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who's your favorite fighter?


New member
May 12, 2003
i didnt think there were that many guys on here that fight, but anyway who's some of your favorite fighters? some of mine are...

1- vandalia silva
2-tito ortiz
3-frank shamrock (when i met him i asked him if he liked tito kickin the shit outta his brother ken (( if you didnt know frank and ken hate eachother)) frank just laughed and posed for a pic w/ me)
4- sakuraba "gracie killer"
5- frank muir (yeah he's a newbie to the ufc but i see him going far, great BJJ skills
6- Riv (LOL i'm decent mostley use G+P tactics but i like to hear the tapping on the mat)

Im a sucker for the bigger fighters...

...like Coleman, Kerr, Randleman, Couture etc. I think good technicians include Mir(Have to agree the kid is good, needs to work on stand up though), Ortiz(good all around), Frank Shamrock and Ruas.


I really like Coulture, vovchanchin, and of course Frank Shamrock --- the reason they do not like each other as much is because the way Ken treated Frank when he was coming up. Ken told Frank, "run my team while I am in the WWF" And Frank was like go to hell I have my own team --- then they split up and went there own ways.

Tito is a cool guy off the mat too. Mark Kerr is a good fighter, but he seriously suffers from some form of depression..

Ry --- bro you are a monster, and since you have submission skills it would be a helluva fight....w/bigger guys (280-320) I have to throw a few moves out the window - ( triangle chokes. arm bars etc) I usually go the guard immediately and work for kemoras and ankle picks. Remember man, any fight can go any way, just depends on all the factors, I have seen fights take a 180 spin cuz a dude got too confident and started to relax and forgot about his head movement; and ate an uppercut, g'night.

I gotta move I KNOW you would love Ry.

Vein -- very funny shit bro!

I really want to get a gun back that I bought a few years ago. I sold it when I was branded a felon....:(

It was a Mossberg 12 guage, pistol grip, short body...black....fun little gun.

So if any of you know where to get another one, do tell.
well out the ones Ive seen, (havent seen `em since like ufc 30
or so)

Vitor Belfort could deffinatley throw the dukes,
Randy Catura(sp) the Marine guy kicked a bunch a asses for a few years also.

I have a video clip of Tank benchin 600+ and he did it fairly easy.
i no he gets ass ass kicked more often then not, but he was always fun to watch.

RIV, you realy an Octagon fighter? if so you must be One crazy
sumbitch,lol is that what you go by in the ring (octagon)?
Id like to see you in action, same for IVan.
You guys In any of the Old Tapes or Ufc`s?
Ivan Are you One of them guys also? I heard you talkin about scrappin in the other thread wasnt sure.
As far as the newer UFC fighters go I really like Robbie Lawler..seems like a sick fuck to me.
"ICEMAN" the guy is a true FREAK!!, also who can forget Bass Ruten

Yep, Robbie Lawler is relentless but my all time fav is Vitor a few years back when the dude was 20 and kicking madd ass. KO's Silva in 30 sec.
rAJJIN- no i'm not on any tapes, i've been ni a few cage fights. my next fight should be in late august, up in NW ohio. my old training partner said theres alot of fighters entering (mostly college guys) but no one expirienced. so i might have to make a trip up there to bust some heads


( i think it's with the danger zome or chaos in the cage not sure which )
Anyone bust a hand??

If so, what did you do to train around it?? I broke the ring finger side of my hand. It is shitty to try and tain...I am going on MOnday and I am so pissed I am just saying fu*k it and I am lifting like I used to.

favorite is hard to answer, I guess my favorites are who ever are most entertaining, for example, even tho the shamrock vs Sevren match was long and great, it was BORING as shit, but a fight that went dont in history with lots of skill. But I rather watch the crazier guys Sakuraba is fun to watch he likes to impress crowd a lot with his head claps and crazy jumps. Vitor Belfor I always loved to watch but he either seems to just have a good day or a bad day, not too much in beetween. Igor vanchanchov (however uspell it) I like a lot, hes had more pro MMA fights that any other fighter out thier, lots of wins, and more KO's than anyone I think, hes a good example that a reflection of your physique doesnt always deterime your fighting skill, Tito I never Liked, his first fights in his career that labeled him as the current best in the UFC weren't even real big fights, and he still had losses. Vanderli Is really entertaining to watch, because he plays minds games is cocky as hell and impatient, fast paced fighter. I could break down every fighter, even tank is fun to watch I would still pay to watch im although he is horrible IMO, i think he had his first match again and lost after 3 years. He has more losses then wins I think but I like seeing him get his ass kicked. Basically the more offesnsive, non grapplign/wresltin style fighters are what I find the most entertaing..

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