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doggcrapp/ LATS training style started today


New member
Jun 23, 2002
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**broken link removed**

ok here are a few of recent contest photos, i started the doggcrapp/lats training today and wow what a pump, it seems every year i gain a little but nothing to bragg about maybe a couple of pounds. even on AAS, i was fuller and harder but bodyweight was the same as when i was on anything. so im trying this workout style hoping it will give me the push i need, after reading both workouts i realized i was probally over training the muscle then taking too long to get back to it, just working out M-F hitting every Body Part once a week. hopefully i will continue to gain mentally and physically. and please let me know what you guys think i dont shy away from criticism , it inspries me to train hard or make changes. in these pics i was somewhere between 165lbs, and 170lbs, the electic scale they used for weigh in is always jumping around and as long as your between weights they justell you your good so i dont know exactly how much i weighed. that as six weeks ago now im 185lbs still have some abs, and diet it is realatively clean, im only 5'6 . everyone always tell me i LOOK big but dont really feel it. so hopefully this program will send me into the 200+ range. ill kee everyone updated on the progress.
i think the front double bicep shot is the hardest to pull off...i would say you nailed it! you look great, your chest is thick, isn't it, even with your arms up there is still some nice mass on the lower pec area...keep up the hard work, again, looking good.
Looking good, bro! Keep us posted on your status, especially with the new routine. Take care.

You look great in the pics bro. The only "obvious" weak part (I'm sure you know this) are calves (mine could use help too!).

The only thing I question about dc's workout program is his frequency. It seems like you're not giving your body enough time to recuperate. Just watch for signs of overtraining and keep us posted bro!

REMEMBER TO KEEP US POSTED. look forward to hearing about your progress. i do agree with excel that dc's method does not allow a lot of recup time. you may feel it is necessary to give your self some more down time to feel your best. maybe not. it is all about how YOU recup. just make the needed adjustments if need be.

almost forgot to tell ya, you look great. bring up the calves and you will do well.
if ur eating enough and doing the stretching u should be fine, sleep is essential cant state that enough, also what ive found is instead of doing 2 on 1 0ff and hitting each bodypart 3 times in 9 days i do mon, tues: on wed: off thur, fri" on, weekends off and still rotate through the three exercises i hit the muscle 3 times in 10 days and find this better, also u do each exercise once every ten days and this allows u to keep progressing on it and not stall out on it for a long time
the rest issue is what i really like about the guy that lats is friends with who trains the whole body over two days and trains every day until his body tells him to take a day off. when the rest days are predermined sometimes the body "doesn't make it to that day". lat's buddy allows for internal cues from the body itself, and not a routine and split that is set in stone.
yeah doug1, i have known that he sometimes goes 13 to 14 days without a day off then...bam, it will hit him and he will take a few days off. or he may only go twos of training and will feel the need to take a day off. when you get to his level of training , instinctive intuition is a must. if one has not been training long, he may mistake being not motivated or feeling lazy as a cue to stop training. but, he is misreading his bodies own signals....and we have all done that.lol

xcel. yeah i know my calves are weak, actually my lower half of the back side is weaker than the front and back, so im prioritizing the calves hams and glues. im actually using the work out that LATS posted of his friend . i like the variety of excersices used in each workout instead of doing just one exercise per Bodypart. but for legs i found my legs respond better to higher rep sets so for legs ill try doggcrapps routine. i was even talking to the owner at my gym whos been bodybuilding for 35years, he said he does almost the same thing for his arms, he hit them 3 x a week intense low sets. and his arms are huge like 19 20 inch, not bad for a 60yr old man. nicely defined too i should add. well thanks again guys for the advice, and agin this is only a trial thing so if it doesnt work itll be back to the drawing board, but i got my brother on this program and he too loves it, so far all that have tried it said they make gains and like the program.
ill keep all of you posted.


also when i was reading DC posts on animals board he did say that this workout goes witht the 4 on 2 off cycle, so when he is cruising he does change his workout to a more convetional style for those 2 weeks, so i guess do this program 4 weeks on, then the 2 week cruise periiod kinda go one bodypart a day for 2 weeks then pick it up again, did anyone else pick that up or did i read it wrong?
day 2

ok i just did legs and arms, i did a warm up set for legs to get the blood pumping, 1 set ext( trhis is one set i just change the pin and keep going), 60 lbs for 20rep, 120lbs 15rep and 160 for 12rep, legs were pumped, right into smith mach squats, did a 50 rep set with a 45lb plate oneach side, had to keep rest pausein it to get to fifty, legs were fu--in burning. then ham 50reps each leg standing leg curl only 30lbs, slow and controlled. i also did one set each of 30 reps on the inner and outter machine(adducter/abducter?) set of ffity on the calve raise(donkeys) then i streetched my entire lower body i just worked. bis and tris, single arm preacher curl 40lbs for 12 reps, hammers for 10reps , over head cable crossover machine curls 60lb for 15rep. tricep, racked the stack on pushdowns for 12, and hit seated overhead ext with a curl bar (1 45plate each side) for 14. i was just trying my poundages to gauge if i should go up or down, so these arent the weights ill be using next workout, but let me tell you, my leggs are still shaking. definetly taxed the shit out of them.

im not gonna post every workpout that would be stupid, just wanted to let you know stucture of my workouts incase i run into a problem or dont make the gains i hope for, hopefully if i cant figure it out someone could look at this and spot a problem if there is one.

thanks all, DOK
u did read the post wrong, while he is cruising as he calls it he still trains the same way but cuts out the rest pause just oe straight set to failure

ok all i just finished my first week rotation, this seems to be an awsome way to train. i feel great, and starting to look fuller, i am guessing its from eating so much protein, when i get a pump i feel a lot more muscle density/ thickness. weight is still staying around 185lbs, but i cant feel it in my clothes that my back and neck are both getting wider cause my shirts are getting really tight around the under seems of the armpit area and around the collar. so far so good!!

it is a great way to train. even the modified versions of it are great. your right, the first feeling is the muscle fullness. they are finally able to replenish and recup. pumps are usually skin tight and training is being looked forward to. training poundage should increase in the next week or so. the key is even though you feel great to not rain more than the routine is outlined. sometimes guys that follow these types of routines will get sucked into training more often because they are feeling good. remember the old adage "the less you train, the more you gain" within reason , of course. lol look forward to seeing additional posts and seeing how the progress is going. lats
AS FAR AS EXTREME STRETCHING GOES, I HAVE NOT DONE IT AS RELIGOUSLY AS I SHOULD. i do believe though that the farther the muscle is stretched the harder the contraction. that can be varified by many studies. the problem is that most people hate the reduction in poundage it takes to get the muscle to actually work through its full range of motion. i have also done the "method" of hitting failure and them doing a controlled "bouncing" at the bottom position to activate more fiber... if done wrong can lead to injury...but that can be a whole separate post ,,,lol
the extreme stretching im refering to is a whole nother set then the one in which u did the rest pasue and went to failure on, for example after incline presses go to a slight incline and get into the deepest stretch of the incline flye and hold it there

ive been streching my chest, quads, calves, hams , back and just tried the bicep stretch, how would i stretch the triceps, and aside from the basic quad stretches are there any other ones? i also do some posing and hold the pose, dont know if it helps , but after these workouts,my pumps are unreal!
Magoo what stretches do you use for each Body part?


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