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My Sons birthday today, Lets all celebrate, Its been a tough road

Rone Daremmc

New member
Sep 26, 2003
Well guys my son is 3 today. I am so glad because it has been a tough road. Seven years ago I felt like I had everything I needed. I was in magazines and doing shows and felt like I had everything I needed. I was hitting the gear extremely hard. I met the girl of my dreams and we ended up getting married. Trying to have my son was the hardest things I have ever have been through in my life. My sperm count wss extremely low and I was hard for my wife to get pregnant. But thousands and thusands of dollars later through doctors we were able to concive. His birth was the happiest day of my life. And it was tough the first year becasue they thought he had crohn's disease. But now he is fine and we are celebrating. And now marks the point where I am trying to come back. I have stayed lean at 6'0 275. Naturally for the past 5 years. But now I am so excited to get back into the community that i belong in. I have been away from the boards for a long time now. But its good to see everyone is so informative and friendly. My wife and i have decided we are not going to have anymore. Its funny to see a bodybuilding dad with his son at baby gap. But thats just me being dad. And alot of you should feel like uncles in a way. Hopefuly with everyones support in this community I will be back on top soon. Thanks to everyone who has helped and a special thanks to Mike S. This boards great.

Let our community live strong
"What doesn't kill me makes me stronger"
Well cograts on your son and the road hes traveled on, im glad to hear that everything turned out well. Good luck on the road your beggining again, judging by the size you are now (275-280 i cant remember) you sound like dont have that far to go, given that you didnt say your bd fat % but goodluck none the less. Im sure this board can help you out, it has me many times. I see that your friends with MikeS so your pretty experienced too, feel free to share any knowledge youve achieved. Welcome aboard!
Glad to hear youre celebrating and enjoying life again. And yes-this board is informative and friendly. Id say thats the main things we strive for here-all summed up and well put! Thanks and Happy Bday to the little guy! :D
That's a touching story, mostly because I was in almost the exact same spot as you. The wife and I both had problems, and we tried for years on our own to no avail. We did the in-vitro process and had my little boy, who turned 3 this march. He was sick alot too, and they thought he had a comprimised immune system for a while. He stayed on antibiotics for over a year straight, but now he is healthy and happy.

Happy birthday to your son bro, and congrats on him doing better now.
hi, ronne

congrats. what process did you have to go through to have your son if you don't mind asking. This is the #1 thing i am afraid of in this game. i would be extremely devasated if i was unable to have kids.

Thanks and happy b-day to your son.
Glad everything worked out..Wish the little guy a happy birthday.:D
Rone ,woverine congrads on the birth of your children.They are a very special gift .Cherish them and remember you are thier fathers for life .You have the power to shape some wonderful people.
Rone best of luck in your comeback attempt.I too I am in the minst of a comeback of sorts.Anything I can do let me know.
Wolverine and Rone I wish all of the health and happieness that life can bring, to both you and your kids .Take care and keep us posted on your progress...
Thanks guys

Wolverine yes my son was concived in-vitro too. It was a tough expensive process but I was given the best gift in the world through it. Thanks for the support everyone. Wolverine Im glad to hear your sons ok. We have been in the same shoes. Even though most of us have probaly never met you all have my utmost respect.

Glad to have you here bro, and congrats on having one of the most wonderful gifts any person could ever want. Good luck in your many endeavours.
Congrats, and Happy Birthday to your son! I am a father of a 4 year old boy and a 6 month old boy, so I can truly relate to the joys of having birthdays for your children.....

i like it

now i know i am new on this board, but this is great. it's great because you guys can talk about almost anything and still have support from the other members. I really like this board/family.
Glad to be a part of it.:D
Thats what it about

Yes buddy that is what this board is about. Friendly and informative. Im not knocking the other boards but if you look around we are all about knowledge and good advice. Some of the other boards I have been to have people posting nonsense flames. Here we stick to our word and look out for others well being. Stay you'll enjoy.
"Whats doesnt kill me makes me stronger"
Not totally true

I have found one other board that was like this, but it shut down (mesomorph.net) i have already referenced it a few times since i came here.another good thing about PM is that it doesn't seem like there are many scammers or ads for "pumpn' pose". there wasn't any pros and the knowledge wasn't as advanced; mostly just stuck to test and gh knowledge. so i am having a bit of trouble understanding some of the things you guys talk about, and i try to look it up in your articles section but i can't find references to much of the info. oh well i guess i just gotta stick around and keep reading.:rolleyes:

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