain determines the half-life of the steroid, and solubility in the bloodstream. Each ester contains a different number of carbon atoms, and this is what sets them apart from one another.

Acetate-2 carbon ester
Propionate-3 carbon ester
Enanthate-8 carbon ester
Cypionate-8 carbon ester
Decnoate-10 carbon ester
Undecanoate-11 carbon ester

The more carbon atoms present within the ester, the less soluble the steroid is in the blood stream, and this causes the half-life to be higher than with an ester with fewer carbon atoms. The steroid itself is activated when these carbon atoms are removed. The esterase and hydrolysate enzymes work by cleaving off these carbon atoms from the carbon chain. Certain steroids have been known to cause injection pain and irritation. One example is testosterone propionate. This steroid will often times cause enough site irritation to cause localized swelling. Some people are more sensitive than others to this reaction, but in general, the shorter carbon chain steroid esters cause more injection pain. The less painful are the longer carbon ester chains such as decanoate, undecanoate, and cypionate.

Terminal Half-lives
Testosterone Propionate: 0.8 days
Testosterone Phenylpropionate: 1.5 days
Testosterone Isocaproate: 4.0 days
Testosterone Enanthate: 4.5 days
Testosterone Cypionate: 5.0 days
Testosterone Decanoate: 7.5 days
Testosterone Undecanoate: 20.9 days
Trenbolone Acetate: 1.0 days
Trenbolone Enanthate: 4.5 days
Masteron Propionate: 0.8 days
Masteron Enanthate: 4.5 days
Nandrolone Phenylpropionate: 1.5 days
Nandrolone Decanoate: 7.5 days
Equipoise: 14.0 days
Primobolan Oral: 5 hours
Primobolan Injectable: 4.5 days
Halotestin: 7 hours
Anadrol: 14 hours
Dianabol: 5 hours
Turinabol: 16 hours
Winstrol Oral: 8 hours
Winstrol Injectable: 1.0 days
Anavar: 10 hours
Superdrol: 10 hours

These half-lives are approximations, and may vary slightly depending on injection site, carrier oil, and other factors.
Note: A different list of half-lives is often copy and pasted on various sites, claiming that, for example, the half-life for the propionate ester is 4.5 days and that the half-life for the enanthate ester is 10.5 days. This list is incorrect, and is the result of flawed calculations many years ago.

Active Dose
Injectable steroids are typically bound by esters, which comprise a portion of the steroid's weight. Because of this, 100mg of, for example, testosterone enanthate does not equate to 100mg of pure testosterone. In this case, there is only 70mg of testosterone being injected, and the remaining 30mg is the enanthate ester. This is taken into account when plotting cycles on this site, as different esters have different weights. Listed below is the percentages of the actual hormones for different steroid and ester combinations:

Testosterone Propionate: 80%
Testosterone Phenylpropionate: 66%
Testosterone Isocaproate: 72%
Testosterone Enanthate: 70%
Testosterone Cypionate: 69%
Testosterone Decanoate: 62%
Testosterone Undecanoate: 61%
Trenbolone Acetate: 87%
Trenbolone Enanthate: 70%
Masteron Propionate: 80%
Masteron Enanthate: 70%
Nandrolone Phenylpropionate: 67%
Nandrolone Decanoate: 64%
Equipoise: 61%
Primobolan Oral: 100%
Primobolan Injectable: 70%
Halotestin: 100%
Anadrol: 100%
Dianabol: 100%
Turinabol: 100%
Winstrol Oral: 100%
Winstrol Injectable: 87%
Anavar: 100%
Superdrol: 100%

It is recommended to schedule injection times based on the half-life of the drug taken. When dealing with long acting esters, levels of the steroid will generally build up over time. When the steroid has reached it’s half-life, half of the original dose is gone, and another dose will be taken.
Question: Do you take Test p daily or Every other day ?
Thank you Zoe,
Very informative information for mapping AAS use.
What factor would it be that contributes to the longer
esters (Enanthate and Cypionate) reaching the bloodstream sooner than something like a Propionate ester?
I understand from what you have written why the "propionate " clears sooner, but I think its a common misconception that it also hits the bloodstream sooner.
Can you explain?
Zoey dont know didley looks like. Were they a legit source? I was in talks with them but never closed a deal.

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