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Please help me with this (ANOTHER ONE I KNOW) humalin R question!

Mojo Rising

New member
Jul 10, 2002
Ok post workout im going to start with 5iu and slowly work my way up to around 12(humalin r). Im going to do this 2x a week mon/thurs just post workout! Now as soon as I do that im going to take around 60g whey pro iso with 5g dextrose and 5g maltodextrose and a little fruit juice thrown in per IU. This way i have 2 very fast acting sugars and one thats a tad slower.. this way NO HYPO will be experienced! (Hope:)) Also i will have some glucose tabs onhand incase. Next 1 hour later im going to take in some sweet potatos for a slower released carb to get threw the peaks and will take the same source in 2 hours later. Probably around a cup and half which would be around 75 carbs. But Im not sure what pro. to take in with the meals since you want to stay away from fat during the 6hours after injection. Should i just stick with w.p.isolate for that time? Go with tuna? Oh duh i guess egg whites? Just wondering what everyone does.. yes this is set up for off season but curious how everyone else does. Thanks

I just make sure to eat as much as possible for the few hours after insulin.Im not as concerned with fat gain as are most,so I just consume massive quantities of whatever I want.My general practice has been take a slin shot(10iu-20iu,this depends on full bulking mode or lose the gut summer mode) post workout and have a serving of cell tech immediately.That covers a big portion of the carbs needed and I believe creatine and insulin work synergisticly.Within a half hour to an hour Im taking in around 70grams of whey protein mixed with a banana and skim milk.This will keep me out of hypo easily.After this I keep a bottle of ultra fuel handy if needed and just eat whatever I want.Again, winter I dont care Ill eat everything,spring/summer I will avoid fat after insulin shots,but dont toally eliminate it.My rule is simple just eat as much as you can and then some.I know the higher level guys have more intricate systems,and take in just what they need to avoid the insulin fat bloat,and Im curious to hear their responses.
You can get that mix (1/2 dextrose/fructose - 1/2 maltodex) with
Twinlab Gainers fuel plus includes descent amounts of protein-or you may wish to add an extra scoop of whey to the mix.
Thanks 4 input

Ill try out that fuel by twinlab... i guess you like it? Im a bit more concerned about the next meal after the shake... really want to keep the fat minimized by insulin... not worried about being offseason but dont want to hit obese in a couple weeks.
After workout i take 100 gr. of carbs from dextrose ( Twinlabs carbo fuel, Carbo power, Carbo Max, etc., there is a lot of products in the market oly contains maltodextrin, and 70 gr, from whey protein.

40 min after this shake i use to eat 400 gr of meat and 450 gr. of baked plantain, and 2 hours after this meal i take 500 gr of sweet potato with 300 gr of chikken, and you dont get extra fat.

Is very important to have all your meal with you after the insulin injection to avoid hipoglicemy.

you have to eat bouth carbs and protein, becouse after a workout you have an open window around 6 to 8 hours and you have to avoid catabolism from the cortisol you produce with the workout, and refill glucogen and protein resources you loose training.
You use the insulin to absorb those nutrients and the window you open gets bigger.

So be carefull and enjoy the bulk.

and remember......
.......there is no space for the littles!!!!!!!!!!
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I went to about 5 different online supplement places and no one carries any of the carbo fuels etc???!! WTF?!

I was thinking of just ordering some vanilla isopure mix that with about 50 grams of fructose(pineapple and strawberry) and also bring some koolaid(maid with dextrose) again about 60 carbs from this. You guys think this looks good just for the post workout part? Also does anyone know of online that carries the malto/dextrose products stated by big h and mike s? I honestly couldnt find it and after 5 places with nothing i was to pissed of to continue.:D :D

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