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* A MUST READ* Artificial Sweetners & Protein Powder


The "Elder" Mod
Kilo Klub Member
Jun 5, 2002
Alright - Now I'm on my soapbox! :D

I used to be an artificial sweetner junkie - there's lot of them out there: aspartame/nutrasweet, saccharin/sweet-n-low, acesulfame-k, sucralose/splenda. All of them are not what the media is purporting them to be. Since I was using them to replace sugar, I was using A LOT of these sweetners. They do not cause you to lose weight (I know that's not why we use them) and the side effects are VERY NASTY!!! The FDA knows this but were talking BIG COMPANIES that back these products.

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones - especially if your poisoning your kids with this crap to visit http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame/ and do the resarch for yourself.

I use a TON of protein powder to boot. Most of these are sweetened with an ARTIFICIAL SWEETNER that I specified above. AND - most use low-grade protein powders like "concentrate," which is <80% protein. Or they'll mix various types of proteins together and call it a "Blend." These blends consists primarily of cheap "concentrate" protein! If you notice on the "contents," they dont tell you how much of each type they use because most of it is concentrate. That is why their protein % content is so low. Or to mask this low %, they add some carbs to the product as well - WTF. When I buy protein powder I want 100% protein (I know that's not possible - just ranting). If I want carbs I'll buy Glucose Polymer powder, which is DIRT CHEAP!

You want to take some form of whey protein isolate. In the isolate process, almost, if not all, of the lactose is removed. This is the quality protein that I'm sure you all are expecting to get but are not.

That's why I buy bulk unflavored Whey Protein Isolate, instantized that's 97+% protein. I can then put a safe sweetner in it - Stevia - and flavoring - some sort of extract like blackberry, raspberry (I only pay about $8.65 pint for this and use a LOT to kill the bland taste of isolate, which I mix very rich).

Please feel free to tell me how radical I am!



Jun 13, 2002
You are on the right track!! I used to own my own Nutrition company a few years ago. It was nothing big but my product line included several protein and MRP drink mixes along with creatine, creatine loading mix, and L-glutamine. Most companies regular protein shakes have a blend of concentrate and isolate. And I'd bet my bottom dollar that the majority of the protein in there is concentrate. Isolate is much more expensive and less profitable than the concentrates. Isolate also absorbs much better in the digestive tract and will cause less bloating and gas. It also tastes better in the case of Whey!!

These days the competition on the sports nutrition field is pretty fierce and you can't trust anyone. Most of the companies out there today are not meeting lable claims and misleading the consumer just to get one step ahead of the competition. The all mighty dollar is the only thing they are concerned about.

Big A

IFBB PRO/NPC JUDGE/Administrator
Staff member
Jun 4, 2002
I agree totally.
I used to use for many years this 'whey protein' powder called Body Ripped. Tasted awesome as well. But the last 18 months or so, the powder looks different - now you can see crystals in it - obviously all the crappy fillers. But the labels are still the same!

I'm happy now that Synthetek brought out their SynthePURE - 100% pure whey isolate. Dear, but you get 96g of protein in 100g of powder. And it's all whey isolate, no other garbage. I am not sure when you guys in the US will have it available - maybe next 2 months or so? I think it's only available in aust now. I think that they are the only commercial brand to offer just 100% pure whey isolate.

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