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need help identifying a fitness, mabye figure, competitior

Got Juice

New member
Kilo Klub Member
Jul 23, 2002
ok guys, i met this girl last night out at a club. she approached me to boot, and she was fuckin somkin hot. she reminds me of a womens fitness competitor, who was on the cover of oxygen like 2 years ago maybe. she is a light black skinned girl. has that long tight curly hair. pretty face.. i know its kinda vauge but i have to show this girl i met, how similar she looks to this girl.

this is like my fantasy, i have always been in love with mixed light skinned black women.. to boot she has huge ass tits, that are beuatiful, great body,, man im pumped about this one, im ready to tear her ass apart, i got a littel to carried away in the club and was told to leave..haha hey with 1250mg test, my dick was running the show.

if anyone knows who im tlaking about, or knows a site with a lot of fitness girls, please let me know.


come on man, someone help me out here... im desperate.


...getting a hold of the people at oxygen magazine.

I'd start with a simple web search - if she's on the cover of that mag, she likely has a website. (Include the town where you met her as a keyword.)

yeah good idea, although i dont think oxygen has a website, i did a search on google, and i got some results for the magazine, but not a website. ill look again,



Try that!
good job not realy my pref in women. Iam more of a fan of the little italion girls with dark hair olive skin and blue eyes
phil, i gave her my number at about 4am, i guess that when we got kicked out of the strip club for getting a little to agressive. i honestly didnt think she would even give me a call. but she called me right before 5am when i was getting home. we talked the past couple of nights. hopefully we are going to get together thursday, man she is so fuckin hot im stoked to see her thursday and go back to her house to continue what was begun.

BTW, earlier i said she was light skinned black.. i found out she is actually leaboinze spelling? , something else, and a tad of arab. that must be where she gets the dark skin.


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Hey GJ,
dude goodluck on thursday, perform at your best!!! but with what your on now you should have no problem hehe. Oh yeah the main reason im writing is to find out what the name of the strip club was, remember im here in St.louie with ya, maybe i can find me something too!! if worse comes to worse, you'll share right??? hahajk
hey i really appreciate all the replies, thanks for the effort.

hey gainingmass, i was down at diamonds, she wasnt working there, but her friend kept trying to get her to do amateur night for the 500$, but she said she couldnt make herself dance on guys she wasnt attracted to.. so she was headed out the door, and bam, she spotted me and turned around, came up to me, checked out my face, unbuttoned a few buttons on my shirt liked what she saw, and we went from there. i have never been approached by such a good lookin girl. for some reason fatties always approach me, it makes me feel like shit too..lol

ill let you know how it goes.. oh and btw, sharing means that you have to have a piece to share too. haha



You talking about Diamonds in CLeveland? I was there this past weekend with my girl. Some tiny bodied hot gals in there!
Dang Juice,
sounds like a pretty good night for you, yah i know were diamonds is, we should go up there sometime and see what we find, if this doesnt work for you. I know where your comin from on the fatties part, i had a HUGE girl try to take me home with her Sat. night at a party, i just told her that i felt sick, which i really did, from the thought of doing anything with her!!!
Oh and about the sharing thing, would you mind sharing a 21 yr old, tan, 34 C college student?? Just get back to me on that, Im not with her but shes a "good" friend!!!
well GM, your offer sounds very tempting. im assuming you know her from school, eh?

man i wish i was in college sometimes..haha

BTW mike man, its was diamonds in St.Louis.

Later, gotta go hit the gym

GJ, yah i know her thru school, the deal would sound more tempting if you saw her, i know you said that youve got a thing for light skinned black women, but this one would pose a problem to them!!! Later
well i took her out last night, we went to a very nice restaurant and ate dinner, had a couple drinks then we were leaving and i asked what she wanted to do. immediately she said well lets go back to your place.

so we head back to my place and we are getting out and she tells me she also has a bottle of wine. so thats a good sign off the bat im thinkig. so i take her in show her around, etc etc. then i show her my room,,haha. then we kissed a littel bit and she asked if i had any candles. so then i was in a mad phuckin rush looking for candles, then i had to find something to light it with. so i got the candles smoking and we get on my bed and start kissing some more, i took off my shirt and she gave me a nice massage. she actually wasnt petrified by my acne..lol but she definetly had some suspision at that point..haha, she actually looked at my chest and said, "is that where you shoot or something?" Im like shoot what??? haha

so we kissed a little more and she was commenting on my moves and how she could tell i was young, she said i was to aggressive when i kissed, WTF im on 1.2g of test.. im 21, shes 25, it made me feel kind of shitty, but honestly i think im pretty damn good with women. im no fuckin joker, im just not her X so im a littel different in the sac.

anyhow after about 30 mins she asked if she could touch my dick, and i told her not on the first date.. then i kinda laughed and kissed her so she knew i was fucking around. so she was stroking me and i wasnt all the way hard, so i tell her, hey your not going to get the whole effect that way.. so she says "well what about if i use my mouth?" i just smiled and she went down and sucked some good as dick.. bros lemme tel you i have never felt such soft ass lips, and she could ALMOST take in my whole dick, about another 1 1/2 inches and she was there. it almost made me feel like i wasnt man enoujgh..haha i had to share my story with someone, it was funny when i was droppign her off she goes "well now you have a story to tell john tomorrow"
i was like, what story? ohh that im not going to say anything about it..lol , btw john is my training partner.

so it was a good night all in all, and shes even a swallower. i think we are going to hook up tonight afer i hit the gym.

Happy halloween,


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