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saving a life


Mar 23, 2003
Hi Guys
This may be long and borring for most but if one person listens to what i have to say then good, there has been alot said lately about being a pro and how much it can consume someones life even take a life getting there just listen to what phil and a few other guys have been saying lately bodybuilding sould not control your life. I will tell you guys a bit about myself i was going down that same road as many as you guys infact i was at a stage in my life were money was not a big deal in life i had accsess to a lot of gear and i was ready to take over the world started taking a lot of stuff experimented a lot, but let me tell you i read up on everything i mean med books the works before i touched things like slin GH, which i regrettouching. I was ready to turn pro and take anything to get there, then i met my child hood sweet heart and i would say with out a dought she proberly saved my life, now i have a nice house 4 kids good job and still manage to weigh 90kg at 5foot6 still love trainning and i tran hard only realy take a small cycle once a year and its not that much but when you look into your kids eyes you will understand what the meanning of life is.
On a different note i am glad for some of these boards but in some ways it is bad for the newbies, slin talk is danagerous AS will proberley kill you over time but slin will kill within hours there are a lot of dickheads out there,i read up on slin for about 6 months before doing it and thats not reading what some person has wrote on the boards who i dont know who uses a fake name and has not won a amature show, my advice to anyone that wants to try slin is dont espically if you cant win a amature show on 6 Ds a day and 200mg deca a week dont think slin will help you win.
Now i know a few pros some personally some through there trainning partners now i would say that most of them take half the amounts that you guy use,and some of the guys on these boards have not one a show most of you guys come on here and say no way he tkes that little amount well i have news for ya its true, one word genetics. The other sad thing for me is most of you will take anything and dont get me wrong i was one of the worst but the amount of bootleg gear and underground stuff around is crazy, for example i have used a lot of china gear in the past and i will tell you one thing i had everything tested before i used it and most tested out really good but what a risk we all take just remeber you take your health into your own hands and be carefull i would say if you cant get REAL euro gear dont use any just be carefull. take what you read on these boards with a grain of salt there are some good people here and a lot of bad and a lot that dont know what they talk about just remeber there has been a lot of mods go down in the past. My advice is to enjoy life and bodybuilding but there must be a balance if you can find a good woman dont blow it just remeber they are all crazy but hard to find one that you love and if she loves you and can put up with your crazy habbits you have thestart of a good relationship haha, just rememebr to enjoy life dont mess up good friendships. seya JD


FOUNDING Member / Verified Customer / Kilo Klub
Kilo Klub Member
Jun 5, 2002
Your post sounds depressing to me. Bodybuilding is part of my life not a hobby. Without I think I would sound like you not meant to be disrespectful. Dont give up, if you still love the iron dont let no one keep you out. Especially, a doctor who is misinformed about your cycles killing you. Seems now days 85% of the docs barely know anything about gear.

Lastly, I dont buy your dosage quoate that the pros use half the dose most of us on here use either. Who cares what they use take what works for you its your body. Take care misery loves company. MM:( :eek:


New member
Jan 8, 2004
i have to say that i agree that a good women is HARD to find so i give you props there but i agree with the above i wouldnt let some so called professional who hasnt even thought about gear since there time in school try to inform you of anything...lifting is a HUGE part of my life i would most likly be dead without it...it changed my life 100% and it was a great way to meet people that were interested in the same thing and interested in helping you achieve your goals

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