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Quick poll!



With all of this shit going on over here at professionalmuscle how many of you board members would like to see pic's of all of us mod's as well as other members,vet's,ect.....? I have never shown people who I am althoe I have never bullshitted about who I am or my stats either as anyone that has met myself will atest to. I think it would be interesting for alot of us to actually post a pic( A REAL ONE) if the response was favorable. HMMMM just a thought what do you guys think? wyldeone.
I think it is a very good idea. I would just like to see what some of you look like.
I just posted some of mine over at rippedmass.
Yeah, that would be cool, although due to the nature of some of the discussions on this board, I would totally respect someones decision not to post their pic. Not sure if I would if I were in your positions.
Snarf makes a good point. Also I don't think it is the mods that need to prove anything. The members allready respect the mods for there knowledge.
If someone wants to fine, but for others it could be risky. Also not to be critical but not sure if it would truly accomplish anything being that we have no way to know if it is a real pic.

Been there, done that :D

I hold much more creedence in what someone says after I've seen their pic (picture is worth a thousand words). That is - THEIR PIC, not somebody else's. That was my problem with Fathead - had respect for his picture (which WASN'T him) instead of the person.

Apparently, many on this board know or have seen the top-notch, top-level bodybuilders or visited websites or seen pictures of them. Just like how rjsilver got called out. And - his explanation was sounding SOO good, until he posted the fake pic (not himself).

Kidrok, you don't have to show your face - can either cut the head out of the pic or blur it out. If anyone needs help doing this, I can help (although my turnaround maybe slow) - just PM me.

cool idea
Xcel that sums up my feeling about the FH experience too-I gave him many extra chances as did you because of the pics. If he never had any pics up he would have been judged on his word only-we would have banned him on the basis of that long, long ago. Funny he had the nerve to call our buddy Wylde a fruad.
Sound taps for RJSILVERBACK too.
It would be nice to see pics of guys but with the recent frauds youd always be skeptical. And us (like me who hasnt posted a pic yet) Im happy to be judged on my word and knowledge. Dan Duchaine would not get much attention physique, and hopefully that would have never detracted from his genius.
It does, however, make a difference if someone really doesnt train at all and is an 'armchair' guru. Alot of these guys lack the real life experience and rely only on booksmarts. That can produce some wacky theories (2wk cycle by B Robberts) that are in reality unpractical. Then you have a guy that has the mix of both high level BBing experience and smarts like Dave Palumbo-now thats a guy you have to listen too!
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wow ive been gone to long fat head a fraud?wow
If you were to post a pic, write on a white sheet of paper the date, and hold it with you while taking the pic

I have met XCEL in person, and I know he is not a bullshitter...

I have seen WYLDE in person, but I never had the chance to pick his brain...he was chatting with others.

I have known IVAN for the past 3 years.

It would be nice to have a PROMUSCLE PARTY and meet everyone...say VEGAS SUPERBOWL weekend? I know the people form out ofthe country would have a tough time getting here, but the rest of us that live within 2000 miles can make it. Just an idea.
That would be kwell I have one from a couple of months ago hate posting a pic and having to say it was from when I was off or after getting sick but hey it would be a pic until I we could get better ones. MM
guys, welcome to the internet.. this kinda of thing will happen every once in a while...some people are not comfortable in their own skins so the trry to be someone else.. then occasionally , you will have a guy like fathead come along.. it sometimes destroys your faith in people but, remember that out of all the members that we have.. having two get a little "squirrelly" is not too bad....:D
But you have to think there could be more.It is just that we have cought 2. What if I would not have got on the one guys case. Would somebody else have. The only reason I knew who he was because the guy was my personal favorite at nationals..If not for that he would have gotten by...

It just really make you think..
oh, i agree completely..i do not believe it is out of control onthis board because people like yourself and others are a little more informed about up and comers and other stars in bodybuilding.. it is goingt o harder to fool some people. but, it can never be fully stopped..its kinda like the fat chick who gets on a chat line and says she is 5'1 and 115 pounds.. that is what she would really love to be and she can live this fantasy out on the chat line.. sad, really, when ya think about it...:(
I'd like to see what the mods look like. But like others have mentioned, Dan Duchane and some other gurus aren't much to look at...so it doesn't really matter what you look like as it's what you know. You'd swear that they didn't know crap just by looking at them. So Wylde, lets see your bulking pics. Maybe if you put on enough size you can borrow my sweater vest that Dpsquat wants.:D

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