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Back Training


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Kilo Klub Member
Jun 5, 2002
Ok here is a question never to old or such a veteran in the game to still learn. Maybe its genetic but my back gets wide wide and looks good but I cant get that line down both sides of the spine to get thick I have lots of muscle but its spread all over versus thick in the center is their a certain excersise you guys do for that or am I genetical stuck.
heres is my routine mostly sometimes I vary it.
Barbell rows
pull downs to front
dumbell rows
Seated pulley
I do sometimes pullups
some hammer chest to pad pull ocasionally to change up. thanks for any input.
try adding in some heavy deadlifts.
Thanks rajjin I stopped doing them about a year ago because of work and a menincus injury to my knee but for the shape I will try anything that shape looks awesome. MM
Here are few good ones:

Heavy Rack Deads
Incline Dumbell Rows
Rev BO Rows

Thanks RY hey the incline dumbell rows are you using an incline bench just facing down on it. Also we dont have a T-bar sucks would the one where you lay down looks like a T-bar work just supported by a bench you lay down on face foward. Thanks. MM
I think the one TBar you rest against is too restrictive/isolated to add huge amounts of muscle. There are so many great power-size back movements. With the incline dumbells-you could just do standing dumbell instead (both arms at once) with back at 45degree angle (like a barbell row). And if you hurt your knee doing deads-do the rack deadlifts which eliminates much of the leg involvment.

My back workout tomorrow is:

Double dumbell row up to 150s
Front Lat pulls with 350-370
Rack deadlifts with 600

-all for low reps 4-6. I consider back training my forte. My training partner is awesome and the first guy who could really push me on backwork.
Weighted chins!!!!!
BO rows are great!


Deadlifts and more deadlifts.Im doing a power bodybuilding routine starting tomorrow and compound movements are the focus.I love heavy bent over rows with a reverse grip,and you can do lat pulldowns with an underhand close grip also.These are all good thickening exercises.I lack alot of width,but I have very good thickness and thats how I have always done it.Cross bench dumbell pullovers are awesome for thickening up the back and upper body and I do them heavy......
I agree with Ry and Bald , deadlifts! Do rack deads the DOGGCRAP way .They work and there is no other way to gain the thick mass that you desire other than progressively heavy training with compound movements.
Mike S impressive workout poundages ,and nice workout .But I would go with weighted chins if you can pulldown with that much weight.I have never seen anyone get a great back development without lots heavy deads and chins.[well maybe a few black guys ]But you know your shit , so on the other hand you proballly know what works best for you.But try chins bro, you won't regret it.
Thanks for the compliment iabadman on the poundages. Im only 205 and 5'6", small framed. Somewhat loose form on the heaviest pulldown sets, but I still get the weight down-just lean back more. Actually I dont feel it takes away from the lats as despite the lean they are involved in the entire range of motion. I have good width and I got those from weighted chins AND heavy pulldowns. Im among the minority in that I feel pulldowns work better than chins (just for me). Heres the trick IMO-its all mental. If you can transfer that 'benchpress mentality' into your back work, always striving to go heavier with 101% effort on your pulldowns (and everything else too) then you will grow accordingly. You see so few good backs, and you see so few people using big poundages on back training-esspecially lat pulls. Guys kill themselves benching 4-5plates, but then do pulldowns with 150 and call it a day.
Thanks guys for the replies I am gona try to start doing deads again. Hopefully the rack method will allow me to start light and work back up. I do the reverse grip BO rows already. Deads seem to be the #1 answer was just scared of them but gotta start somewhere again. MM
from my experiece

the back is a very complex muscle group. There are numerous muscles in the back and utilizing all exercises available is the key to keeping it balanced out.

as far as bringing out the bars that run along both sides of the spine i think that partial deadlifts and reverse grip chin ups or pulldowns are the 2 best exercises.

also you said you do bent over rows. but make sure you incorporate front grip rows and reverse grip as well. Front grip hits this part of the back as well. good for total back developement(but mainly the inner muscles of the back). Reverse grip hits mainly the lower and out parts of the lats which help lower them if you have high lats and also helps it width in general.
Deads, full range. Partial deads mess up your muscular chain. I did rack deads with 495 for 15 reps, and have also done them from the floor for 8. The 8 from the floor made me sore as hell through my whole back. Muscle are deisned to be used thru a full range of motion. If you don't have what it takes to do full deads, I understand.
We did the double dumbell rows and rack deadlifts today. 150s on the DBs and 600 on the deads, low-medium reps.
Not to ever back away from a challange big Johnny Bravo was doing back too and stepped up and did the 150s DBs also. He turned a bright purple but John always gets the job done. Brutal!

BTW that 495 for 15reps is kick ass!
Damn MikeS those are some friggin weights man. I am gona have to get some new straps for those kind of lifts hopefully in the future. MM
Mike S - and Johnny B great work !You guys sound like a couple of hardcore phukers.I love that Shit!It motivates me to get back to where I was and beyond.Reminds me of one of one my last workouts before getting busted 8 and half years ago.Jason Muller and I were doing deads from the floor.He was 313 at the time at 12 % and I was 285 to 290 at around 10 %.[yes ,I was on gear]We normally did rack deads , but had been having a hard time putting enough weight to do the exercise [ just below knee level]Jason had missed pulling 725 , so I was giving him shit.He said I can't wait until you tried it.So I strapped up and started to pull.I couldn't believe it went up so easy.Half way up on the third rep my strap breaks, and the weight crashes to the floor sending me flying over the bar ,while still strapped with the other hand.I flew into the mirror and cracked it.I about killed myself.The gym went silent and the lady manager went balistic and threw us out of the gym for using chalk and cracking the mirror.I wasn't even mad .It was pretty funny at time ,and Muller was pissed because I out did him.We used to talk so much shit one another during our workouts .People used laugh.We would walk into the gym eatting quesidillas , getting grease all over everything and sipping carb drinks.People were like , what the Phuk?I miss those memories.Damm we used to train hard.Doggcrapp was our trainer.My best back training lifts were chins, with a 25 and 45 around my waist for a 6+4+2 rp.Bent rows 495 for 5-6 [ about killed me ] d.b.rows 200 for 8- 10.,and that 725 dead for 2 and half.I used have an old Alfa romeo sports car convertable.[ it was sweet] When Jason and I would cruise that little thing , the tail pipes would litterly drag on the ground.We thought it was cool becuase our shoulders would touch when we were driving and we would literally be hanging out of the sides of the car. Man , people would look at like what phuk is that?I miss those days, now that I back into the gym I hope to establish some PRs and more foreward with my gym expirences.Time will tell , if I do something impressive in future I may post some picture to share with you guys if you want .but honestly it going to take a while to get to where I was and beyond.But the journey has begun boys, I will keep you posted.{ side note , I know Muller is not liked around here , I respect that .I am not trying to bring his name up to start any shit what so ever. The guy is facing hard times [20 years] and Mike S 's impressive post made me nostalgec I guess.He and I had some serious wars , now that I am back in the gym .I just miss those days alot.So please, no one take my post as disrepect ,I love you guys not looking to stir shit up]MikeS thanks for the motivation! I train back tomorrow and now thanks to you ,I am stoked!
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I have 2 partners and we have a fucking blast.
We kick each others ass and (at least from what I can see) there is NEVER any jealousy involved. We pull like hell for each other.
JohnnyB is as intense as guy as there is in the gym, we are in the same small circle of hardcore guys although we are not training partners, today he jumped in and threw in a set with us. Me and my partner for the last year (equal in intensity to JohnB) are starting cycles at the same time this one-we are ready to turn it up! What doesnt kill you only makes you stronger!
IABADMAN-that was a funny fucking story and I was picturing it while reading and laughing. Ive had the straps break many times on heavy Lat pulls as Ive done as much as 400 before and shit goes slamming and flying everywhere! Kick some ass tomorrow!

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