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What do you all think of this Diet


New member
Jun 8, 2002
This article was by MR X, off of Mesomorph, Looks pretty interesting, and the science seems logical. Im still bulking, but Im trying to hammer out the details because I want to try this eventully.

MKD Manual

Metamorphose Ketonic Diet: (MKD)

By: Mr.X

It’s basically a very controversial way of doing a Ketonic diet with the use of insulin.

WARNING: THE BELOW INFORMATION IS SOLELY FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES. Neither Mr.X nor the website containing this article are responsible or liable for any form of damages resulting from the use or misuse of the information contained in the Article. Any choice to use or follow the information presented is at the reader's own risk.

Now, where do I begin. Well, years ago, I looked up and down the Ketonic diets available and was in amazement that there was no real way to use high protein with these diets. Over these years, I have over and over tried and failed, but in the end, I came up with the Metamorphose Ketonic Diet (MKD)…This is a revolutionary aspect of Ketonic diets, while, at the same time, it’s probably the most controversial. Due to the aspect of high controversy, I have to repeat my self in saying: WARNING: Any choice to use or follow the information presented is at the reader's own risk.

Before Explaining the Diet, I would like you to read the following study…one of the only once around…even if you don’t comprehend all of it, please try to read it, it can clear up a lot of my theories that I state:

Title: Extreme hyperinsulinemia unmasks insulin's effect to stimulate protein synthesis in human forearm.

Researchers: Teresa A. Hillier, David A. Fryburg, Linda A. Jahn, and Eugene J. Barrett Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Department of Internal Medicine, and General Clinical Research Center, University of Virginia Health Sciences Center, Charlottesville, Virginia 22908

Source: Am. J. Physiol. 274 (Endocrinol. Metab. 37): E1067-E1074, 1998

Summary: In 14 healthy volunteers, forearm insulin concentrations were raised 1,000-fold above basal levels while maintaining euglycemia for 4 h. Amino acids (AA) were given to either maintain basal arterial (n = 4) or venous plasma (n = 6) AA or increment arterial plasma AA by 100% (n = 4) in the forearm. Measurements were taken of forearm muscle glucose, lactate, oxygen, phenylalanine balance, and [3H]phenylalanine kinetics at baseline and at 4 h of insulin infusion.

Results: Extreme hyperinsulinemia strongly reversed postabsorptive (fasting) muscle's phenylalanine balance from a net release to an uptake. This marked anabolic effect resulted from a dramatic stimulation of protein synthesis and a modest decline in protein degradation. Furthermore, this effect was seen even when basal arterial or venous aminoacidemia was maintained. With marked hyperinsulinemia, protein synthesis increased further when plasma AA concentrations were also increased. Forearm blood flow rose at least two fold with the combined insulin and AA infusion, and this was consistent in all groups. These results demonstrate an effect of high concentrations of insulin to markedly stimulate muscle protein synthesis in vivo in adults, even when AA concentrations are not increased. This is similar to prior in vitro reports but distinct from physiological hyperinsulinemia in vivo where stimulation of protein synthesis does not occur. Therefore, the current findings suggest that the differences in insulin concentrations used in prior studies may largely explain the previously reported discrepancy between insulin action on protein synthesis in adult muscle in vivo vs. in vitro.


How does it (MKD) work?

This diet consists in itself the use of Insulin/Protein and Ketosis, in order to achieve maximum fat-loss and muscle gain. I am sure most of the readers here are familiar with Ketosis, which is a High Fat/Mod. Protein/Low-Carbs. We are talking around 60% fat/40% protein, and if alterations were done, we came up with CKD=ketosis 5-6 days/ and carb-up 1-2 days. But, since the invention of the CKD/TKD/BodyOpus (same as CKD), there has been no new KD’s out there (ketonic diets). Until Now!

Below, I will give you an easy run down on setting up a MKD:

NOTE: please read my CKD/TKD manuels before reading any further, it will help to explain a lot

First-off, you need some Humilin-R/ protein powder (fat-free/carb-free)

Secondly, you will need to reach the state of Ketosis before using MKD. As I have outlined in my TKD manuel:

BMR=weight x 12

Day 1: 85% fat/15% protein---BMR ->1 hour cardio in the morning empty stomach/no workout

Day 2: 85%fat/15% protein---BMR->1 hour cardio in the morning empty stomach/20min cardio in the evening/no workout

(you should be in Ketosis by morning of day 3)

Then Day 3-7, we can start a MKD. Every day while doing MKD perform the following:

Upon waking up, mix a 60g protein shake with 5-10 g glutamin + 5-15g creatine…drink ½ of the shake and then inject 4-5 IU’s of Humilin-R, after injection drink the rest of the shake in 5 min. After this, wait 2-3 hours and have your normal Ketonic diet meals..i.e. steak, eggs,bacon..etc.

à start out slow, maybe 1-2 IU’s, then move up 1 IU each time until you reach 5IU’s. I would not recommend going above 5IU’s. Remember, if you feel HypoGlycemic and shaky, that’s a sign to eat some carbs or some more protein. For me, when I run MKD, I do feel lethargic and moody, but it seems though that the feeling goes away once 3 hours pass. I have never, thank god, reached a hypoglycemic coma, as I have always used these ratios:

12-15g protein/per IU injected (+5g glutamine per 5IU’s). So, in turn, for 5IU’s, I never use less then 60g protein. As a rule of thumb, every person now believes that high-protein will kick you out of Ketosis, but think again…MKD uses insulin to shuttle proteins into the muscle via insulin transport. As a result, you are in Ketosis and you have very high amounts of anabolic proteins in the muscle. I have personally experimented with this theory, and dropped 10lbs. Body-fat, while gaining 4lbs of muscle in only 3 weeks. WOW! It even made me rethink the whole theory of Ketosis/Carb-Up/Protein. You have to realize, I lost 3.3 lbs. Body-fat a week, while putting on roughly 1.3 lbs of lean muscle. That surely spells out a recipe for a successful road to dieting.

Sample MKD Diet Plan:

(200lb bodybuilding would find this perfect)


30 min cardio


60g protein (liquid)/+5g glutamine/+10g creatine

5IU’s Humilin-R


20g protein (liquid)


3 whole eggs+1 tbsp. Flaxseed oil


3oz. Chuck steak (cut the excess fat off)

+1tbsp. Flaxseed oil


6oz. Salmon + 1 slice cheese


40g protein + 2 tbsp. Flaxseed oil


6oz. Chicken breast w/ skin


Calories: ~2250-2300

Protein: ~230

Fat: ~155

So, you are in fact getting more than 1g/lb. of bodyweight in protein, while staying in ketosis and achieving a great anabolic effect.

(I don’t like to eat after 7:30, so that’s how my meal plans look)



Can you die on MKD?

Yes, if you are a moron and don’t follow directions

Do you need T3/Clen on MKD?

I don’t like the Ketosis/T3 combo, because there is a reason for the body to suppress T3 while in Ketosis, which is a protein sparing consequence. But, Clen on the other hand, will work fine. (I would replace it with just E/C and some Norephedrine)

Can I inject insulin in the vein?

NO! NO!, you can’t unless you want to die.

Can you go blind on MKD?

No, but you can grow a third eye

Why is MKD more effective then other Ketonic diets?

I hope you read the article before asking this…It’s effective because of the fact that insulin has great anabolic properties, and when combined with Ketosis and smart macronutrient ratios, it can be mighty effective for shedding fat while putting on muscle.

Can I use AS (anabolics) while on MKD?

Sure, I don’t see why not…the insulin will do wonders in improving your growth and potential of the anabolics

Can I lose hearing on MKD?

No, but you can go brain dead

NOTE TO READER: People that are already brain-dead, cannot get more brain-dead

Can I eat lots and lots of fat while using insulin?

No, unless your goal is to compete in the Japanese Sumo wrestling championships

Can I take insulin on an empty stomach and not eat anything for 3 hours? Wouldn’t that be a sure way not to get fat?

NO! you have to eat the protein ratios I set-up when using insulin, otherwise if you don’t eat you’ll go into a hypoglycemic coma and die or get ample brain damage.

Will insulin improve my sex drive?

I don’t know, but hey if it does shoot me an email.

Will insulin make my sperm count lower?

I don’t know, but if it does, don’t blame retarded kids on me.

Will insulin get me a hard on?

I don’t know, but if it doesn’t don’t come complaining to me when you can’t give it to your girl.

Will insulin get me laid?

If you have to ask this question, then you’ll never get laid.

Can I give insulin and anabolics to my girlfriend?

Sure, if you like big fat women with beards

Can women use MKD?

Yes, MKD is a universal diet, it can be used by all. I do think it is preferred more by men due to the “anabolic” effect that it has.

Can insulin be used as a recreational drug?

NO! NO! NO!, but again, if your type of recreation is hypoglycemic comas then go right on.

Who should not use insulin?

People with Low-IQ/People that Can’t read a syringe/People that are already brain dead/People that think “more is better” works with everything/People that think they are immortal/People that are stupid/People that can’t follow simple directions.
I wouldnt use it, reasons being
1lack of phytonutrients
2 iam nowhere near ready for insulin
3 Gluconeogenesis takes some time and insulin is fast acting

thats just my opinion on it
common fellas all these views and no reply? Vitor it is cetainly
worth a try. the only thing i dont like is the 85% fat and 15% protien(typo?) I am going to print this as I want to do a show in april. good looking out. Also it doesnt stress the importance of the insukin/carb ratio


With an adaqute amount of protein you dont need to use carbs, nor will you go hypo.

The ratio's is ok because you take all that protein in the mourning then again a bit later, then you use fats and protein the rest of the day. It looks very interesting to me.
read a program entitled "No fat Gain Insulin program" by oliver starr, it should give you good info
Could you use humalog with it instead of humilin-r, or is it too fast acting?

U can use either or, but you have to add more protein for Humalog, and the 3 hour no fats stays the same.
I'm actually kind of glad the spammer came through. That's an interesting read from the OP...

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