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EATING TO GET LEAN .................


New member
Jan 26, 2003

Aticle - Eating To Get Lean!

Top 10 secrets.
Ok, I do have some main points to make…these are common mistakes guys make
when trying to get cut up.
1. Cut out all crap. This is any calories that do not contribute DIRECTLY
to your goals. This includes: alcohol, soft drinks (diet too), anything
not diet related.
2. Doing too much aerobics. Follow me here, aerobics=bad. They do not
build muscle they burn it. You can do some early A.M. but keep it down.
3. Eating too many carbs. A good rule of thumb is this, keep carbs around
150 grams a day if you have a fast metabolism, and around 100 grams if you
have a slow one. I recommend cycling them…E.G. day 1, 150 grams, day 2,
and 75 grams, repeat.
4. Getting too little protein. Bad mistake if you are dieting. You need
the protein to maintain a positive nitrogen balance and keep muscle loss
to a minimum.
5. Eating too little fat! (I know, it seems strange) But your body isn't
dumb, when it doesn't get any fat in as calories, it fights to keep what
you have, and would rather burn that unnecessary muscle. I say keep it
around 100-125 grams a day. And add some flax seed oil in now, it has tons
of positive benefits.
6. Not getting adequate rest. You need more rest and recovery time when
you are dieting, due to the deficient state you are in.
7. Take a multi vitamin. This helps with any deficiencies you may have.
8. Have Patience, give yourself more than adequate time, and listen to
your body.
9. Do not "overuse" thermogenic stuff. This is easy to do, while taking
clen, ECA, T3. You have to cycle this stuff, and do it right, otherwise
you will burn muscle, not fat.
10. Training doesn't need to change. I find that I get stronger when I
clean up my diet…and I enjoy this time. Don't believe all that old "high
reps get you cut crap".
Uh - huh!!!

Amen to that, especially #2 and #10!!!

Missed that

Vince said:
good post, only #5 I think that 50gr ED is enough for getting lean

... Skimmed over that. Doesn't leave much room for protein if kcal are to be low enough...

hey Usenet

No flame just asking but since you have these great advice posts I am just curious you have any pics lets see what you look like.

New addition here:

I have "ADD" I do not always catch what someone is saying but I would like to know how you could burn muscle by doing too many aerobics and also by using too much ECA?? It is biologically and physiologically impossible to burn muscle from either of these you have mentioned. You can only waste muscle by going into fasting mode, what people confuse as loosing muscle is when they are actually loosing the fat they thought was muscle and when they are done dieting and they see the true muscle they have and are usually disappointed.

Sorry I'm not busting your balls here but:

You should at the very least change up your training on a periodic basis. Muscle tends to get lazy and not changing up your training can stagnate growth. Like one week I do barbell inclines and the next week I do dumbell but not both see what I mean.
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I agree with most of your tenants but I am a firm believer in cardio. I am not going to be a probodybuilder, but a weightlifter for life. I do 1hour of cardio almost everyday as it makes me feel amazing, look good and is so damn healthy. I make sure I make up those calories I burn, and I usally swallow a handful of amino acid tabs before hand.

The best advice I can give is

1. Wakeup do some cardio, it should make you feel good.
2. Depending on when you workout eat that way. If you train in the am then carbs early. If it is PM try to go no carb high fat and protein, then 1 hour before have a nice small carb protein drink, then carbs/protein post workout and one small one before bed.

I thrive on a highfat high protein diet. I am at 6% bodyfat usally most of the year these days and I dont feel deprived. My diet yesterday was

8am 1 Hour of cardio
9am 4 Whole Eggs, 3 slices of bacon, 1 Scoop of Whey
10:30 Lifted Back, Abs, Forearms
11:30-12ish Any candy I choose high sugar no fat, and 3 scoops of whey. This makes me feel like im cheating and it taste good.
2:00 3 Scoops of whey, 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
4pm 10 Grilled Chicken Wings, Lots of fat and protein, these are big, wings I eat the skin and everything
6pm 1/2lb-1lb of Steak, Tenderloin, Sirloin, rib eye, whatever I have around, some veggies, maybe some sour cream, sour cream and steak taste good
9pm a Protein bar, eggs, or another shake

Sleep, maybe eat if my dog wakes me up.

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